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Yamaha FG-TA Review (2021)

Editor's Pick
Yamaha FG-TA Transacoustic Guitar
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Yamaha’s Trans Acoustic guitar is a real deal for your money. With a price less than $600 (as of this writing) it’s one of the best built guitars with amazing sounding reverb and chorus.

Its TransAcoustic electronic system is so versatile – it has a selection of reverb (room/ hall variations) and a chorus that you can engage without external effects or even if it is unplugged.

Overall, it’s great whether you’re playing on a stage, your room, or in a studio. I highly recommended this for intermediate to pro guitar players.

Now, let’s get further with the specs…


Released on early 2018, Yamaha’s FG-TA TransAcoustic Guitar is based on its earlier FS820 model. It has a solid spruce top with Mahogany back and sides. It’s dreadnought body with scalloped X bracing pattern and glossy finish makes it incredibly simple yet never goes out of style.


The traditional C neck or back shape of Yamaha FG-TA’s TransAcoustic Guitar gives it a sturdy yet comfortable grip thus works well for most playing styles. It has the standard nut width of 43mm – a perfect balance between chording and soloing. It has 20 frets and a scale length of 650 mm (quite longer than usual guitars) which is best for ‘soloing’.

Furthermore, since its fingerboard is made of traditional Rosewood, it produces a warm tone. Also, neck wood is made of classic mahogany, with a glossy neck finish so its a pleasure to dust clean.


The unit comes with a Pickup/preamplifier (SYSTEM70 preamp with an SRT Piezo Pickup).


Some extra details you might find helpful when considering a guitar: Headstock overlay: Not specified Tuning machines: Die-Cast Chrome Bridge: Rosewood Saddle & nut: Urea Number of strings: 6 Special features: TransAcoustic Actuator with effects Case: Sold separately Accessories: None Country of origin: China

Before we go further, why not checkout this great demo of Yamaha’s FG-TA TransAcoustic Guitar first by Dawson’s music :(link to 


  • Value for Money
  • Good Quality Body Build
  • Onboard Effects
  • For intermediate to pro players
  • Battery only lasts 8-10 hours
  • No Cutaway Model
  • Not recommended if you have small hands or are a young beginner

For me, being cool doesn’t mean spending my entire living on a single guitar (although I wouldn’t deny that most pricey ones sound out-of-this-world!) So as much as possible I keenly check for features, specs, and make sure that I get real value for my hard-earned bucks.

Having said that, what I like about Yamaha’s FG-TA TransAcoustic Guitar is that its budget- friendly whether you are playing for yourself or on a big stage. With a highly discounted price of a dime less than $600 (as of this writing), it’s a real steal for your money. It’s not the typical acoustic electric guitar you see elsewhere. It has some features and potentials that will inspire you to level up your playing skills.

I’d like to keep this review simple as much as possible, so I will just round up the strong points of this model in its two core features:

State of the art electronic system

This guitar model of Yamaha carries the brand’s unmatched TransAcoustic electronic system which for me, is certainly its selling point.

With a simple three-button control to adjust volume and the parameters of the onboard effects, you can already have a selection of reverb (room/ hall variations) and a chorus that you can engage without external effects or even if it is unplugged! How cool is that!

Its effects are not gimmicky. By using its chorus, you can pretty much imitate the sound of a string guitar. No need to bring an additional 12 string guitar to your acoustic gig when playing songs such as Led Zeppelins

Stairway to Heaven” or Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here!”.

Also, the reverb is convincingly good which can be used simultaneously with the chorus effects.

It may not have an EQ on-board, but it is enough to capture the essential unplugged character of its body. The tone-shaping will simply come from the PA system, an amp or a preamp.

Premium body quality

The body build of this guitar and its hardware is fantastic. With a classic mahogany body and solid spruce on top, you will dig a rich sound. Though unplugged, you can still achieve that clear highs and punchy lows as the sound hole of the body will act as a built-in speaker.

This particular model’s frets are well-finished and the hardware are tough built. I think that the three colour options are all stunning respectively but, what captures my taste the most is the brown sunburst.

Bottom line…

Editor's Pick
Yamaha FG-TA Transacoustic Guitar
We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

The Yamaha FG-TA TransAcoustic proves that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a guitar with decent sound and good quality build.

Yamaha always offer a good bang for the bucks when it comes to their instruments hence, you can’t get wrong with this guitar. You get the value for the price, it’s top class and budget- friendly.

That’s it for now I guess. I hope you are able to find useful guitar insights from this honest review especially if you are considering this particular model. Feel free to share with your family and friends too!


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