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Yamaha YPG-535 Portable Digital Piano Review – The One Piano that Has Everything A Beginner Needs


The price is not the major selling point of Yamaha YPG-535; it's beginner-friendly and easy to learn. In addition, this portable grand piano is very handy and versatile for various playing preferences and styles. Above all, it's made with utmost quality, so, you know it'll last.

Quick Review: You don’t know whether to have a digital piano or a synthesizer workstation? Well, you can have both and so much more with a single piano. The Yamaha YPG-535 has more to offer – it’s greatly built, portable, easy to play and plays nearly everything you can think of.

Yamaha YPG-535 Portable Grand Piano

There is a great series called the Yamaha Portable Grand series by the Japanese brand, Yamaha. This series usually comes with an 88-note keyboard with a grand piano feel and utmost portability. And, in that series is Yamaha YPG-535.

It’s not just a piano nor a music synthesizer alone. It’s packed with a little bit of everything. And, to get acquainted with this versatile portable grand piano, check out its features below.

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Right Size and Design

We may have different preferences, especially when it comes to the size and design. This one isn’t too big, nor too small compared to other portable keyboards. So, it’s just the right size.

It may not be that light as it weighs around 24 pounds, but it’s handy. It’s understandable since it’s really jam-packed with a lot of features and extras that other portable pianos don’t.

yamaha ypg-535 review

It has a clean champagne gold finish with black lining, which is quite neat and brings contrast to the keybed. The control panel has an overwhelming 40 buttons. It will take time to familiarize, especially when it’s your first time playing a portable grand piano.


Soft Keys Feel like Heaven

Not all of us are accustomed to soft keys, as some might love weighted keys. But, if you’ll only give time to your fingers to adjust, YPG-535 keys really feel like heaven.

It has 88-keys with Graded Soft Touch (GST) action system. Although it may be the cheapest among the many keybed action systems Yamaha has, it’s able to pull it off pretty well.

This grand piano has the brand’s very own Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) sampling technology. This feature is able to take three different layers of concert piano samples and match them to every chord you play. So, either you strike the keys so soft, you’ll still be able to recreate a real piano sound from its cheaper system.


Best Sounding Portable Grand Piano

You’ll have access to around 535 amazing voices, as you might notice, it’s named after it – YPG-535. You’ve got a lot of options such as piano, drums, strings, trumpets, organs, saxophones, bass, and more.

It also features around 361 XGlite voices. This is Yamaha’s extension to the general MIDI format so you’ll have the advantage to transfer your files to other MIDI devices. You’ll have the “Sweet!,” “Cool!,” “Live!”, and other exciting voices.


Learnable with Useful Features

One of the most notable features in some Yamaha piano is the Yamaha Education Suite. This separates the left and the right-hand portion of each practice song Then, help you play along with the correct positioning of your fingers.

You can start learning right away with over 30 built-in songs. Or, you can also connect a USB flash drive or computer for more songs to play with. This is great for eager beginners and players.

With the lyric and chord notation display, learning piano with YPG-535 has never been easy. You can master your piano skills quickly as you are guided as you play.


Great Connectivity

It’s really very important to access your recording in this portable grand piano from a computer or any other device. Thanks to its two USB ports, you’ll be able to transfer your music files back and forth. This is especially useful when you need to add more effects in your songs through software and then, play it in the keyboard.

It also features computer recording, which allows you to add more dynamics to your music. If you have a song-recording app on your computer, making music has never been made easier. You can experiment from doing a simple music mix to complicated music pieces easily.


  • Beautiful and very impressive sound quality
  • Voice options are very easy to select and sound realistic
  • Feels really nice and the controls are easy to adjust, especially the volume


  • Keys are not weighted, seems like cheap plastic
  • Some features may be difficult to use and navigate


Straightforward and Learnable Grand Piano

Simple, yet, learnable. It’s designed to help players learn and develop their piano skills. Although it may not come with more advanced features like dual mode, split mode and other modes of a digital piano, it’s still a great one. This is your stepping-stone to master your craft to play nearly every piano there is.


It’s a great buy, but with some downsides…

Well, if you only want a decent piano with a great sound, probably priced in the range that you can afford, Yamaha YPG-535 is a great investment. It’s packed with a lot of features that you can experiment on, but may sometimes be difficult to access.

Now, if you want to really have a reliable partner, maybe you will reconsider and save more for a Yamaha PSR E253, for example, if you are a total beginner. There are also other options you can choose from within this price range, just do your research.

This is just my personal thoughts on this review. You don’t need to follow my decision, unless if you feel me too. Just take these with a pinch of salt.


Other Digital Pianos You Should Consider As Well


You’ve got a simple, yet complete and portable grand piano here. You can play nearly every song you want to play with the additional voices and effects inboard. In addition, it’s very intuitive, especially for beginners who want to learn piano quickly.

But, is it recommendable to all?

With its simplicity and straightforward feature, the Yamaha YPG-535 very useful for beginners. With Yamaha’s Education Suite, learning has never been this easy.

But, for those who have already advanced skills and want something more advanced, this is not an option. But, it’s really a perfect grand piano for starters who still don’t know how capable they are at playing the piano.



The price is not the major selling point of Yamaha YPG-535; it's beginner-friendly and easy to learn. In addition, this portable grand piano is very handy and versatile for various playing preferences and styles. Above all, it's made with utmost quality, so, you know it'll last.
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