Yamaha P115 Review (2024)

yamaha p115

Quick Review: If you are a pianist or a beginner who spends several minutes a day on your piano, Yamaha P-115 is the best for you. It has everything you need to level up your performance, plus, it’s very affordable to budget buyers. With great sound, app integration, playability, portability, and versatility, you can’t go wrong with this piano.

Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano – An Overview

Yamaha is a renowned brand not only with guitars, but most especially with piano and other musical gears. If you need a reliable musical instrument, go grab a Yamaha. For an entry-level pianist, Yamaha P-115 digital piano is a great pick.

Below are some of the stunning features of this piano. These give you a glimpse of how great this piano is. Thereby, you can decide whether Yamaha P115 fits your lifestyle, your playing style and of course, your piano skill level.


Solid Craftsmanship

It’s sturdy, though, it’s made up of plastic. It doesn’t look and feel cheap. Although it’s a little heavy compared to other 88-key pianos, it’s very reliable and seems to be built to last. The design is very compact and it’s 52.2 inches long – ideal for those who have problems with space at home or in the studio.

yamaha p115 review

The matte black keys feel like those in the expensive pianos. They are not slippery even though you’ll play for a longer period of time. Volume tuners and all the controls in the panel are responsive and very sensitive, like an acoustic piano.

Though it has small speakers, don’t underestimate the piano because of that. There are full-sized speakers underneath. You can turn the volume up to its maximum without any problem or turn in very low in case you’ll be practicing late at night.


Professional Sounding Piano

Yamaha P115 is undoubtedly made for great performance and its great sound quality is unquestionable. It captures the great sound and rich tones of expensive Yamaha guitars featuring the “Pure CF sound engine.” So, you’ll know you sound like a pro.

It comes with Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted key action. For those who don’t know, weighted keys are heavier in the lower end, but goes lighter towards the higher keys. This sounds and feels like an acoustic piano.

The tweeter position is the most improved in P115, which helps the player achieve brighter and more expressive treble and melody. Hence, your overall performance will be very lovely.

You can achieve a very realistic sound. Although the fortissimo could be a little louder, still you can achieve a very brilliant timbre. And, it has a headphone jack to let you play the piano without disturbing others.


Useful Built-in Rhythms

The built-in metronome is very important in practice. This adds on-board drum rhythms and various rhythm patterns to your music. Plus, it comes with ten different piano styles and 14 voices to choose and experiment on.

You can use basic rock or add swing beats in your music. Or, you can simply use the drum rhythm to have a virtual drummer that can liven up your performance. Although they are only limited, these built-in features are more than enough for beginners.

Great App Integration

This is essentially useful for iPhone and iPad users. With the “Digital Piano Controller” app you can manipulate the settings, select voices, rhythms and more using your mobile phone. Hence, you’ll have the ease to set up, even save your settings and quickly recall it when you need it.


Enjoy Generous Bonuses

One bonus is the price. It’s way cheaper compared to other entry-level pianos, but it can even outperform expensive ones. It speaks of its brand and not of its price.

Another great advantage of this piano is its space efficiency. For those who have space problems, this is a great buy. You can make a room for this piano in your small bedroom, plus, it’s very easy to set up.

Great for Aspiring Pianists

Easy to set up and very beginner-friendly. This is a perfect tool for aspiring musicians, specializing in playing pianos. You can enhance your playing versatility with the GHS weighted key action, the use of built-in rhythms and its great app integration.

In addition, it’s a great value for your money. For beginners who are hesitant to spend their hard-earned money on an expensive instrument, this piano will never let you down.

  • Audio output is very crisp
  • Great realistic action
  • Requires less space
  • Easy to set up
  • Fortissimo could be louder
  • A little heavy, but portable
  • Not a good pedal, consider upgrading it for better playability


Just friendly advice before buying it…

It’s not a deal-breaker though, as who won’t buy such affordable piano that has everything you need to shine on your performance? One downside might be its action, especially for kids.

At first, it’s really kinda hard to play because the keys are weighted. Especially, when it’s the kids who will be using it. However, for those who like heavier keys, this is really a good one.

This is just my advice as there are still a lot of beautiful pianos for kids at this price range.

So, just take my words with a grain of salt.



If you are looking for a great guitar, yet don’t want to spend thousands of dollars, your quest is over now. Packed with everything a beginner and intermediate player needs to master and enhance their piano skills, Yamaha P115 offers more than its price tag.

Though it’s an entry-level guitar, it’s very beginner-friendly. A little heavy, but still portable enough for you to carry. So, you can bring this to your next crowd performance, if you like.

Is this something to be boastful for?

Yes. It’s a Yamaha. And, even though it didn’t bear the name of the great Japan quality maker, still this piano is a great investment.

Value for Money
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