Yamaha FG840 Review (2024) – What Makes It Special From the FG Series?

Yamaha FG840
Editor's Pick
Yamaha FG840 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

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The Yamaha FG840 Solid Top Folk Acoustic Guitar

Known as one of the newer additions to the Yamaha FG series, the FG840 has the cutting-edge acoustic analysis that continues to become even better over time. All aspects you can find from the FG840 is what makes it an even better version of its predecessors. Check out these features to see what else it has to offer!

Amazing and Traditional Appearance

When you first look at the Yamaha FG840, the first thing you’ll appreciate is its traditional Western body, which is what makes it the original Yamaha. It looks attractive just as it is classy, with the high-end appearance that makes it seem more expensive than what you pay for.

Not only does it have the attractive design but it’s also made out of the strong materials and excellent finish that makes it last longer, withstanding small dings and bumps without creating scratches and blemishes. While it would have been better to have more than one finish to choose from, that is not a major complaint.


Solid Spruce Top for Amazing Sound

Just like many acoustic guitars from the Yamaha FG series, it comes with the solid spruce top that doesn’t only look attractive and improves the guitar’s durability. Because of the solid choice of tonewoods, the guitar’s sound will also begin to improve as it matures. Meaning, the more you use the guitar, the better sounds it will emit.

Furthermore, the FG840 comes with a new scalloped bracing pattern, which maintains the top board’s durability while bringing out the best sound that this guitar has to offer. The FG840 is definitely a huge upgrade thanks to advanced technology from Yamaha’s expert engineers.

The Classic Yamaha FG Design

While the Yamaha FG840 has the flamed maple sides and new technology, it still keeps the same features that make the FG series one of the most popular and quality acoustic guitars to invest in.

It has the dreadnought body size and shape, as well as the rosewood bridge, die-cast chrome tuning machines, urea saddle, and nit, and matte neck finish. That way, you know you are getting the consistent sounds but better tones just like what you would expect from a reputable brand like Yamaha.


Complete Package For Efficient Storage and Travel

Another awesome point about the FG840 is that it comes with the complete package that can have you begin playing with it immediately. The package includes a hard case, clip-on tuner, strap, and extra strings. Furthermore, there is an instructional DVD that beginners can check out when they want to start their musical journey.

You can play it right out of the box and it holds its tune perfectly for a few days before needing another maintenance session. With its hand-sprayed finishes and quality control checks, this is a lifelong partner with everything you need, including excellent customer service for any assistance required.

Amazing Sounds and Tones for Added Value

And to finish it off, we have one of the most important aspects to look into with a guitar: Its sound.

Because of the flamed maple laminate on the FG840’s back and sides, you have the more transparent and balanced sound. As a result, you have the clear and concise notes suitable for strumming or finger picking. While it has less sustain compared to the other models, you have the loud and strong sound which reaches the low to mid ranges.

When playing the guitar, beginners and intermediate players will enjoy its comfort and robust sound that can be heard in a whole room.


  • Very sturdy built that withstands scratches or blemishes
  • Solid spruce top makes the sound mature and improves the more you play it for
  • Can hold perfect tune for days
  • Notable value for its package and features which come at an affordable price for beginners
  • Sounds amazing with clear notes and balanced sounds
  • Beautiful cream binding all over the body for smooth and comfortable playing
  • Flamed maple laminate on back and sides for an improved tone
  • Has the high-end and distinctive appearance that makes it an original Yamaha
  • Both beginners and intermediate players will enjoy its easy playability and comfort when strumming


  • Some complaints of people receiving damaged hard cases
  • Less sustain compared to other models from the FG series
  • Only comes in one finish (natural)
  • Besides the back and sides, there is not much difference compared to the other models of the FG series

My Verdict

Editor's Pick
Yamaha FG840 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

Regardless of your skill level, may it be beginner or professional, the FG840 is a guitar anyone will favor. Thanks to its beautiful and classic design that continues to impress, as well as its sound quality that surpasses its predecessors, this guitar will be great for any performance.

Because of all its first-class specs and build, one can say that you get more than what you pay for. It includes everything you need and can be played right out of the box. And since it matures over time, you have assured something built to last for years of playing.

Body and Neck
Sound Quality
Value for Money
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