Yamaha FG830 Review – Is This Guitar Worth Your Money?

There is a lot to love about the Yamaha FG830 acoustic guitar not only for its traditional design but the pro features. It's one of the newest installment of the original Yamaha FG series, known for their quality and comfortable guitar bodies at a great value. With its premium materials and construction, it's a guitar both budding guitarists and pros will enjoy.


The Yamaha FG830 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha’s FG series is one of the most popular and oldest guitar lines made in all time, the most sold acoustic guitar in the world. The FG830 solid top acoustic guitar is no exception to the quality series, having the classic body but with added features to match guitarists’ standards today. Ever-evolving and with a perfect formula, this guitar is built to impress.

High-End Tonal Balance

Rosewood tonewoods are common but still the best choice for acoustic guitars. Because of this, you have ensured the high-end tonal balance as you play. It doesn’t only have that ideal balance but beauty is added to the guitar as well thanks to the fretboard!

While it isn’t the most quality Rosewood tonewood used, you are able to continue upgrading it to reach an optimal level of use. It’s recommended to have luthiers placed and work on the intonation, as well as its tuning to learn more about how the guitar can exceed your expectations even more.


Excellent Sound Quality and Projection

How about its sound? Well, while it’s affordable and comes at a price that won’t empty your wallet, the FG830 does NOT sound cheap. You have the usual Dreadnought body sound but with the pure quality tone. There is a rich projection and many overtones to appreciate.

But what impresses the most is its sonic impact. It is the booming projection that makes the Yamaha FG830 perfect for recording or live sessions, which can be heard in the whole room. Thanks to the dried woods, it has utter class in tune and stands out. Expect the strong mid and low ranges from the analysis technology of Yamaha.

Solid Body and Neck

Nothing can beat any solid Sitka spruce top, which is what the FG830 owns. What makes the body better is that the top wood is matched with Rosewood back and sides, which makes the guitar look more expensive and premium. Also, you get the popular Dreadnought body, which may be a bit larger than what you’re used to but is still comfortable.

You have a comfortable neck and profile, with the smooth strumming. With its die-cast tuners and the specially-designed bracing pattern, you get the strong build with equally robust sounds. However, it’s still a production guitar which means you may want to improve on its strings or have it tuned better when receiving it.


The Direct Upgrade at Affordable Prices

You may be familiar with FG830’s predecessor, the FG730. While you still get the comfortable dreadnought body and the solid spruce top loved by many, the FG830 gets its edge with a new scalloped bracing design. Because of this, you get a bigger low-end, as well as greater projection used for either records or live performances.

While you may think that the FG730 has rocked the world with its craftsmanship, the FG830 is a few steps farther thanks to the slimmer and more comfortable neck. It even has the rounded fingerboard edges for better comfort while you play. From better comfort to bunchier tones for onstage performances, this newer model is a huge upgrade without breaking the bank.

Best-Selling Acoustic Guitar Manufacturer

Besides all these amazing features, you’ll appreciate it more because it comes from such a reputable brand. Known for its quality instruments all over the world, Yamaha exceeds our expectations with their new line from the FG series, which is the FG830.

You get the comfortable body style and the solid spruce top but with even more advanced features that the manufacturer continues to improve on. Plus, because you are getting an original Yamaha, you have assured something built to last with the excellent customer service to contact if any help is needed.

Yamaha FG830 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar



  • There is a great sustain when played, keeping its rich tone
  • Has a custom-designed bridge bracing for excellent support and sounds
  • Comes with the clear and strong bass tones used for many genres
  • You get more than what you pay for with an affordable price
  • Rich projection and many overtones
  • Compatible for both beginners or those who need better guitars
  • One of the most impressive sonic impact for its price range
  • Top notch solid top wood and machine heads
  • Strong and durable body built to last for many performances and sessions



  • The dreadnought models are a bit too large for some
  • There isn’t any cutaway, which can limit guitarists when playing
  • May require professional hardware tuning over time
  • Not the most quality bridge

My Verdict

Considering how long Yamaha’s FG series has been around for, you can see why the reputable manufacturer adds a new and improved addition to the family. Through the best and advanced technology available, Yamaha lifts the usual entry-level guitar to new levels with the FG830.

While it does have its limitations, you still get the amazing body that looks more expensive than what you pay for. Because of this, along with its rich projection and tones, it’s worth the price.

Whether you are an advanced or amateur guitarist, you will find many benefits and enjoyment when strumming into this bad boy! Compared to the competition, the Yamaha FG830 has the edge and a bit more.



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