Acoustic Guitars Yamaha FG800 vs FG700S - Which is The Better...

Yamaha FG800 vs FG700S – Which is The Better Guitar?


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These two guitars have their advantages over each other. But   which guitar will standout? Let’s find out in this Yamaha FG800 vs Yamaha FG700s review.yamaha fg800 vs fg700s review

Yamaha FG800

Being a successor to one of the most-popular beginner’s acoustic guitar, which is the Yamaha 700s, the pressure to surpass its features is on the Yamaha FG800. Some may argue that it is difficult to beat guitar that already has embarked its name on the best acoustic guitar of all time.

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But it would not be an upgrade if it has not any improved features at all. All materials that were used to build the FG800 were the same as the FG700s. However, what sets this guitar apart from the latter is the enhanced internal bracing.

It features a new scalloped X-bracing which makes the guitar produce a nice full tone. This upgrade, however doesn’t necessarily affect the guitar’s durability as others would argue. I mean, it’s Yamaha.

Yamaha FG700s

On the other hand, the Yamaha FG700s is already a household name when it comes to acoustic guitars. One feature that players love on this guitar is its solid top material. You don’t often find a solid top acoustic guitar in its price range, which made the 700s immensely popular.

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Moreover, the solid top material on this guitar makes it sound great right out of the box and improves overtime as the wood matures. It’s really no wonder why people find the Yamaha FG700s the best guitar for any beginners out there. Check out our Yamaha FG700s review.

Here are the detailed specs for each guitar:

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Advantages Over Each Other

Yamaha FG800

  • Upgraded version
  • Improved tone
  • New Scalloped X-bracing(makes the guitar produce an overall punchy tone)

Yamaha FG700s

  • Household name when it comes to guitars
  • Non-scalloped bracing(makes the guitar more durable)

How Does Each Guitar Sound?

Yamaha FG800

>>See what people say about Yamaha FG800<<

Yamaha FG700s

>>See what people say about Yamaha FG700s<<


Yamaha would not be known to be one of the leading guitar makers in the world for no reason at all. The FG series is the brand’s most remarkable series of all time and these two guitars can attest to it.

Choosing between these two guitars can be tough as each one has their advantages over the other. The Yamaha 800, being a worthy successor to the 700s, and the latter being the reliable guitar that players have grown to.

However, there can only one clear winner and we recommend buying the Yamaha FG800. The new internal bracing feature that was made on this guitar makes it worthy to be a better guitar than the FG700s. Just imagine the FG700s, with all its great sound and tone, but taken into new heights that projects a better and punchier sound.


The Yamaha FG700s, on the other hand, is an overall killer guitar for its price. If there’s one feature that will make us choose the FG700s – is the durability. Most players who have bought this guitar can attest that this guitar is a real worthy for its price. It’s a straightforward acoustic guitar and it is spot on for those looking for a starter guitar.


Did you find this comparison useful? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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  1. I am an older guitar player in a rut. I bought a Washburn SD about 5 or 6 years ago hoping that this would be the guitar that would make me play more and improve. I took it to a luthier to have the action improved and strings lowered. It still played hard for me. So, I was about to give up on the guitar again and decided that I would alter the outcome this time by doing more research. I looked into several guitars and played 3 or 4 of them in music stores. After reading about the Yamaha FG800 here, I tried one out two days ago. I loved it. The tone was clean, rich and had a good resonanace to it. It played well. I am going to buy one in the next 4 or 5 days. Probably will install a bone saddle on it.

  2. Hi: I play my Guild D-25 purchased in 1971. Sounds great, worn frets and probably could use a setup. Before anyone tells me I should hold onto this guitar let me say I value sound and play ability over sentimentality – so what I’m looking for now is a suggestion for a suitable replacement. Any ideas?


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