Taylor Big Baby Review (2024)

Taylor Big Baby
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Taylor Guitar Big Baby Taylor
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The Taylor Big Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Taylor Guitars is one of the biggest brands today, known for their high-quality guitars that range from acoustic to classical. The Big Baby Taylor, the bigger and newer sibling of the original Baby Taylor, comes at a different size that makes it perfect for traveling but still has the same features as its well-developed predecessor. This beginner guitar is dressed to impress, with the following features to remember:

Attractive and Trusty Body

You may not notice it at first but the Big Baby Taylor comes at 15/16 the size of a dreadnought guitar. While it has the typical scale length of 25.5 inches, it has a depth of four inches, which is half an inch thinner than usual.

Because of this size, it’s easier to carry and travel with, making it a good instrument to bring around wherever you go.

Also, the Big Baby Taylor has a matte finish and a solid Sapele neck, as well as an ebony fretboard that looks just as beautiful as it plays. With its strong materials and premium construction from a reputable brand like Taylor, you have assured the guitar to last.


Amazing Tonewoods

One of the crucial elements of a guitar is its choice of tonewoods. With the Big Baby Taylor having the Sitka spruce top, you are getting the right balance of stiffness and elasticity, which would result in the dynamic range and crisp articulation for a beginner guitar.

Also, since it has a layered back and sides, you have a sturdy platform to avoid a ton of buzz but still feel the vibration from top to bottom. The guitar also has layered wood for extra durability as it’s less susceptible to humidity or temperature changes (another reason why it’s great to travel with!).

Excellent Hardware and Craftsmanship

Like mentioned, Taylor guitars dare one of the most popular brands known for their quality guitars, with impressive standards in mind. The Big Baby Tayloris made in their Tectate factory, ensuring the excellent craftsmanship from the body to neck.

It has the first-class die-cast tuners on the Taylor-branded headstock, which makes playing much more consistent. There is a Micarta saddle on the ebony bridge, with all of these materials not only classy but built with the highest standards.

The guitar is easy to tune and adjust and can be played right out of the box.


Impressive Projection and Resonance

The original Baby Taylor has a small guitar voice. However, with the Big Baby Taylor, you get a lot of projection and sustain because of its almost full-sized body!

There is a well-balanced sound that is sweet and crisp. And thanks to the Sitka spruce top, the sounds just continue to get better the more it matures.

While it isn’t as big in sound compared to full-sized dreadnoughts, you still get the rich tones you want when onstage or during recordings. After all, you only expect the best from Taylor and more.

Amazing Feel With a Complete Package

Last but not the least, there’s its excellent playability. It’s extremely comfortable for traveling and strumming because it’s lightweight and has the nice neck. Furthermore, it has the smooth body finish and medium action without buzzes.

I also appreciate the fact that the Big Baby Taylor comes with both a strong guitar case and plush gig bag, which has you look and feel professional when traveling with it.

Also, the complete package ensures that the guitar stays safe regardless of where you go or the place it’s stored in.


  • One of the affordable guitars made from the reputable Taylor brand
  • Excellent production standards make the guitar one of the best in the industry compared to other brands
  • Has a solid Sitka spruce top for amazing sound quality
  • Smaller size perfect for traveling or playing long sessions without discomfort
  • Has the ability to plug the guitar in for onstage performances
  • The ebony fretboard is a comfortable touch that won’t leave fingers black
  • Durable body built to last and with a sound that continues to improve as it matures
  • Keeps in tune for a long time


  • A bit more expensive compared to other beginner guitars
  • Back feels a bit grainy but doesn’t affect the sound
  • Doesn’t have a one-piece neck
  • Not the best for strumming but better for fingerpicking
  • The body is a smaller depth, resulting in a tiny reduction in volume and bass


My Verdict

Editor's Pick
Taylor Guitar Big Baby Taylor
We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

Any guitarist with whatever skill level they’re on will appreciate this Big Baby Taylor, which has a ton of promise in smaller packages. Because of its smaller size, it’s best to use as a travel guitar or for those with a smaller frame.

However, that doesn’t mean you can limit its uses. It can be the main guitar or used for other jamming sessions.

It has bright and crisp sounds, as well as a natural projection that’s ideal for flat-picking, fingerstyle players, or strummers.

With a complete package, you have good value for a quality instrument from the reputable Taylor Guitars. If you have the extra budget for an acoustic guitar, then you will be satisfied with what the Big Baby Taylor has to offer.

Body and Neck
Sound Quality
Value for Money
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