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Seagull S6 vs Yamaha FG700s – Which is The Better Guitar?


The Yamaha FG700s is one of the best-selling acoustic guitars for beginners and we are about to see how is stands against this Canadian-made guitar, the Seagull S6 Original.

Let the ultimate battle begin.seagull s6 vs yamaha fg700s


Yamaha FG700S

The FG series is Yamaha’s best-selling guitar of all time and one of of these guitars is the Yamaha FG700s. It has been in the market since 1960’s and is highly regarded as being a guitar with outstanding quality, playability, and value.

It has a solid sitka spruce top, nato back and sides, nato neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridges, and comes in natural and sunburst finishes.


Seagull S6 Original

On the other hand, the Seagull s6 is recognized as the best acoustic guitar for beginners who prefer a guitar in higher price range. It boasts its materials that are made from high-quality Canadian woods.

It’s has a cedar top, wild cherry back, silver leaf maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and comes in a natural finish.

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Here are the detailed specs for each guitar:

Advantages Over Each Other

Yamaha FG700s

  • Great value for money
  • Has been in the market for over 40 years already
  • A lot of musicians can attest to its durability
  • Lighter in terms of weight

Seagull S6 Original

  • Made from high-quality Canadian wild cherry wood, which is not common among other guitars
  • The cherry wood produces a bolder sound
  • Narrow neck which is preferred by some players
  • Doesn’t gets out of tune easily

How Does Each Guitar Sound?

Let’s look at how each guitar sound:

Yamaha FG700S

Seagull S6 Original

It’s no doubt from this sound comparison that the Seagull S6 really trumps over Yamaha 700s. This is because of the quality and type of wood that is used to build the s6 that produces a bolder and richer sound compared to FG700s. On the other hand, the latter also brings out the best from its materials and is already a good buy for any beginner acoustic guitar player.


Just judging from each guitar’s material type, the Seagull s6 really has a huge advantage, and there is denying to that. Though the seagull s6 also has some drawbacks, one of which is its size.

Having a 18.5 x 46 x 7.5 inches and 8.8 pounds body dimension and weight, the Seagull s6’s size can be overwhelming and heavy for a beginner. On the other hand, beginners would find the Yamaha FG700s much easier to play as it is lighter having a body dimension of 21 x 43 x 6 inches and 5.1 pounds weight.

Both guitars are considered the best in their own right- Yamaha, being the “classic” acoustic guitar which has a reputation of being able to stand the test of time, and Seagull, being the Canadian guitar.

If you are a beginner looking for a straightforward acoustic guitar that offers durability and great value for money, choose the Yamaha FG700s.

And if you’re ready to take the leap of faith and want to double down on investing in a great guitar that offers superb sound quality, choose the Seagull S6 Original.

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