10 Rock Bands That Start With A

Rock Bands That Start With A

The Rock’n’roll movement has carried the torch of music since the 40s. The anthems of rock music came crashing charts and influencing people all over the world.

From its inception, it continued its signature of leading lights to electric guitars that range from hard rock to death metal.

Are you one of those who are searching for a bunch of bands that start with the letter A? Or are you merely interested in bands whose names begin with A? We’ve got your back!

Included here are ten bands that are recognized due to their music appeal that peaked upon the musical scene in the late 1950s and early 2000s.



The most financially successful pop-rock band of the 1970s, they sought to promote Sweden as a music paradise and had a long-lasting influence on popular music.

Because of their vibrant design style and two-couple membership, the foursome vocalists became a pop-cultural phenomenon.

Their distinctive harmonies and intricate production (mixing folk, pop, rock, and even classical) emerged on tunes from their debut album, Ring Ring, in 1973, and it quickly gained them followers and fans.

Another international hit for ABBA was “Dancing Queen,” which reached number one in the United States in 1976.

ABBA disbanded in 1982, but due to popular compilations, licensing, and the success of Mamma Mia!, they were reintroduced in the 90s.

 For decades, they lingered in the public consciousness. , a Tony Award-winning jukebox musical that premiered on Broadway in 1999 and was adapted for the big screen in 2008.

ABBA made an unexpected comeback in the late 2000s, culminating in the publication of Voyage, their very first album 40 years passed.



Over the last four decades, no one has done more with a few fundamental blues chords and winking sexual innuendo than AC/DC.

From 1975’s “High Voltage” to 2008’s “Black Ice,” not much has changed musically, due to guitarist Angus Young’s rough but simple tunes, from their modest origins in Sydney to their mega-platinum international dominance a decade later.

After Bon Scott, the band’s original vocalist died in 1980 after a hard night of drinking, the band put on one of the most extraordinary second acts in rock history.

Within months after Scott’s death, they found a new singer, Brian Johnson, and released one of rock’s all-time best albums, ‘Back in Black.’

Since then, AC/DC has created a string of critically acclaimed albums based on rock’s most fundamental guitar chords and life’s most primitive instincts.


Absolute zero

Absolute Zero performs an experimental jazz-rock with a wide spectrum of inspirations, resulting in a unique blend of madness, melody, and freedom in their music.

Absolute Zero’s seeds were planted over twenty-five years ago, and through perseverance and commitment, they have blossomed into an incredible outfit.

After numerous rotating lineups, Aislinn Quinn joined Enrique Jardines and Paul Rogers in 1987, forming the foundation of the present lineup.

The band writes the majority of its songs over the following five years while rehearsing and forming a cohesive unit, and despite setbacks, they issued their debut EP, A Live in the Basement, in 1992, which was recorded on a two-track VCR.



Almost immediately, the band took to the stage at schools, parties, and renowned parks- Detroit River.

Adrenalin recorded their debut single at Fiddle Music in Detroit; the studio also possessed a label that agreed to publish the band’s 45.

Adrenalin’s 1977 album became a local smash after radio stations began playing the single’s B-side, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Screamer.”

During the late 1970s, they grew in popularity in the region, playing better shows and attracting more listeners at every performance.

A second 7-inch, containing a rendition of the ’60s bubblegum hit “Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’,” was also well-received on Detroit radio, boosting their profile even further.

 Adrenalin appeared to be headed for greater things.



Aerosmith was dubbed the “American Rolling Stones” when they initially came to prominence in the mid-’70s, which was unfair to both groups (even though Joe Perry and Steven Tyler’s creative team resembled the Stones’).

The Boston-bred band was rocking a sound derived from the same blues elements as the Stones, but with a very ’70s and American attitude by the time they issued their third album, 1975’s ‘Toys in the Attic.’

Aerosmith’s decade-long cloud of drugs, sorrow and subpar recordings began with the barnstorming ‘Rocks,’ which followed ‘Attic.’

However, in the mid-’80s, the original lineup cleaned up and reformed, staging one of rock’s most remarkable comebacks.

They had a streak of Top 10 albums, including the multiplatinum-selling “Pump” in 1989, which cemented their fame for future generations.


Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold is notable for its varied rock style and spectacular album covers and merchandising artwork.

On their first album, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, the band launched with a metalcore sound, which they carried on their second album, Waking the Fallen.

By the City of Evil, the band’s third album and first major-label release, the band’s music had evolved into heavy metal and hard rock style.

Sanders, the band’s frontman, created the Avenged Sevenfold as a reference to the biblical narrative of Cain and Abel, which is described in Genesis 4:24, regardless that they are not a religion-driven band.


Air supply

With its lavishly orchestrated, beautiful ballads, Air Supply, an Australian soft rock band, became a radio regular in the early 1980s, recording a string of seven consecutive Top Five hits.

 Air Supply was, for all intents and purposes, Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell on vocals; other members came and went throughout the years, but they largely functioned as backing musicians and added little to the band’s sound.

The band had several road excursions.

Despite having one enormous hit record, “Love and Other Bruises,” the band got unheeded outside of Australia for several years.

Rod Stewart hired them as his opening act for a North American tour in the late 1970s, giving them their first worldwide recognition.



Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, this band is a symphonic metal band with multi-platinum recognition.

Established as a metal-tribute group, the band gradually developed their neoclassical metal sound without using traditional guitars.

Sophisticated classical skills, a flair for reinterpreting startling, frequently percussive riffs and spiraling lead lines, and multivalent textures are used to produce their driving sound (often supported by multiple players).

It has succeeded in making them a global arena rock institution.

As seen by albums like When Worlds Collide (2007), which mixes gorgeous, nuanced covers with their dismal originals, Apocalyptica’s cello rock masterfully examines the link and divide between classical and metal.

They began as a cello quartet but have subsequently evolved into a trio with the addition of a vocalist and drummer.


Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys made a splash in 2005 with their geeky and erudite indie rock style.

The band immediately became a hit in the United Kingdom, where they were considered as the heir apparent to the throne left empty by Oasis and the Libertines, due to social networking.

Alex Turner, a singer/songwriter with caustic wit and command of the English language, was the group’s distinguishing feature.

The band, however, has proved immensely unexpected, reinventing traditional rock traditions in the 2007’s, propelled by their maverick creative energy.

They were a global institution, a respected, daring, and successful group that might well be dubbed Britain’s biggest band of the early twenty-first century.


Atomic Opera

The band is firmly known in the culture of metal and rock that was founded by Black Sabbath.

But it also has lyrical, seductively Beatles-like melodies and unexpected, soaring harmonies reminiscent of prog-rock musicians such as Rush and Yes.

Fans get a superb old-world art rock sound with a progressive folk metal edge when Frank

Hart’s creative arrangements for cello, acoustic guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, organ, recorders, and hand percussion are added.

The same fertile Houston culture that created Galactic Cowboys, The Awful Truth, and King’s X, which shares some of the Atomic Opera’s spiritual focus and prog-rock elements, gave birth to this melancholy yet accessible music.



Rock music can help you grasp what you’re up against.

The culture reminds us that we carry the freedom to think and express ourselves without the fear of incarcerating.

Better yet, rock music provides pathways to understanding our soul and serves as an extension of character.

Whether ranked or listed randomly, these bands whose names start with the letter A illustrate more to having excellent musical ability than the mere presence of popularity and recognition.

In retrospect, these artists and bands are praised for the fashion and attitude they have always played in the image and success of rock.

Rock bands in general are unique, possess character, and ensemble with fairly consistent membership.

They all do not gain popularity in the same manner.

However, they share the same purpose of growing out, expressing, and inspiring audiences with their excellent audio and lyrics.

Familiarize and take note of the ten Rock Bands whose names start with the letter A mentioned above.



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