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FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar by Yamaha Review

An Expert Review on Yamaha FG800: Should You Consider Getting This Guitar?

If you’re looking for a decent guitar with high quality sound that doesn’t get you burning a hole in your pocket, then this guitar will suit you well. Though I would just like to emphasize the high action on the strings which can become a burden for those who prefer a lower action guitar. Overall, the Yamaha FG800, given its sound quality and price doesn’t disappoint at all.
echo torrefied body

Echo Torrefied Spruce Live Review

Everyone deserves the best possible acoustic guitar his budget can allow. It should be tough and beautiful, without ever undermining the quality of the sound that the guitar produces. Take good care of it...
lava me 2 guitar

LAVA ME 2 Review

I’ve owned several guitars. And I can tell you honestly that very few come close to the performance and versatility of LAVA Music’s one-piece carbon fiber acoustic-electric guitars. While the brand is not the...
Martin d-15 review

Martin D-15 Review (2021) – An All-Mahogany Acoustic Guitar Powerhouse

Martin D-15 is among the quality midrange guitars from the Martin’s 15 Series collection. These guitars are inspired by the Style 15 instruments from the 1940s, but with unique design and body shape. For...
breedlove solo concert review

Breedlove Solo Concert Review (2021)

Breedlove, an Oregon-based guitar maker produces awesome acoustics that are widely accepted by intermediate and advanced players. Its guitars are US-made, so expect a higher price. Yet, it also has guitars made overseas, particularly...
Gretsch G5420T review

Gretsch G5420T Review (2021)

"Electromatic" guitars can be traced back to the 1940s. And, in its current form, they are called “Streamliners.” For almost a decade ago, specs have changed, but they preserve the looks and the vintage...
guild om 240e review

Guild OM-240E Review (2021)

Back in 1953, Guild made archtop jazz guitars with arched backs, which were said to give more projection and tone. This was one of the main components of the popular Guild sound in the...
epiphone pro-1 acoustic guitar review

Epiphone PRO-1 Review (2021)

A dreadnought-style acoustic guitar, Epiphone PRO-1 is one of the four models under the new Epiphone PRO-1 Collection. This is one of the cheapest models and the most beginner-friendly among the guitars in that...
martin d28 acoustic guitar review

Martin D-28 Review (2021) – A Dreadnought Guitar Worth Buying?

Martin D-28 has wowed legendary artists since its release in 1931. And, though it has gone through several modifications and upgrades, it still has that booming sound loved by Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and...
Taylor academy 12e review

Taylor Academy 12e Review (2021)

A Taylor guitar for less than a grand? Maybe, the first thing you’d say is that it’s another “dumbed-down” version of the premium Taylors. However, you’re very wrong right there. The Academy Series models, which...