LAVA Music Launches LAVA ME PRO, Now Available for Sale

lava me pro carbon fiber guitar

Musical instrument-maker LAVA Music announced that its super-advanced carbon fiber guitar, the LAVA ME PRO, is now available at leading music stores and online commerce platforms.

LAVA Music first introduced the PRO at the Shanghai Music Instruments Exhibition in 2019.

It also unveiled the guitar for the US market at the 2020 winter convention of the National Association of Music Merchants in January of this year.

lava me pro full body

The acoustic-electric guitar hybrid drew widespread acclaim for its elegant looks, uncompromising design, innovative features, and unbeatable performance.

Industrial designers around the globe recognize the LAVA ME PRO as one of the best product designs.

The PRO is one of 10 innovations awarded at the International Design Excellence Awards in 2019.

The LAVA ME PRO has advanced features that include an efficient AirCarbon soundboard, a state-of-the-art L2 PRO Preamp system, a tough AirSonic shell, an intuitive FreeBoost system, and an innovative FlyNeck+ guitar neck.

lava me pro knobs

Other features of the LAVA ME PRO:

  • AirCarbon technology gives the PRO its phenomenal sound characteristics. The system fuses a unique honeycomb-design Phantom structure with industry-leading carbon fibers to create a soundboard that produces dynamic and bright organic sounds. The carbon fiber construction of the guitar also makes it 30% lighter than other carbon fiber guitars.
  • The LAVA ME PRO features the L2 PRO Preamp System, a collaboration between LAVA Music and L.R. Baggs. This is an ingenious solution that gives the PRO excellent live performance capabilities. It includes a built-in amplifier and several sonic controls that give the user the freedom to fine-tune the guitar’s playing characteristics.
  • The FreeBoost system operationalizes the different functions of the L2 PRO. It allows guitarists to add chorus, delay, and reverb effects to their guitar-playing without the need for additional gadgets or complicated setups. Fine-tuning these settings is also as easy as touching a button or toggling a switch.
  • The AirSonic technology of the LAVA ME PRO gives the guitar unparalleled structural rigidity, while also giving it unmatched lightweight characteristic. The unique one-piece molded injection process helps ensure a solid guitar body. This gives the PRO remarkable weather-resistance. It can keep on playing in minus-13oF weather and up to 203oF environments. The feature works well with the FlyNeck+ system that improves the overall soundness of the guitar’s construction.

LAVA Music designed the LAVA ME PRO with both aspiring and seasoned guitarists in mind.

It is compact and portable for the travelling and touring guitarist. The PRO’s design gives it a performance that is perfect for any guitar playing session, whether it is in front of a live audience or the comfort of one’s home.

When asked about the guitar’s unique features, here’s what LAVA MUSIC has to say:

It’s specifically designed for the stage performance. PRO for future stage.

Guitar enthusiasts, performing artists, and aspiring performers can now purchase the LAVA ME PRO acoustic/electric carbon fiber guitar on Amazon.

The guitar is also available for purchase via, with free shipping to customers worldwide.

Guitar Junky is looking forward to review the LAVA ME PRO very soon.

About the Company

Zitian Lu established LAVA Music in 2013 as a company that develops and creates innovative musical instruments, complete with advances in acoustic structures and high-quality materials. The brand focuses on the seamless blend of art and technology to create musical instruments that are easy and enjoyable to play.

For the media and interested parties, visit or contact Emms Lin +86 18194086336 or email [email protected].



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