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LAVA MUSIC Globally Launches Carbon Fiber Smart Guitar LAVA ME 3

LAVA MUSIC, a company known for keeping innovations central to every generation of its products, made a global rollout of its latest unibody carbon fiber guitar LAVA ME 3 on December 22, 2021. Designed as the first smart guitar ever, LAVA ME 3 is truly packed with creative features that are living up to its smart identity.

It transforms usual guitar gear like tuner, metronome, effects pedal, looper pedal, recorder, etc. into independent apps and packs them inside its 3.5-inch multi-touch display powered by the company’s original HILAVA operating system. This lets guitarists use LAVA ME 3 just like they use smartphones.


Here is a brief intro about what they are and how they work:

  • The Tuner app is a great assistant to fine-tune the guitar. When any of the guitar strings are plucked, the Tuner instantly shows the string status, suggesting looseness or tightness.
  • The Effects app contains some commonly used sounds and plenty of unique effects that could only be found on LAVA ME 3. They are powered by LAVA-developed sound algorithms and be easily customized to players’ liking. The beautifully designed covers representing each effect are quite helpful to know about the effect sound before even hearing.
  • The Loops app offers over 100 grooves of different genres. On top of each groove, players can record up to 4 guitar tracks, save them on the guitar or post them to the mobile LAVA+ app, an online music social community where players can socialize by music.
  • The Tempo app, or metronome, serves to keep guitar-playing at a consistent speed. A personalized speed can be set by simply scrolling or tapping the tempo wheel.
  • The Practice app features 5 essential practice types: chord transition, strumming, scale training, ear training, and single note. It offers players a detailed report after each practice that they can analyze and set up relevant practice plans based on their progress.

Now without plugging in any gear, a fine piece of guitar music could be created using these apps with just light taps or swipes, bringing a surprising boost to the guitar’s playability and user experience. This integration of high-tech software and musical instruments makes LAVA ME 3 a smart guitar in the true sense of the word.

lava music release

For the sound performance, LAVA ME 3 puts together the FreeBoost 2.0 actuator, Honeycomb structure, and the 4-MASS technology in the soundbox. The actuator, set to boost vibrations, works with the Honeycomb structure that enhances 20% deeper bass and the 4-MASS technology that assures harmonic resonance in and around the soundbox, giving the sound a clear, full, and rich texture from the get-go.

In terms of styling and spec, LAVA ME 3 is 36-inch and 38-inch in size and coated in futuristic finishes ranging from White to Pink, Soft Gold, Blue, Red, and Space Gray. It is a clear representation of LAVA’s signature guitar design with the unibody carbon fiber construction, Elixir Nanoweb strings, and the Plek machine leveled HPL fretboard. The lightweight carbon fiber guitar body is tough and shock-resistant, landing it in the league of popular travel guitars.

LAVA ME 3 features a U.S list price starting from USD $999 and is available from LAVA MUSIC official site and local dealers.

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Find more about the company and its products via:

Official Site: https://www.lavamusic.com/

Instagram: @lavamusicofficial

Facebook: @lavamusicofficial 


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