Lalal.Ai Review: Effectively Practice Guitar Using This Tool

Lalal ai review

Learning to play the guitar takes more than skill. It also requires patience and lots of it! The more songs you sample, the better you become at playing the guitar.

Unfortunately, not all songs you encounter have readily available guitar chords.

Sometimes, the tablature you download from the internet is inaccurate, giving you an odd tune far different from the one you heard.

Thankfully, a team of dedicated acoustic and computer professionals is listening, and they understand your concerns and that of every aspiring guitarist.

That is why they developed the, a revolutionary audio-splitting technology that empowers anyone to extract vocals, instrumentals, or accompaniments from any audio file.

It makes you wonder how this tool can help you effectively practice guitar. Let us find out in this comprehensive review.

Overview of Lalal.Ai and Its Makers

Lalal ai about

Based in Baden-Baden, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, is a relative newcomer, having been in the business only since July 2020.

However, the small company prides itself on having dedicated professionals in artificial intelligence, digital signal processing, mathematical optimization, and machine learning. 

The company utilized more than 20TB of data training and AI to extract voice and instrumentals from any audio file.

Since it is artificial intelligence, you can expect it to grow smarter with each use.

The Lalal.Ai Neural Network Audio-splitting Technology

lalal ai technology is a revolutionary audio-splitting technology that makes it effortless to extract the kind of sound you want from any audio file to use for practicing your guitar skills. 

For example, you can extract the guitar sounds from one of the Beatles’ or Led Zeppelin’s classic hits, allowing you to hone your rock and roll guitar playing proficiency.

The software can also split piano, drums, and bass sounds from any song. It can differentiate the sound between an acoustic and an electric guitar.

This attribute is beneficial if you want to become a folk and country guitarist instead of a heavy metal slasher or vice versa.

Learning to play the guitar by practicing any song you like is a cinch with the Its interface is a breeze to navigate, and the menus are as clear as the summertime sky.

There are only a few tweaks that you must set yourself, and the rest is up to the software’s revolutionary algorithm.

While the application is straightforward, it is sufficiently powerful to provide aspiring guitarists all the resources they need to hone their fingerpicking and strumming proficiencies.

This AI-driven technology is worth having in anyone’s music editing arsenal.


  • Suitable for anyone who wants to isolate a given sound from the rest of the file
  • Recommended for aspiring guitarists and other musicians, sound producers, disc jockeys, dancers, other artists, and other creatives 
  • Uncluttered and uncomplicated user interface for exceptional ease of use
  • Works with audio and video files in nine different file formats
  • Intelligent processing that gets smarter with every use


  • Free version has limitations
  • Not a perfect system; relatively new

How to Use the Lalal.AI to Practice Playing the Guitar

One of the best things about is its effortless use.

You can be practicing your guitar-playing skills within minutes of uploading an audio or video file for guitar sound extraction. Here is what you must do.

Step 1. Open the website.

Log into via your smartphone or desktop computer’s browser. You will see an uncluttered user interface for easier navigation. 

lalal ai choose separation type

Step 2. Set the file extraction parameters.

You will see two large buttons on the landing page: Select File and Vocal and Instrumental. Click the Vocal and Instrumental button’s arrow-down icon to expand the selection, and choose Electric Guitar or Acoustic Guitar. You can also select Bass, Drums, Piano, and Vocal and Instrumental from the drop-down menu. 

Vocal and Instrumental

You will also see Mild, Normal, and Aggressive under the Select File button. The default setting here is Normal, although you can choose Aggressive if you want the AI to unleash its full audio-splitting performance.


Step 3. Upload the file you want to extract.

sample audio

Click on the Select File button to open a new window. You can choose the audio or video file you want to extract or click and drag it to the open space above the Select File button.

It should take less than a minute to extract the guitar audio from your file, depending on the file size.


Step 4. Process the extracted files.

qeue up presents you two stem previews, one for your guitar and another for the vocals and other instruments (without the guitar). You can then tap on the Process the Entire File link to finish the audio splitting process.


Step 5. Practice playing the song on your guitar.

processing audio splitting

Download the processed file and save it on your computer or mobile phone. You can expect the file to be similar in format to the original.

Play the audio using an appropriate media player and start practicing your guitar-playing skills.

Here’s a sample audio where I isolated the acoustic guitars alone.

As for the quality, you be the judge!


Does Lalal AI work? works, but no system is ever perfect. In general, audio-splitting technology is continuously evolving, including 

While it does a phenomenal job separating vocals and instrumental sounds from the rest of the audio, the software might be ineffective with some music genres. 

For example, if you wish to extract the guitar sounds of electronic or hip-hop music, may produce less than stellar results.

You can still use the extracted file, but outliers can make your practice less natural.

How much is Lalal AI?

processing price creators are generous enough to give doubters a chance to try the software before buying.

The company offers free use of the software, but with limitations.

For example, you can only upload a maximum of 50MB per file for 10 minutes and only in WAV, MP3, and OGG formats.

If you love the software and like other features, you can get the Lite Pack for only $10. You get to enjoy 90 minutes and a 2GB maximum file size.

You also get faster processing queues for nine different audio and video file formats.

You can also opt for the Plus Pack for $30, although the company recently slashed it to $20.

It is almost similar to the Lite Pack, but with 300 minutes. 



The is not a perfect system, but it does a splendid job separating the sounds you want to learn from the rest of the digital audio or video file.

It is effortless to use and provides exceptional results, allowing anyone who aspires to become a world-class guitarist or musician to harness the much-needed skills.

Go check out the Lalal.AI for free here.


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