Jackson JS32 Dinky Review (2021)

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There is a Jackson guitar out there that gives you everything you longed for at a very affordable price. It’s the Jackson JS32 Dinky. The solid body construction and great neck profile for fast action make you play like a real metal player.


Today’s Deals on Jackson JS32 Dinky

The Jackson JS32 Dinky Electric Guitar

If you are really longing to play the guitar that lets you achieve the classic Jackson tone, but can’t afford the expensive one, here is an alternative.

The Jackson JS32 Dinky gives you the looks, feel, playability and the classic tone of the original version at a fairly lower price.

Jackson JS32 dinky review
the jackson js32 electric guitar. Photo provided by FMIC

This guitar is made for those who are serious in their game. It’s made as low-cost as possible to give you more savings.

But, the manufacturing process is the same as the expensive guitars, hence, you still got that great guitar.

Below are some of the features boosted in this guitar. If these things ring a bell to you, then, JS32 Dinky is your favorite pick.

Beautiful Finish and Craft

Jackson is famous for slender and elegant designs, and the JS32 Dinky envelopes these features and more. It has an elegant archtop mahogany and basswood combined body with bolt-on neck with graphite reinforcement.

The rosewood fretboard comes with a compound radius of 12”-16”, 25.5 scale length and 2 jumbo frets.

Since Jackson guitars are also famous for their aggressive motifs, you can see perloid sharkfin inlays in the fretboard and a bound headstock. The binding gives more resilience to the headstock and the neck.

Variants to Choose From

Great Humbucking Pickups

You have those dual Jackson high-output humbucking pickups with ceramic magnets at the bridge and the neck.

The ceramic pickups give greater input of the electric guitar. These two pups compliments the Jackson sound well, but still produce the hard rock or metal twang.


Reliable Hardware and Electronics

Aside from the incredible humbucking pickups, the bridge got a Jackson licensed double locking tremolo.

This is manufactured by a company known to produce great and crazy tremolo bar. So, you know JS Dinky has something awesome in it.

The pickups are connected to a three–way pickup switch, a master, and a tone volume control. Pickup switching gives you the option to use bridge pickup only, both bridge and neck pickups and neck pickup only.

Tuning machines are Jackson quality die-cast, which works well to keep the guitar in perfect tune.

Incredible Sound

Of course, you’ll definitely get the classic Jackson tone. No doubt about that. Every single part – from the body to the hardware – is well-crafted to achieve the signature Jackson tone.

The guitar sounds great right out of the box. Perhaps, a few tweaks are required, but no need to bring this to a professional luthier.

Thanks to the beautiful finish, fairly straight neck and the flawless fretboard, fretwork is very easy and allows you to play this thing for hours.

You can also achieve that lightning action, famous for most Jackson guitars. The full 24-fret range also gives you more room for playing.


Best Bang for the Buck

Again, this guitar may be offered at a very low price, but it’s not a cheap bargain. It’s not even a bargain at all.

In fact, it’s a great investment because you can see a lot of new things coming into this guitar.

Just to mention a few for example. The high-output humbucking pickups, the bound headstock, and graphite-enforced neck are some of the great features of this guitar.

Played by Legends

Jackson is a resounding guitar brand played by legends and JS32 Dinky is just waiting for you to uncover the star in you.

It has everything you need as a beginner. Great playability, aesthetics, build, controls, you name it.

With hundreds of cheap guitars out there, it’s very hard to decide which one.

But, choose the guitar that has been trusted by real players. If you’ll buy a Jackson guitar, you’ll never go wrong with it, since they’ll already been tried and tested by experts.



  • Neck is super fast
  • Sounds and feels incredible
  • No fret buzzes



  • Sharp fret edges


A simple, straightforward and easy-to-learn guitar.

However, it would be great to maximize the electronics, especially with the coil-tap feature.

Or, adding a middle pickup could make this guitar more versatile and can access a wide range of tones.

However, for beginners, this is a great buy.

But, for advanced players, this is something too basic, and I would recommend getting this Jackson Pro Dinky DK2M instead.

This is just my personal analysis, so, it won’t really matter much to you. We have different preferences, anyway.


Although it brings the craftsmanship of Jackson flagship guitars, JS32 Dinky has its own uniqueness. This is the selling point of this guitar, and why many people love the Dinky.

This thing got better pickups and electronics, and the archtop itself is something new that definitely adds more value.

Is this a great value-for-money electric guitar?

Absolutely. You can’t find any greater guitar in the market with a price this low. For beginners, this is a good head start.

With all the great features mentioned here, this guitar is worth checking out. Just to highlight it’s well crafted and built with great materials and electronics.

So, if you are looking for a cheap guitar to be trusted, this one will really save the day.


Today’s Deals on Jackson JS32 Dinky


Jackson is one of the leading brands for most seasoned players, especially with its fast action and great playability. Though Jackson JS32 Dinky is cheaper, everything in it is exceptional, no signs of low-quality construction. So, if you got the budget and want to play like legends, all fingers are pointing to this guitar.

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