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Ibanez IJV50 Review (2021) – The Most Affordable Acoustic Guitar Package?

Editor's Pick
Ibanez IJV50 Acoustic Guitar
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The Ibanez IJV50 Acoustic Guitar

This acoustic kit didn’t earn its reputation from the trusted brand name alone, but because of the specs, it has to offer at such an affordable price. With construction and decent tones in mind, you will be surprised that the Ibanez IJV50 comes at such an affordable price mangy budding musicians will appreciate.


Excellent Build For Its Price

When you first look at the Ibanez IJV505, you’ll be surprised that you got it at such an affordable price. That’s because it comes with a solid spruce top, which is surprising as guitars from this price range do not come with such quality tops.

Ibanez understands that with solid tops come the top plays, which is what makes the IJV50 better than most competition. The guitar has a dreadnought body shape with six strong steel strings that create bright and full tones.

Furthermore, the guitar has a natural finish, Agatha wood, and a mahogany neck glued on for stability. You have assured a guitar that will last for years of playing and usage, as well as proper construction that can withstand a few dings along the way.

Complete Hardware and Package

Expect simple hardware from this acoustic guitar, with a rosewood bridge, an Ivorex 2-saddle, and a classy Ibanez headstock and six chrome tuners. It also comes with an electronic tuner, which is a huge plus and a surprise coming from such an affordable guitar. However, I wouldn’t recommend that you use the electronic tuner, which may be of lower quality.

But that isn’t the huge plus from the IJV50. What you would appreciate most about it is its complete package, which comes with a guitar strap, gig bag, and an accessory pouch. These are all accessories needed and will save you a ton of time from purchasing them separately.

Consistent Tone and Ready to Play

Yes, you won’t get the best sounds like the higher-end models. After all, you are paying at least ten times less! However, you can expect the quality sounds with a consistent tone. It has high action and ill sound with a lush resonance. It’s a perfect guitar to use when playing pop, country, or classic rock.

While you may hear a buzz while strumming, this can be fixed by taking it to a professional or changing the strings. One may recommend investing in Bronze Light strings, which will have the guitar sound even better than what you would expect from its affordable price.


Affordable Price Ideal For Beginners

Like what was mentioned many times above, you are indeed getting a quality guitar at a price you won’t believe. It’s what makes it one of the most recommended guitars for first-timers and beginner players looking for a decent guitar to play for gigs or jamming sessions with loved ones.

Another huge plus is its user-friendliness. It gives the right amount of comfort when played, without feeling any discomfort even after hours of playing (standing or sitting). Additionally, the guitar can be played rich out of the box, making it easy for beginners to start learning immediately without the hassle of tuning or fixing anything.

Fully Acoustic and Made for Performances and Chill Sessions

Last but not the least, because this is an entirely acoustic guitar, you can expect to play it with “soft” genres such as pop or classic rock. You can play it during gigs and performances as well and still get the quality sounds that will get your audience cheering. While it isn’t the extreme sound, you get good projection and a pleasant tone that matches whatever song you jam with.


  • Has a great quality top that results in equally balanced and consistent tones
  • Comes with the complete package such as the straps and gig bag
  • Incredibly low and affordable price with impressive specs
  • Ultimate beginner’s guitar, easy and comfortable to play with
  • Has the classic acoustic guitar look for style
  • Has the natural finish to make it durable and last for years
  • Can be played right from the box
  • Robust construction that can withstand minor dings or bumps


  • Agathis back and neck are not of the best quality
  • You may hear a bit of a buzz or extra vibrations while strumming
  • Do not expect the best or premium sounds when performing
  • The tuner is cheap and stops working quickly
  • Some have complained of receiving the bag with some mold


Other Guitars To Consider

My Verdict

Editor's Pick
Ibanez IJV50 Acoustic Guitar
We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

From its feel down to the balanced tones, you will be surprised that the Ibanez IJV50 comes at the price given. While it does have its drawbacks, as it comes at a very low price, you can’t go wrong with its sound and reliable construction.

So, is this the ideal guitar for you?

For those who are beginning and need a quality guitar to learn the ropes from, then the Ibanez IJV50 is the right investment for you. Fantastic for beginners with the whole package, you can simply play it right out of the box. Whether it’s for you or as a gift for a loved one, this guitar will last for years of playing and practice.


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