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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Guitarists this 2021


No global pandemic can ever dampen the spirit of gift-giving come Christmas Day. In fact, a well-meaning present could very well be what everyone needs during these trying times.

A gift that can offer hope and renew one’s passion in the things he or she loves the most.

This is especially true for guitarists who may have been inadvertently affected by the global pandemic. If you are at a loss as to what present to give to a guitarist friend or family member, we have 10 of the most amazing gift ideas for you.

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Guitarists this 2021

10. Guitar Shirt

The quintessential Christmas gift, shirts are both fashionable and functional. Your friend can go to his gig wearing the guitar shirt you gave for Christmas. Choose a guitar shirt that characterizes your friend’s personality and his guitar playing style.

You can pick a whimsical design for fun-loving and comic guitarists. There are also exclusive shirts from your friend’s favorite rock or heavy metal band.

T-shirts with ‘sayings’ or phrases are always an instant hit, especially if the message happens to ring a bell to your friend. Cotton shirts are always best, as they are comfortable to wear. 

9. Guitar Case

Does your friend travel a lot? Is the guitar case that came with his instrument already showing signs of deterioration? Did you notice his guitar accumulating dust and cobwebs?

In any of these situations, a guitar case is always a good solution. There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on your budget. Cheap ones may not offer enough protection for the guitar.

Always pick a case with excellent cushion for the instrument. It would also be nice to have carrying mechanisms, such as shoulder straps or grab handles.

8. Guitar Amp

Whether it is for the studio, a live performance, or for home practice sessions, a guitar amp is always a great gift idea for guitar players. Pick one that already has a built-in speaker.

Your friend will thank you for it. You can also choose between a tube amp and a solid-state amp, although most guitarists today would prefer a modeling amp.

Give a guitar amp that is best suited to the playing style and needs of your friend. You will never run out of options if you have a clear idea of your friend’s playing style.

7. Guitar Straps

Any player worth his guitar deserves a nice strap to go along with his instrument. There are several types to choose from. Leather is always a good choice because it grows more beautiful with age. It is tough, too.

Nylon straps are also durable, although you need to pick one with ample padding. Cotton is comfortable to wear over the shoulders and back. The issue is that cotton is not as durable as leather or nylon. You can also pick a neoprene guitar strap complete with memory foam.

6. Guitar Picks

Plectrums are a must for any guitar player. This small object can produce a sound slightly different from the one produced by bare fingers. Certain playing styles also call for a plectrum.

That is why it is always a good choice as a Christmas gift for guitarists. Picks come in different thickness and shapes. Each one has its own uses. Plectrums are also available in different materials. Common choices are celluloid, plastic, and nylon. If you want to be unique, try wood, rubber, steel, or even bronze.

5. Guitar Rack

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Racks are the perfect gift for guitar players who already own several guitars. These pieces of furniture store and protect guitars from accidental falls and banging against each other.

If your friend only has one guitar, a more suitable gift will be a guitar stand. A-frame and tubular guitar stands are very common.

If you feel uneasy about the safety of your friend’s guitar, then you might want to give him or her guitar hanger and wall mount instead. Regardless of what type you choose, always pick one with good quality. 

4. Guitar Tuner

Every guitar player needs an accurate and easy-to-use tuner. Even seasoned guitarists. Sound quality depends on many factors, including the correct tuning of the guitar. There are many guitar tuners you can buy for a guitar player.

Most come with a digital interface for easy use. Chromatic tuners are pretty standard. If you want to wow your friend, you might want to consider a polyphonic tuner.

Strobe guitar tuners provide the highest accuracy among the different types of tuners. A tuner that works with different string instruments is also great.

3. Guitar Repair & Maintenance Tool

Regardless of how cautious you may be in handling a guitar, there is always a slim chance of a mishap happening. Strings break. Bridge falling off its attachment. Annoying fret buzz.

Crackling sound in the input jack. Broken neck. The list can go on. Even if your friend is very careful about his guitar, he will still need to maintain the guitar’s pristine condition.

Conditioning the fretboard and applying new strings are two of the most common guitar maintenance routines. A guitar repair and maintenance tool should be very useful.

2. Guitar Fretboard Cleaner

The design of the fretboard makes it very easy to accumulate dirt. Particles can accumulate on the junction between the individual frets and the fingerboard. Finger pads can transfer dead skin cells and other particles onto the fretboard whenever you play your guitar.

While the dirt will not have a substantial effect on the sound of the guitar, it can diminish its aesthetic qualities.

Giving a guitar player the best guitar fretboard cleaner should keep this part of the musical instrument in tiptop shape. It is one way your friend can take good care of his guitar.

1. New Guitar

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No other Christmas present can be more meaningful to a guitarist than a brand new guitar.

This holds true even for those who already have an axe to play. It does not have to be the very expensive ones. However, if budget is never a concern, then you can always pick a good guitar from trustworthy names. Fender, C. F. Martin, and Gibson all make reliable and excellent quality guitars.

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