Gammon Drum Set Review – A Great Budget Drum Kit?

Quick Review

No other drum set can give you a better price than the Junior Drum Set. It’s the whole complete package without the hefty price tag. Although it may not be like other high-end kits, it offers everything a beginner would need: reliable drums and good quality hardware - perfect for practice.


Quick Review: If you are looking for an ultimate beginner’s drum set packed with everything you need get started, Gammon Adult 5-Piece Drum Kit is all yours.

By full-sized, Gammon means a “complete” set, yet offered at a very low price. It includes everything you can think of in a drum set – drums, cymbals, stands, hardware, drumsticks and more!

On the other hand, if you are looking for a worthy playing machine for your children, why don’t you give them the Gammon Junior 5-Piece Starter Kit? Like the adult drum kit, this version is also stuffed with overwhelming features, allowing kids to start drumming right away.

It’s also complete and designed for smaller kids to play in front for this irresistible drum set up.


An Overview

Gammon Percussion offers a range of musical instruments at fairly low price. Among the instruments they are known for are drums and drum sets. From the many products Gammon produce, they particularly excel with the Gammon drum sets both for adults and kids.


There is no great deal in the 5-piece drum kits than the Gammon drum sets having cymbals, hardware and stands included. Packed with everything you need to start drumming, you can now get a reliable drum kit without breaking the bank. Both the Adult and Junior Gammon drum set offer so much more than you can possibly imagine a cheap drum set have.


Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set

What else do you need when everything is already packed for you. From the shells to hardware, including and cymbals and all the stands, do you still need more? Offered at a very affordable price, no wonder Gammon adult 5-piece drum set is the best-selling and the one every drummer crave to have.


Build and Finish

Featuring great real wood shells, each drum in this drum set is made with top-of-the-line craftsmanship. Hence, it can withstand the wear and tear because of regular, and maybe, abusive use. It’s made to last since these drums are made of a really sturdy wood and the stand is made of steel.

Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set

Since this is an adult drum set, it comes with professionally looking high-gloss black and blue finish. The finish is stunning enough, so no one could tell that this is just a few hundred dollars drum set. And, because it’s designed to perfection, you’ll surely outshine the stage.


Hardware and Features

Let’s check what this affordable 5-piece comes in the package. With the thousands of people patronizing this product, there is really something they see in this adult drum set. Hence, I checked and found out that the drum set is packed with the following:

  • Bass drum with bass drum pedal
  • Snare drum
  • Floor tom
  • Two mounted rack toms
  • Hi Hat Cymbals and Stand
  • Ride Cymbal & Stand
  • Drum Stool and Throne
  • Drum Sticks
  • Drum Key

As you can see, it’s even packed with drum and cymbal stands, so everything is really prepared for you. All you need to do is pick up the drumsticks and start playing this wonderful drum set.

Sound Quality

You can’t really expect a stellar sound quality from a very affordable drum set. Although the drums are made with real woods that offer good resonance, this might not be your main drum set on the stage. But, for beginners and for practice, this 5-piece Gammon drum set is far better than competitor sets offered at a higher price.


  • Everything is durable and versatile
  • Best bang for the buck, everything is worth it
  • Easy to set up, and can be upgraded with professional headstocks and cymbals


  • Sound quality is not that great, but more than enough as a practice drum set
  • Throne is a bit wobbly, so you might replace it
  • More like a beginner’s perfect drum set, than a pro


Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit

Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit with Cymbals, Hardware, Sticks, & Throne - Black
736 Reviews
Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit with Cymbals, Hardware, Sticks, & Throne - Black
  • Absoloutely Everything You Need To Start Playing
  • 5 Piece drum set with Cymbals Stands Sticks Hardware
  • High Gloss Black Finsih & Black or Chrome Rims - Complete Drum Set
  • Amazingly Low Price and Ships Fast. Don't over tighten. Doing so will strip the lug
  • Top Seller & Makes the Ultimate Gift!

The Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Set offers great possibility and opens a lot of windows for success to young drummers and aspiring junior drummers. It provides countless features and great instruments kids can’t help but just keep playing. Aside from the complete pack with cymbals, drumsticks, and more, it’s made to be very durable to withstand heavy beatings from beginning kid drummers.


Build and Finish

Like the Gammon Adult drum set, the Junior set is made with real wood drum shells. The construction of each drum is of quality to make it resist reckless beatings from the kids and the natural wear and tear due to regular use. Gammon drums are known to last longer and even these cheaper starter drum kits are built to last until the kid progresses to a pro drum set.

Though offered cheaply, it comes with high-gloss finish with the following options: Black, Blue, Pink, and Red. All these color finishes allow kids to just become excited to play them.


Hardware and Features

The good thing about the Gammon junior set is that it’s packed like the full-sized adult drum set. So, kids will not find it hard to adjust when playing real drum sets once they’ve mastered their skills. The Junior drum set comes with the following:

  • 16″ Bass Drum and bass drum pedal
  • Two Tom Drums
  • Snare Drum
  • Snare Stand
  • Hi-Hat Stand and Cymbals
  • Mounted Cymbal
  • Drum Stool
  • Drum Key
  • Drum Sticks

The whole drum set is more than enough for kids, which is even offered at a very affordable price. This drum set offers so much more that aspiring junior drummers can start drumming and play to their heart’s content, right away. Everything is already in, so, kids can just play and focus on their progress without the need to add anything.

Sound Quality

If you are looking for the best sounding junior drum set, you can’t expect it from a very cheap drum set. But, if you just need a complete drum set where your kids can learn to master their skills, then the Gammon Junior is perfect. It is capable of producing drum sounds, perfect for practice and for kids to appreciate music and help them master their skills quickly.


  • It looks like a real drum set, not just a playing toy
  • Fairly good sounding drum set, at a very affordable price
  • Durable and a perfect tool for kids to really master their skills before upgrading to pro drum sets


  • Not the best sounding junior drum set, but may be upgraded
  • Cymbals may not have good sounds, but, your kids won’t be bothered with them, anyway



Gammon drum sets, both the adult and junior sets are the best pick, especially for beginners and for seasoned players who want a practice drum set at home. They’re the ultimate drum sets offered at a price no one can refuse to buy. Not only that, these sets are made to last and definitely the one complete drum set you never get tired of playing.


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