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Epiphone Les Paul Standard Review (2023)

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar

An electric guitar that comes with a brilliant design and having an ebony body with a rosewood fingerboard, the Epipiphone Les Paul Standard looks just as inspiring as it feels, with varietal features that make the guitar quite a worthy investment.

With Alnico Classic humbucker pickups for quality sound, a well-finished fretboard, and a glossy overlay, this model has a few similarities to other high-end guitars out there.

Vintage Recipe For the Classic Tones

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard has an attractive body with a maple top, mahogany neck, and two humbucking pickups.

This is the recipe the brand has been following ever since the 50s, offering similar tonal prowess and fantastic sustain, which has made the guitar an icon to many.

It is crafted beautifully, standing out from all the affordable electric guitars for beginners.

When played, you will notice that it has a slim and lightweight body, which offers seamless movement across strings and frets.

While this is perfect for those with small to medium hands, it may not be suitable for players with long fingers or large palms.


Ideal for Beginners

Budding guitarists will appreciate the slim design of the Epiphone Les Paul Standard.

It feels just right when sitting down and still feels comfortable when you play standing, as it isn’t too heavy.

Also, since it has an adequate string length, it’s easy for beginners to learn guitar notes quickly.


Going to the tuning and controls, you will appreciate the fact that the tone and volume adjustment knobs are tight enough to get the specific range of sound you’re looking for without getting stuck.

Take note that the pickups can get the correct tones, but that’s only if you pair the guitar with a quality amplifier as well.

The tuners that come with the guitar work well but it can be tricky to work with at first, especially for beginners.

But when you are an intermediate player or have already gotten the hang of tuning, then it will be smooth and effortless, with tuning only needed weekly.

Amazing Comfort and Sound Quality

Like mentioned, the guitar has an excellent body that doesn’t only look attractive but feels great on the hands as well.

When strummed, it feels perfect without appearing bulky and awkward to hold. In fact, you can hold on to it without the need for a strap, playing for long hours without it tiring the hands.

The tapering neck also helps with the seamless movement of your fingers along the strings and fret without making any mistakes.

As for its sound, you will truly appreciate it for the cost. It gives off a rich tone that one would want to experiment on.

For a solid body, it’s best suited for heavy metal, classic rock, hard rock, or the blues.


Play Like the Experts

You may have already heard of Les Paul before because of the legendary artists who have used it!

From Slash, Jimmy Page, Frank Zappa, and a ton more talented people, you’ll be able to bring your inner guitarist in you and find the signature tone.

Les Paul has won the world with their quality guitars, with this model holding no exception.

You will be a part of the proud group of Les Paul owners who will continue the art of music with the Epiphone Les Paul Standard!

Excellent Value for your Money

As I said before, this is a value-packed Les Paul guitar for beginners, coming at a friendly price. However, I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t come with a case, stand, or cable.

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These will need to be bought separately, which can be a hassle for those who aren’t aware of what type of amp and cable to use.

But that doesn’t mean you get less than what you pay for!

For a Les Paul guitar, you are getting quality and a trusted name on a budget.


  • Suitable for beginner and intermediary players
  • Has a good pickup and minimal humming
  • Beautifully crafted and excellent playability
  • Comfortable and easy to strum
  • Slim and lightweight body for small to medium hand sizes


  • Slim and lightweight body for small to medium hand sizes
  • The sound range is more so for a heavy metal genre and not for acoustic tones
  • It maybe quite difficult to tune at first
  • Short scale length isn’t best for the seasoned player


The Verdict

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard has a suitable combination of both features and value.

With its solid and heavy tone with effortless playability, you will surely enjoy the quality sounds that come out of this guitar as you play. You truly get our money’s worth when investing in this model!

So, should you invest in the Epiphone Les Paul Standard?

I would recommend this classic electric guitar for those with small to medium hand sizes, as well as for players who are into the hard rock genre.

With a comfortable feel and excellent tune without incessant humming, it’s an excellent guitar for budding and intermediate players.

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