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Epiphone AJ-220S Review (2021) – Good Budget Guitar?

Editor Pick
Epiphone AJ-220S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar
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When played, everyone will be able to hear the full and loud sounds thanks to its large sound chamber. With its advanced design and solidly built construction with premium materials, the Epiphone AJ-220S shows excellence at an affordable price.

From the infamous brand, Epiphone comes a quality guitar that just about any beginner or advanced guitarist can afford, the AJ-220S.

It is dressed with a beautiful finish and solid construction, as well as the excellent features one would find from higher-end guitars. Sounding as great as it looks, you can’t ask for more from its price range.

Solid Sitka Spruce Top

One thing you will appreciate about the Epiphone AJ-220s is the excellent solid Sitka spruce top. When you want quality, you have to look into its top wood.

With Epiphone choosing the solid Sitka spruce top, it doesn’t only look amazing but it also has a lovely, vibrant sound with amazing projection.

Furthermore, the good choice in top wood has also enhanced the guitar’s note definition, which produces the clear and articulate sound.

The solid-wood top has the guitar’s tone mature gracefully, with the sounds improving and balancing as you continue to play it. It’s built to last for years while improving on sound and playability.


Full-Bodied Voice

It doesn’t matter if you play country, rock, bluegrass, or whatever genre you’re interested in. The Epiphone AJ-220s has the full voice you need to hold its own during ensembles or solo jam sessions. This is thanks to its unique body size with the excellent choice of tonewoods.

With that in mind, expect a full-ranging tone and amazing projection. If you have a solo performance or recording, then there is a rich and solid sound.

You’ll be able to hear the lowest bass notes to the highest overtones.

For those who are part of an acoustic ensemble, then no to worry. While the AJ-220s has a solid foundation, it will not overshadow the whole band.

Amazing Value and Affordability

Like mentioned, you get premium tonewoods and top-notch construction from a popular brand. But that isn’t the only feature to take note of. The guitar comes at a price range that’s usually for beginner guitars.

So you don’t only get the impressive features you can use for any performance or genre but you also get it at an affordable price that won’t break the bank.

The solid Sitka spruce top alone, which isn’t usually found on guitars from this price, is enough to make it a worthy investment that will last for years. You’re getting a guitar that gets better as it ages.


The Ideal Beginner’s Guitar

What’s great about the Epiphone AJ-220s is that it comes at a price that’s beginner-friendly and a great way to begin the love for music.

Whether you’re getting back to guitar, just starting, or a veteran player, you will enjoy its fine acoustics and projection that will boom in the whole room.

It has the impressive finish that keeps the guitar strong.

You can play it right out of the box, which is great for beginners as well.

Without any blemishes or scratches, anyone will surely enjoy the guitar from the moment they receive it and up until it matures.

Great Feel and Playability

With expert crafting, you will enjoy how easy it is to use the AJ-220s. It has the glued-in dovetail neck joint which keeps the guitar’s body and neck stable without losing tone.

Furthermore, it has a mahogany neck for better strength and durability.

Because of its jumbo design and durable materials, you will be comfortable as you play, which is something beginners will truly appreciate.

Regardless of how long your performance is or whether you are standing or sitting, you’ll have no discomfort strumming and holding the guitar. It will feel just right.


  • Affordable price for quality features
  • Excellent action and great SlimTaper neck for comfort while playing
  • Solid mahogany neck for better tone and sustain
  • Unique vintage sunburst design for an attractive style
  • Comes at a “beginner” guitar price range but can be used on stage and for advanced players as well



  • Some complaints about buzzes on some frets
  • The adjustment may be a bit tight at first
  • The guitar has a chance of warping a bit when living in dry climates
  • Doesn’t come with a guitar case or strings with the package

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My Verdict

Editor Pick
Epiphone AJ-220S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar
We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

With its fantastic sunburst design, the Epiphone AJ-220s is a looker. It will not only turn heads thanks to its beautiful finish but because of the voice that continues to improve the more you strum and play.

And don’t forget about its affordable price anyone will be surprised with.

However, are these features enough to make it worth the purchase? Absolutely.

In the end, the Epiphone AJ-220s is a wise investment for those who are on a budget. While it comes at a price range good for “beginner” guitars, it has incredible features that both advanced and amateur players can take advantage of.

From its unique design for easy playability down tots full-bodied projection for any genre, this is hands-down a guitar to practice well with.


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