Casio PX-770 Review (2024 Update)

casio px-770
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Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Piano
If you are looking for a classic grand piano sound in a modern chassis, the Casio PX-770 gives you that and more. It designed to level up your performance with reliable sounds and features while reducing your expenses. Though its simplistic, it has everything you need to keep you playing a real grand piano.
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Casio PX-770 Digital Piano

Casio prides its Privia family of digital pianos. They are designed to provide a great experience by mimicking the sound of a true grand piano. One of the most affordable digital pianos in this series is the PX-770.

It’s packed not only with a promise to deliver great performances, it’s also built to perfection. The electronics and every single part of this machine are very reliable. Hence, you can trust this on your next performance.

It shares most of its features with the Casio Privia 870. But, this one is more affordable. Below are some of the features it’s proud to have, though it’s offered at a lower price.

Sleek, but Heavy

Like the Privia 870 and other digital piano in the Privia series, it comes with a slimmer and sleeker design. At only around 11.7 inches deep, surely you can make a room for it at the corner of your room or in your living room. It has a furniture-style cabinet, which makes it a great accessory in your living area.

This digital piano is not something you can easily move around the house or the studio. It weighs around 69.4 pounds when fully assembled together with the furniture piano cabinet. It’s available in three colors – black, brown, and white.

Easy to Navigate Controls

It’s simple and clutter-free. It has only a few buttons and a volume knob on the left side of the keyboard. There are buttons for the main sounds, like the grand piano and electric piano and for the functions like the metronome and the MIDI functions.

What enables it to have only a few buttons is the “Function” button. You can access a few more functions by simply holding this button and pressing the key corresponding to the function you want to access.

Although there is no list like the Yamaha PSR E253, it’s all in the user’s manual. You can easily be familiarized with it since there are only a few. And, since there are also labels the keys, it’s still very easy to navigate.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an LCD screen display, which some other digital pianos have. But, since it’s well-labeled, players can still be guided by it. Plus, it has a beeping system employed, so you can still have an idea of what setting you are currently in.

Reliable Weighted Keys

Like most of the full-sized digital piano, it comes with 88-fully-weighted keys. Each has ivory and ebony surfaces for it to feel smooth to touch. In addition, you won’t have any slipping off your finger because it absorbs moisture when playing for long hours.

The keys are fully weighted with real hammers. This is thanks to the Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II. It is a great feature, which is also found in more expensive Casio digital pianos.

The Scaled Hammer system simulates the behavior of an acoustic piano. So, you will have heavier keys in the lower register and lighter keys as you move up towards the upper keys.

casio px770 digital piano review

Realistic Sound Quality

Thanks to Casio’s very own Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source, you can achieve more quality and more accurate piano samples with its increased memory. Since it features lossless audio technology, data compression doesn’t affect the sound of your music. Hence, it still plays like the original, though they are only samples.

This one comes with a more upgraded grand piano sound. This has stereo samples of a real grand piano performance recorded at four dynamic levels. Since it has weighted keys, it gives tone versatility – from the softest pianissimo to the loudest fortissimo.

Like the flagship Privia 870, it has 19 different sounds, with four reverb effects and four chorus effects. It also has 128-note polyphony. So, you will have more dynamics and a wide variety of choices to get your hands excited with.

Great Add-on and Speakers

You got two versatile modes – the most common dual mode and the split mode. It also has a dual play and concert play like the Privia 870.

The former allows two people to play the piano as if there are two pianos being used. The latter is like playing and performing with the real orchestra. You’ll be accompanied with real orchestra recordings as you play every note.

It comes with two speakers, which are loud enough for a smaller room and performances, but, it might not suffice for a bigger room or an open stage. However, the sound quality remains great throughout the frequency range.

Because it’s in the cabinet design, it is still more resonant than other digital pianos with the same speaker capacity.

Again, like the Privia 870, it also comes with two stereo jacks where you can connect your headphones. It has a USB type B port for computer connection to transfer MIDI files and other music files.

Perfect for Home Use

With its design and color option, it complements the furniture in your living room. It’s not lightweight, so you need put it in one place. It’s simple, yet complete, so, it could be a good practice piano for beginners and pro pianists.

  • Great overall sound at a very reasonable price
  • Feels like a grand piano
  • Comes with upgraded grand piano sound
  • Speakers not loud enough
  • No USB connector for flash drives


Not a deal-breaker though, but…

It’s a great affordable digital piano. However, just like my comment on the Privia 870, I think an LCD screen display is very important, especially for a full-size digital piano like this.

However, if you are more comfortable playing without a monitor, it’s fine. People differ in opinion. So, just take my opinion lightly, unless, you also badly need the screen display, as I do.

The Competition


Editor's Pick
Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Piano

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

You’ll have limited sounds, but, it’s very versatile. It ensures great sound quality and reliability. It’s perfect for a stationary setting like in a room, practice room, or recording studio.

So, is it recommendable?

Yes. It’s highly recommendable, especially for those who want a practice digital piano, but don’t want to pay so much more.

Value for Money
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