10 Best Vocal Range Test Apps and Websites

Best Vocal Range Test Apps and Websites

Male and female voices are identified into three categories: male voices either falling under bass, baritone, or tenor. 

On the other hand, female voices can either be alto, mezzo-soprano, or soprano and like male voices, these are grouped from low to high voices

It is important to know under what vocal range you belong, and although some see if they are alto or tenor, there are still plenty of singers who are not sure of their vocal range.

Thankfully, there are vocal range apps and websites today to help you make the best out of your musicality.

Don’t worry; you can continually expand to other voice ranges but knowing your onset limitations can be a solid foundation for your growth.

With technology, you can now know your vocal range with any of these ten vocal range tests apps and websites branded today as the best and most reliable applications.




This beginner to an advanced level app can be used by both Android and Apple users, and even on its basic free version, you can make the most out of its great features like the vocal range detection software.

If you feel like this app is for you, you can upgrade and get add-ons to get the vocal warm-up exercises and the pitch detection.

Aside from knowing your vocal range, you can also further develop your talent with MyEarTraining because, just like what the name of the app suggests, it includes structured singing lessons that you can do.

You can track your development within the app and even sync all your data on your devices, so anytime, whatever device you have with you, you can practice and be better in your craft.


Vocal Range Vocaberry

Vocal Range Vocaberry

One of the most downloaded vocal test apps for Android and Apple users, not just because it is for free but because it is easy and hassle-free to use.

The Vocabulary will show you your voice range, and it will also make conventions about your singing voice.

You have to take the app’s integrated test, and afterward, they will give you a list of singers that share and fit your vocal range, and this means you can have smarter choices and be more confident when selecting song pieces to perform.

If that’s not good enough, this app can also give you several song choices suitable for your voice range, so picking one won’t be as challenging as before.


Sing Sharp

Sing Sharp

This is another free and downloadable application compatible with Android and Apple devices.

If you want to identify and test your vocal range, you can settle with this app because that feature is already available in the free version.

It also comes with several melodies that you can sing along to but based on customer reviews, the structure of the musical pieces are rather confusing where you become stunned at what you’re supposed to do.

Although the vocal training and the warm-up pieces are limited compared to other apps, this is enough if you are just after testing your vocal range. 




This is another free app exclusively for Apple users that can help you identify your vocal range while at the same time help you improve your singing skills by practicing.

Every day, you get three singing exercises, and the goal is for you to advance your musical technique continuously and the first thing you need to know is your vocal range.

Unlike other downloadable apps where you will find out if you are an alto or bass, the range detector is specific to give a better descriptive label of your range.




Yousician is an Android and Apple compatible app that can teach you about different instruments and determine your vocal range.

Although this app needs you to buy a membership to maximize the features and benefits, you can be sure that it will help you advance your musical skills.

If you simply want to find out your vocal range or at least identify if this app is for you, you can try the available 14-day free trial without any commitments before investing.


Range Finder

Range Finder

A no-nonsense website, you can simply and effectively know your range by simply singing your highest and lower pitch while clicking on the mic icons on the website.

You will receive your vocal range results via email, and everything can be completed in a matter of minutes without the need to pay or download anything.


My Vocal Range

My Vocal Range

Slightly different from other vocal range finder sites, My Vocal Range is very straightforward, and you have to find your notes yourself.

All the steps you need are outlined on the website, and it provides you with various notes; it is up to you if you can match the notes.

You can push yourself to your limits and sing along to the tunes as far as you can, and from there, you can input your findings into the site’s drop bars to be presented with a collection of songs that fits your vocal range.


Singing Carrots

Singing Carrots 

This is another well-designed, no-fuss website intended to identify your vocal range and at the same time have access to training sessions and different music lessons for free.

As one of the most established sites, everything you need is here in Singing Carrots, and the process of completing your web-based vocal range testing is user-friendly and effortless to do.

As a bonus, you also get to enjoy pitch training and a comprehensive selection of songs fit for your voice range with automatic hyperlinks to the sheet music, lyrics, and even music videos of the songs.


Vocal Nebula

Vocal Nebula 

Vocal Nebula is the perfect website to find your vocal range and an excellent resource for beginners about singing and music.

After going through all the video and written instructions, you can take advantage of the vocal range test of Vocal Nebula located at the bottom of the page, and although the site recommends having a piano for testing, there are other alternative ways to know your vocal range without one.

Identifying your vocal range can be done for free, while other singing courses can be paid for a minimal fee.


Playback FM

Playback FM

So far, Playback FM boasts the most fun, most uncomplicated, and easy-to-use layout among all other vocal range websites.

All you need to kick off your vocal range test is to play an embedded video and sing along to capture the pitches you can 100% match and sing.

The video would inform you of your vocal limits by providing you with different notes, and if you cannot match a particular note, you know what your limit is.

Once you identify your lowest and highest notes, the website matches you with singers who share the same vocal range.  

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With all these available websites and apps, finding your vocal range is no longer a tedious and expensive process.

You can test one or several of these apps and sites and compare notes so you can be sure that your final vocal range is as accurate as possible.

Start hitting the low and high notes by visiting any of these sites or downloading the apps and finding your true vocal range.


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