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10 Best Drumming Shoes for Drummers (2023 Reviews)

Unless you prefer to play barefooted or with shocks, every drummer needs the best shoes for drumming. There are no standard shoes for drumming because it depends on the preferences of the drummer.

Hence, created a list of the best shoes for drummers. This list includes 10 shoes that are flexible and very comfortable to the feet. These are not just any shoes, but these are drummers’ best choices.

Don’t let the soreness and discomfort of your feet ruin your performance. Check out these shoes and you’ll never be looking for any other shoes for drumming again.

The 10 Best Drumming Shoes for Drummers

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

We Recommend
Converse Men's Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal
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These all-star sneakers allow you to be an all-out drummer. Since 1917, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star has been the choice for many because of the simple design. They are lightweight, comfortable and breathable since they are made of canvas construction.

The sole is a vulcanized rubber to have strong traction. The insole is made of Ortholite that effectively cushions your feet as you play drums. These are unisex shoes that aren’t only comfortable, but cool and fashionable, as well.


  • It inexpensive and they are very cool shoes
  • Versatile and comfortable
  • Available in a wide variety of color options


  • The sole wears faster in a year or two
  • Doesn’t have great arch support
  • It’s not that flexible compared to other sneakers


Vans Low-top Sneakers

Also Great
Vans Men's Low-Top Trainers Sneaker

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If you need a pair of shoes for drumming without the need to spend too much, the Vans Low-top Sneakers are just perfect. They are comfortable and breathable, made of a canvas upper, gum rubber soles, and an adjustable lace design.

The sole gives you enough grip, plus helps you feel the pedal as you press it. These shoes have casual look with a rounded toe and they are available in different exciting colors. Vans has been a choice in the music industry for decades, so there’s no reason why it’s not a good choice for drummers.


  • Very comfortable shoes
  • Cool and stylish, suitable to be worn on the streets
  • Sole is thin and you can feel the pedal
  • Takes time to break in, stiff at first few uses
  • Not all like the lace-up style
  • There are so many complaints about the outsole


Adidas Superstar

adidas Originals Men's Superstar Shoes
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The iconic footwear which has been the choice for NBA players were very popular since 1969. Not only that they are the choice of the legends, but they also have cool colors and interesting designs. Made of rubber sole and full-grain leather construction on the upper part, these are crafted from quality materials for more durability.

These Adidas Superstar come in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you can get the one that gives utmost comfort even when playing drums for hours. These shoes are designed not just for men, but for everyone who wants to experience what comfort is like as defined by Adidas. Finally, the rounded toe shell is carefully created to give extra protection for rigorous drumming.


  • With lots of fashionable and cool color options and designs
  • 100% comfortable, very convenient both sports and walking
  • Made of high-quality materials crafted with ultra-modern technologies


  • Slightly bigger than the expected size
  • Upper part can rub the toes if not the right fit
  • Could be more expensive than other alternative


PUMA Speed Cat

PUMA Men's Speed Cat ST US Sneaker
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This PUMA Speed Cat is a low-profile silhouette fashion sneakers aren’t only great on the streets, but very comfortable footwear for drummers. They are designed for speed for you to play with your style. They have a suede upper with t-toe inlays, plus a full lace closure for more compact drummer shoes.

Though it’s not primarily designed for drummers, the comfort and the support you’ll get when you kick the bass drum is more than enough. The rounded driver’s heel is perfectly cut to fit. You’ll experience an excellent pedal feel when driving your car and when driving the kick drum.


  • The color is great in Ribbon Red White
  • Great fit and true to its size
  • Very comfortable and stylish


  • Though some find the arch support great, others aren’t very satisfied
  • Not that easy to clean
  • Might need time to break in, to loosen up a bit


Vans Atwood

Vans Atwood, Unisex Low-Top Sneakers
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Perhaps low-top shoes are all you need to get a wonderful time with your kick drum. Vans Atwood gives you comfort, good outsole grip, and cool aesthetic. They are made of 100% canvas plus rubber sole.

Since these are skate-inspired shoes, they stood out from the crowd and the grip aids your drumming. The waffle outsole keeps your foot secure while giving you enough support on the heel. These low-key shoes ensure comfort and perfect fit, but Vans didn’t overlook class and style.


  • Lightweight, durable and breathable
  • Lightweight, durable and breathable
  • Outsole has good grip, won’t slip if you’re on the pedal


  • May take time to break in
  • Not all users want a very long lace
  • Some Vans Atwood shoes have poor construction of the sole and canvas


Vivobarefoot RA II Classic Oxford

Vivobarefoot Men's RA II Classic Oxford
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For those who are used to playing drums barefooted during rehearsals, here are oxford lace-up shoes for you. The Vivobarefoot RA II Classic Oxford allows your feet to stay and behave naturally, yet giving enough support and comfort for long hours of drumming.

The leather upper is strong, yet does a good job in terms of appearance. They have thin soles giving you that flexibility and unconstrained feeling when doing your thing on the drum pedal. With the Vivobarefoot, you don’t feel like you’re wearing shoes — that’s what you should feel when drumming with the best shoes.


  • You’ll get the feel of the pedal like when you play barefooted
  • Nice style, the oxford style is what most drummers love
  • Outstanding craftsmanship, made of premium materials


  • Very tight when it’s new, need time to loosen up
  • Some users report slippery insoles


Adidas Men’s Seeley

adidas Originals Men's Seeley Running Shoe
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Adidas has stood the test of time, so no wonder a lot of people sought for their shoes regardless of its price. If you want quality and durable shoes for drumming, don’t look any further, Adidas Men’s Seeley is the one for you. This pair of shoes is made of synthetic suede upper that is resistant to wear and tear, plus the textile lining for added comfort.

These shoes have a rubber sole for stability that is attached not with glue, but with a very brilliant process. The vulcanized outsole was heated so it will be attached to the upper part of the shoe. This ensures durability whether you’re skateboarding, running or drumming.


  • Very comfortable leather construction
  • Among the affordable skate shoes, yet durable
  • Sole construction didn’t use glue, it was heated instead


  • You may find it boring to use every day because of its iconic design
  • With a narrow profile, a perfect fit for slimmer feet
  • Other users found quality issues on the shoes


Urbann Boards Virgil Donati

Urbann Boards Virgil Donati Red/Gold
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We had Neil Peart Signature model above, yet for fans of the Australian drummer Virgil Donati, Urbann Boards has other shoes for them. The Urban Boards Virgil Donati sneakers have a Yellow-Black color that is light, breathable and strong.

The upper part of the shoe is made of a large mesh area, while the inside is a parachute material making it durable. Extra durability is given by the leather toe, as well. Like the Neil signature shoes, you can find Virgil’s name and signature on the back of the shoes.


  • Very true to its size, fits perfectly
  • You can feel the difference in the speed and control of your kick drum
  • With just the right amount of weight and support


  • Since they are like running shoes, you need to carefully determine your size
  • No other issues found


PUMA Drift Cat

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Probably the ultimate choice of shoes best for drumming, PUMA Drift Cat are low-profile shoes which are very fashionable. The moment you wear them, you’ll easily feel the comfort of your feet. These feature a futuristic look and style through the laser perforations and uneven upper.

The design makes it breathable and delivers unexpected comfort. As a global brand, PUMA successfully fuses sports and lifestyle. This sport-lifestyle footwear is also a choice for some fashionable drummers.


  • Made to feel the pedals of your car or your kick drum
  • Sleek and attractive, very comfortable to wear


  • Has a very narrow fit and extremely tight for some users
  • Not a good choice for wide-footed drummers


Urbann Boards Neil Peart

Urbann Boards Neil Peart Signature Shoe, Black-Gold
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Designed as drummer shoes, the Urbann Boards Neil Peart could be your next shoes that are best for drumming. These drummer shoes are made to the specifications from the Canadian musician and drummer for the band Rush, Neil Peart. After six months of development, they came up with this prototype, and the Black-Gold Neil Peart Signature Shoes came to life.

They are made of 100% leather for the signature shoes, but Urbann Boards also offers 70% single piece of leather construction. You can find five symbols with the Neptune on the large side and his signature on the tongue of the shoes. These shoes have a special device, with a Neptune symbol to keep the lace tight.


  • Long-lasting shoes, made of outstanding quality
  • Has a very nice response to the pedal
  • Soles are very comfortable


  • Quite expensive than the rest on the list
  • A few users complained about some factory defects


How to Choose the Best Shoes for Drumming

You can find shoes specially made for drumming, like the Urbann Boards particularly designed and crafted for drummers. However, not all drummers will like it. And, even if you’re eyeing for a pair of shoes designed for drummers, you have to narrow your choices by checking the following:

Get a Flat Shoes

Since you want to get the natural shape and comfort of your feet as possible, it’s recommended to get flat shoes. There shouldn’t be any improper weight distribution at the arch of the foot, explained Sioux. Especially if you play the drums at extended periods, ensure that you won’t feel any stress or strain on your feet and legs.

Though it’s not a total ban to use high heels, we think it should be used with moderation. You don’t want to strain your foot or not being able to deliver the kind of pedaling style you wish to achieve. When getting a pair of shoes for drumming, it should be comfortable and in style.

best shoes for drumming

Flexible Sole

Given that you have chosen the shoes with the right size and width, the next thing to check is the flexibility of the sole. Flexibility means it can bend without putting too much effort in doing so. You can check this by drawing the heel and the toe area towards each other and if it forms a V-shape, you just found a flexible pair of shoes.

Pedal Grip

You need to check the grip of the shoes to the pedals. This means that there shouldn’t be any slipping or sliding up as you put all your power to the pedal. However, the grip shouldn’t be very strong or it’ll be hard for you to make a sliding motion especially for slide-double technique.

best shoe for drumming

Pedal Playing Operations

Your choice of shoes also depends on the style of operation you employ on your drum pedals. Generally, there are two main ways to use the pedal — heel down and heel up. For beginners, the best practice should be to start learning the heel down.

Heel up gives you more power and speed, while heel down allows you to play with more finesse and control. If you want to be a seasoned drummer, you need to play both for more versatility. Therefore, you should get shoes that will make you feel comfortable playing these two pedal operations.

These two operations may seem very easy, but it could be very difficult once, you will spice up your performance with different playing techniques. Among the techniques you need to know are, the skip or slid and heel-toe, double bass drum and more. It’s not easy to have good coordination with your hand drumming and your feet beating the kick drum, but with the right shoes, you can do it comfortably.

If you want to know how the shoes/slippers really affect your drumming, watch this YouTube video. Although it primarily depends on your comfort, you’ll also learn the comments and feedback from the drummer as he explains his best bet.


Editor’s Choice

We Recommend
Converse Men's Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal
We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

Choosing these 10 products from the myriad of footwear in the market is hard, but picking just one to recommend is harder. Since we are a team working on this, we have different choices, but the majority choose the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. So, for this roundup article, we hail the only product from Converse as the best shoes for drumming for three reasons.

Converse was established a long time ago in 1908 and this particular shoe design and model has been the choice for many since 1917. Therefore, it has proven its worth and it’s still a choice until today.

These are simple shoes designed to give utmost comfort and breathability, thanks to their canvas construction. They are also versatile and could be your shoes on the streets. The Ortholite insole cushions your feet for comfort and performance.

For drumming shoes, you don’t necessarily consider the most expensive and the most durable, but rather the most comfortable. Unlike running or skateboarding, when you play with the drum or hi-hat pedals, you need to develop certain foot techniques. With the right shoes — flexible and comfortable — you can easily master these foot techniques for even wonderful playing experience.

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