Recording Microphones 10 Best Ribbon Mics Under $500 in (reviews)

10 Best Ribbon Mics Under $500 in 2021 (reviews)


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If money isn’t the problem, surely you’ll go into the high-end, flagship ribbon mics that you can use for your studio setup.

However, since money is among the criteria most people look into, we think a $500 price point could be perfect. You may be using your hard-earned money, but surely, you’ll never gonna waste it.

You can never waste every single penny you’ll invest in your ribbon mic because we have compiled the best ribbon mics under $500 that you can really use. Though you can’t expect a lot of the bells and whistles like those found in $1000 ribbon mic or even higher, you can get better performance.

We include products from renowned manufacturers to newcomers. So, without further ado, here are 10 ribbon mics you won’t regret buying.


10 Best Ribbon Mics Under $500 in 2021 (reviews)

Royer Labs R-10

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A great choice for electric and acoustic guitars, Royer Labs R-10 is a state-of-the-art ribbon mic. An impressive mic with maximum SPL of 160dB at 1kHz, you can record close-mic loud sources without distortion or overload.

It has a Figure 8 polar pattern, which captures sound beautifully — perfect for room miking.

Designed with flat frequency response — no hi-frequency peaks or phase shifts — this mic is good for studio and live sound applications. With its passive circuit and a custom transformer, high SPL overload can be minimized.

It has vanishingly low residual noise, which is internally shock mounted, giving this ribbon transducer stability and durability.


  • Affordable price, yet very solid construction
  • Has high SPL capability
  • Delivers great sound quality


  • Extreme wind may deform ribbon
  • Figure 8 polar pattern isn’t good for high feedback settings


sE Electronics X1R Passive Ribbon Microphone

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Designed for various applications, sE Electronics X1R Passive Ribbon Microphone inherits some of its technology from VR1 & VR2 ribbon mics.

While this is a vintage-modern hybrid mic, it provides versatility, durability, and ease of use. It comes with maximum SPL of 135dB with a frequency response of 20Hz to 16kHz.

As the name suggests, it’s a passive mic enclosed with top-grade Neodymium magnets, plus it has both the traditional ribbon technology and high-frequency extension technology.

This means that you’ll be able to get that classic-sounding ribbon mic with a gentle high-frequency shift. It’s a high-performance ribbon mic, perfect for commercial broadcasts, voiceover, overhead drums, brass, strings and a lot more applications.


  • Has that smooth ribbon sound
  • No frills
  • Great build quality


  • May not be a choice for vocal recordings
  • Not as bright as some passive ribbon mics


MXL R77L Classic Ribbon Microphone

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Specially designed for instrument recordings, MXL R77L Limited-Edition Classic Ribbon Microphone is a great pick in this price range. It has Figure 8 pickup pattern with a smooth transient response that gives excellent side rejection and precise directivity.

With a classic body design, it has a very sleek gold and chrome metal finish.

It comes with Lundahl transformer onboard, which gives a balanced sound and controlled low-end. Since it has high SPL capability, it’s ideal to record high-frequency sound sources like horns and electric guitars with minimal distortion.

With all these features, you get a mellow sound without boomy sound at the low-end. It comes with Mogami cable and wiring to deliver exceptional audio fidelity.


  • Has its own distinct styling
  • Warm sound
  • Yet smooth high ends
  • Quality mic cable
  • Doesn’t easily twist or break


  • Needs a little more care as it seems quite fragile
  • Mount has zero shock absorption


Golden Age Project R 1 Active MKIII Active Ribbon Microphone

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An active ribbon mic with Figure 8 polar pattern, Golden Age Project R 1 Active MKIII Active Ribbon Microphone is reliable in delivering unmatched natural and musical sound.

It comes with a Bipolar/FET discrete low-noise amplifier coupled with low impedance transformer, ultra-high 160dB SPL capability, -10dB switchable pad and 100Hz low-cut filter.

With all these features, you’ll get that typical mellow ribbon sound quality — smooth top-end and extended low-end. It has removable mic cable and a padded case included in the purchase for additional protection. Since this is an active mic, you’ll get consistent sound quality for various applications.


  • Active circuitry solves most ribbon limitations
  • Has -10dB and low cut filter makes the mic more flexible
  • Gives full and rich sound quality in a wide range of applications
  • Quality mic cable
  • Doesn’t easily twist or break


  • May produce hissing and popping sound when mic starts
  • Mic will not swing to the “Y” due to the height of the screw
  • Mid-bass is too colored and undesirable


Marantz Professional MPM-3500R

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Marantz Professional MPM-3500R is a dipole polar pattern low-mass diaphragm ribbon mic that offers high-quality instrument recordings.

It has a frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz±3dB, sensitivity at -34dB ±2dB and low-frequency at attenuation switch to give unmatched sound quality recordings. It has maximum SPL handling capability of 135dB, ideal for recording vocals and instruments.

With its Figure 8 polar pattern configuration, it’s ideal to be placed between instruments. Thereby, only picking up the natural sound of the instruments and eliminating some off-axis noise in-between. It still needs the 48VDC phantom power to use this microphone.


  • Design is great and interesting
  • Sounds good
  • For home studio recordings
  • Has more features than expensive ribbon mics


  • Need a solid preamp with enough headroom
  • Can’t take much beating like the condenser mic
  • Needs extra care and protect it from damage


Cascade Microphones 980-G-A Ribbon Microphone

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Offers true Figure 8 pickup pattern, Cascade Microphones 980-G-A Ribbon Microphone is a hand-tuned ribbon mic that is great in Blumlein recording and live stage set up.

It’s made with the corrugated aluminum membrane at the center, to give a balanced input signal to both sides of the assembly. It offers 135 dB maximum SPL capability with an output impedance of 200ohms.

Designed with increased sensitivity of -56 dB +/- 2 dB (0 dB=1V/Pa) it comes with 2.5-micron ribbon, responsible for magical recordings. This ribbon mic is suitable for guitar cabinets, vocals, piano, drum overheads, strings and more. It comes with a Blumlein Stereo bar that makes setting up a snap.


  • A good ribbon mic with great features
  • Has increased sensitivity
  • Better than others
  • Hand-tuned ribbon element with balanced output


  • Quite expensive than other mics
  • Others expect more from this product given its price


sE Electronics VR2 Active Ribbon Microphone

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Great response at a frequency range from 20Hz to 18kHz, sE Electronics VR2 Active Ribbon Microphonedelivers sound quality and clarity across the spectrum.

Among the highest performing ribbon mics at this price point, VR2 comes with a Figure 8 pickup pattern that is great at picking up environmental sounds and impulses. With active electronics on board, it is capable of plenty of output and quieter performance.

In addition, its rugged design makes it suitable for any type of application. It has a ruler-flat frequency response with the 135dB maximum SPL capability. Though it still requires the +48V phantom power to operate, it has most of the specifications from other ribbon mics which are over double of its price.


  • Excellent frequency response
  • Sensibly priced with classic ribbon sound


  • A little ungainly
  • Frequency range enhancements remove some ‘classic’ flavor of the ribbon mic


Cascade Microphones VIN-JET

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Cascade Microphones VIN-JET is another Figure 8 symmetrical design with two 7/16-inch long ribbon of aluminum suspended between the Neodymium rare earth permanent magnets.

The ribbon vibrates when it detects a sound; tiny current is induced in the ribbon, which can be amplified to produce sound. Sound production is very accurate since the signals come directly from the sound source — no translation losses.

Producing intimate, warm and articulate sound quality, VIN-JET is an excellent choice for vocals, guitar cabinets, and drum overhead recording.

It has a sensitivity of -54.8 dB (1.8 mV/Pa) with fast and accurate transient response, giving 135dB SPL capability. Ribbon is made with pure aluminum, 2.5 microns for outstanding sound capture.


  • Offers more than the money you invest in it
  • Not creamy and allows vocals with a bit of presence
  • An alternative to high-end mics


  • Some users claimed low-quality control of the product
  • Can be a bit picky with vocals
  • Need a quieter room to use this ribbon mic


Avantone CR14 Dual Ribbon Mic

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Designed to offer true professional performance, Avantone CR14 Dual Ribbon Mic is the one thing you need for your recording needs. With specifications surpassed those of the high-priced mics, having a CR14 is already an advantage over others.

It has dual aluminum ribbon with 2 microns thick and a Figure 8 pickup pattern like most ribbon mics.

Gorgeous-looking and nice-sounding mic with a frequency response from 30Hz to 15kHz +/- 3dB. Take a closer look at the design and its character and you’ll know that this is a fine ribbon mic offered at a fraction of the premium mic’s cost.


  • Has cool design and style
  • Affordable
  • Given that it’s got useful features
  • Has better sensitivity than other passive ribbon mics


  • Lacks some high-end details
  • Had some loose rattling sound inside the mic
  • Lacks crispiness some users would need


Cascade Microphones Knuckle Head

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Cascade Microphones Knuckle Head is a passive mic with Fat Heads acoustic components and a shock-mounted head basket to mimic the early broadcast microphones.

It has 2.2-micron corrugated aluminum ribbon at the center of the Neodymium magnets. The ribbon is mounted symmetrically within the magnetic gap so the output quality between the two sides is consistent.

It comes with an output transformer that is located within the cylindrical shaft below the shock mount hoop. It comes with a sensitivity of -56 dB +/- 2 dB and maximum SPL handling capacity of 135 dB. It has a mic clip and aluminum flight case for on-the-go protection.


  • Great product for a great price
  • Looks cool as it sounds
  • Great for electric guitar recordings


  • You may get muddy sound
  • No other particular cons worth noting



Budget is just one thing in getting the best ribbon mic for you. You may acquire the most expensive ribbon mic, that might not be the best one for you. So, here we share with you how we choose our favorite ribbon mic. And, the good thing is, it’s only under $500.

Figure 8 Polar Pattern says the inherent polar pattern design for all ribbon mics is a Figure 8 or bidirectional polar pattern.

It’s made of a corrugated aluminum ribbon between Neodymium magnets. This configuration gives rise to two sides — the front and the rear side — which should have even signal pickup like the number ‘8’.

Best Ribbon Mics Under $500

Strong Proximity Effect

As you move near the mic near the sound source, you get louder output with more bass. This is usually the common behavior of ribbon mics and for bidirectional mics. Hence, you need to look for the proper positioning of the mic to get the perfect output you expected.

Transient response

Check for the diaphragm specification of your ribbon mic. If the mic has a greater mass of the diaphragm, it’ll become less sensitive to the sound pressure level.

If you have observed, most ribbon mics are thin and/or lightweight because they are designed to deliver a more accurate transient response. Some ribbon manufacturers include this specification with their ribbon mic packaging.


Ribbon mics are allegedly fragile in nature, says Vintage King. Although they are not quite as delicate as you think, passive ribbon mics shouldn’t be supplied with phantom power. But, active ribbon mics might need phantom power since they have active electronics onboard.

Aside from the phantom power, ribbon mics need extra care and protection when transported or stored. Some even required a particular position (vertical) when storing the ribbon mic when not in use.

Check out this YouTube video as you can discover that ribbon mics aren’t really distant from the condenser and dynamic mics in terms of performance. In fact, at some point, they are even better than the most common two.


Passive and active ribbon microphones have their advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your application, a passive mic might be better than the other, or vice versa.

So, our choices for the best ribbon mics under $500 are the sE Electronics X1R Passive Ribbon Microphone and the Golden Age Project R 1 Active MKIII Active Ribbon. Surprisingly, they are offered almost the same price, with just a fraction of a dollar difference.

The former is a passive mic made with top-grade quality material and enhanced sensitivity. While the latter is an active mic with a switchable attenuator, transformer, and low-cut filter.

But, if we are to choose one, we go for the active ribbon mic — Golden Age Project R 1 Active MKIII Active Ribbon Microphone. With all its features and controls, this is just the ribbon mic you need.

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