10 Best Mac Miller Songs

Best Mac Miller Songs

Mac Miller is one of the most influential up and coming hip-hop artists in this day and age.

His music has been on repeat for many people, including myself.

This blog post will cover 10 Mac Miller songs that are must-listens!

From “Donald Trump” to “Good News,” Mac Miller’s lyrics are some of the best out there right now, and these are 10 Mac Miller songs that will live on forever:

Self Care (2018)

This song is one of my favorite songs by Mac Miller.

It’s not necessarily because it’s his best, but the lyrics are so powerful and inspiring to me.

In this track he talks about how he can’t help himself with everything going on in his life, that there are battles he can’t fight alone.

The strength and resilience this line gives off is too much for me sometimes when I need a good cry or just something to get out all my frustrations!

The self care freestyle really resonates with people who have been through similar experiences- high expectations placed upon them from everyone around them (friends, family) as well as themselves which they cannot live up to.

The song is a reminder that we are all human and sometimes need help or time to take care of ourselves in order to be healthy, happy people who can handle the challenges life throws our way.

This song reminds me how important it is for myself to not neglect my needs- emotional, physical, mental- because they’re just as important and if I don’t have them taken care of then everything else falls apart!

This track has helped me get through some really tough times where I’ve been at a loss on what to do with myself.

I love how Mac Miller always includes his listeners into the conversation by giving them a voice on what they’re going through or could potentially go through in this song.

He speaks for himself and for all of us who need to take care of ourselves before we can be there for others!


Donald Trump (2011)

Mac miller’s song “Donald Trump” is about how Donald Trump doesn’t care for the environment.

He says that he wants to cut down trees and pave over everything because it will make him richer in his tweets on January 17th, 2017.

He also mentions Donald trump when speaking out against climate change deniers who are trying to dismantle environmental protections like the Clean Power Plan which was one of Obama’s signature achievements and policies passed under president Barack Obama”.

The artist has a strong opinion on this topic as seen through these lyrics: ‘if I get elected, you’ll be my VP / And we can rule with machetes.’

This lyric speaks volumes about what mac had planned if he became president of the United States.

The song’s lyric ‘I’m like Donald Trump when I break these rappers on they ass’ implies that he is going to go after his enemies with a vengeance if he becomes president, and it also gives us an idea about how he would act in the future due to him being aware of what actions are happening now.

“Donald Trump” has garnered over 193 million views on YouTube as well as more than four and a half million listens on Spotify so this song could be one of Mac Miller’s most popular songs ever written.

In terms of lyrics, “Donald Trump” isn’t all bad since there is some clever wordplay found here which allows listeners to know where mac stands politically.”


Best Day Ever (2011)

This song is about Mac Miller’s best day ever, and what he did on that day.

He talks about how great it was to be with his friends, being high as hell, smoking a blunt in the car with his mother-figure Kim K., getting lost in different places all around Los Angeles.

The beat of this song is upbeat, cheerful even! This will get you pumped up for anything life throws at you!


Party on Fifth Ave (2011)

Party on Fifth Ave is a song about being happy and enjoying life. The catchy lyrics will keep you singing along to the beat for hours, which makes it one of Mac Miller’s best songs!

The chorus states “Party on Fifth Ave / I’mma have myself so many drinks tonight.” This puts an emphasis on having tons of fun with friends or going out and partying for your birthday without any regrets because tomorrow is another day worth celebrating!

Party On Fifth Ave by Mac Miller is about partying with your friends in New York City. 

As the name suggests, this is one party track that will always remind us where we came from and how much fun it was getting there in our own way!


Ladders (2018)

Ladders is one of the most underrated songs by Mac Miller.

It’s a very emotional song that deals with his alcoholism and drug addiction as well as self-doubt.

The music video for Ladders features Mac in an abandoned room full of ladders while he struggles with various emotions from sadness to anger to regret before finally reaching some form of resolution.

It’s definitely worth checking out!

In my opinion this is one of Mac Millers best songs because it feels so raw and real and authentic.

You get insight into how hard it was for him to try not only deal with these issues but also keep them hidden away from the public eye.


Nikes On My Feet (2010)

The song is about Mac Miller’s love for his sneaker collection.

It features a guest verse from Kanye West and was released as the fourth single off of his sophomore album, Watching Movies with The Sound Off.

At first glance this may seem like an odd choice for one of the best songs by Mac Miller but it really encompasses what he did in such a short time frame.

He has had so many different styles over the years that made him stand out among rappers popping up on mainstream radio stations today-even if they don’t all please fans listening to them now.

His connection to Nike sneakers come through even clearer in “Nikes On My Feet” than any other collaboration he did before or since then because it just shows how much he loved the brand.

This song is fueled by a love for sneakers and Mac Miller’s work ethic to get them.

It also has some of his most fluent lyrics-the kind that earned him so much attention in the first place, even before he had really made it big with “Donald Trump.”

There was no stopping Mac from achieving greatness because it seemed like there were stars out every single night!


Mac Miller – I Am Who Am (Killin’ Time) [Ft. Niki Randa] (2013)

Killin’ Time is a song by Mac Miller that I really enjoy. It’s about his life and how he wants to be the best person for himself, as well as those around him- even if it means not always being happy with who he has become or what he must do in order to keep moving forward.

The first verse talks about how people often will try new things just because they’re bored but when you’ve been doing something your whole life then making changes can feel like too much work.

He also shares wisdom on learning from mistakes instead of regretting them which is something most people never learn until it’s too late- whether or not they want to admit this fact!

This song might have left me feeling more confused than enlightened but I still respect his thoughts and ideas on the matter.

Mac Miller is a talented artist with so much insight into what makes people tick, it’s no wonder he was such a success!

The point of this track seems to be that there are many different ways one can live their life and that we all have our own struggles we need to work through in order to find what happiness means for us individually- as well as who should help us reach these goals.

The way you choose will not affect another person because they might go about things differently than you do then end up living completely fulfilled lives which don’t involve any regret or second guessing themselves at every turn like some people may feel when they’re changing paths in life.


Come Back to Earth (2018)

“Come Back To Earth” is a triumphant declaration from an artist who felt defeated for so long before he finally reached his creative peak.

This song will bring you back into that world where everything is possible with Miller at the helm because it truly sounds like anything can happen on this track.

Miller tackles mental health in one of the most poignant songs on Swimming when he sings about how some days are good but others feel too heavy and dark.

The sentimentality in his verses on this track are stunning.

If there’s anyone who knows how to self-reflect honestly about their own life, it would be him.


Good News (2020)

This song is about the feeling of euphoria you get when your life goes so well that it feels like good news.

It’s a happy track where Mac Miller takes us back to his hometown, Pittsburgh.

He speaks on how he loves watching people dance around in their own world and just having fun without worries or any care in the world.

The beat has an upbeat tempo and makes me want to move my feet from side-to-side while I listen to it!



This concludes our list of the ten best Mac Miller songs. We hope you found it helpful, and enjoyed listening to some music in the process.

What are your thoughts?

Let us know in the comments below.


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