15 Best Music Key Finder Websites, VST Plugins & Apps

Best Music Key Finder Websites, VST Plugins & Apps

A lot of songs these days – especially in the pop genre – are quite catchy, which makes it hard for developing artists, musicians, and producers to resist creating their own cover, parody, or version of the song or of its beat.

Thanks to modern-day technology, not only is it easy to recreate songs with digital musical instruments, it is also very possible to find the key, beats per minute, and tempo of the song with the help of music key finder websites, VST Plugins, and Apps!

What’s even greater about these music key finders is that they can come as websites, apps, and VST plugins, allowing you to use them in either your phone, desktop, or any other device!

Some of these apps are Tunebat, Traktor Pro 3, Fruity Loops Studio, among all the many others that will help you find the music key of the song you are listening to.

What’s even greater about some of these apps is that they have other features aside from finding the music key, so you can use them to edit, create, and even share music!

This article discusses 15 music key finder websites, VST plugins, and apps to help you choose the perfect one for your music career or projects.




Tunebat is a music key finder website that does more than find the music key, as it also allows you to remove the vocals from a song, help you create a music video, and much more!

The music database Tunebat uses is powered by Spotify’s Web API, ensuring that the songs you find on the website are really the original versions uploaded by the artist, making it even easier for you to replicate or create your own music out of it!


Audio KeyChain

Audio Keychain

This website allows you to upload your music files directly from your device onto their website, and Audio KeyChain takes care of estimating the files key and tempo for you!

Audio Keychain also has a music database where you can easily search the most common and recently searched or uploaded songs, making it easier to find the key of the song without having to upload it yourself!




Showscale is a music key finder website that is preferred by most musicians and artists, as it allows you to play a note on the website’s piano to create filters!

The showscale website also provides you with a tutorial on how to find the key of the song you wish to find, making it convenient and less intimidating for new users!


Scale Finder

Scale Finder

Scale Finder is a branch of the ScalesChords website made for artists who like to create their own songs or producers who make their own beats and melodies from scratch.

The website allows you to input a lot of chord options, helping you find the perfect keys to go with your inputs.


Music Theory Site

Music Theory Site

This website is great for beginner artists and musicians who wish to learn more about music theory, as the website relies on you having to put in a chord to be able to show you the key of the song.

To find the key of a song you are listening to, it’s obvious that you would need to find the chords to play the song, so you can put it in the Music Theory Site to get a visual result.


Traktor Pro 3

Traktor Pro 3

Traktor Pro 3 is a professional 4-deck DJ software that allows you to find the music key, mix other songs with a good key blend, create your own beats, and more!

However, Traktor Pro 3 is not a free software, but with all its premium features and compatibility with a lot of desktops and laptops, it is totally worth it!


Song Key Finder

Song Key Finder

Song Key Finder is an Android app developed by nCore App Services Ltd to help you easily find the key of a song you are listening to or even just the chords you play!

This app is only available on the Google Play Store and is completely free, but offers in-app purchases to remove ads and get additional features.


KeyFinder 2

Key Finder

KeyFinder 2 is a Mac software and is only available on the Mac OS, but is completely free and easy to use as the developer is a music enthusiast as well.

It also helps you mix the harmony and tone of your music to make it even sound better, along with other great features!


Guitar and Bass

Guitar and Bass Informer

Guitar and Bass is a software available only for Windows OS users, but is a highly-capable chord and key finder software for musicians!

This app is also meant to help you play the guitar and bass better through its practice programs and exercises!


Rapid Evolution

Rapid Evolution

Rapid Evolution is a software meant to help organize music libraries to help with the sorting and mixing of different songs.

This software also comes with the feature to determine the tempo, BPM, and key signatures of the songs!




Mixxx is originally a DJ mixing software, but what’s a good DJ mixing software when it can’t even find the music key of a song?

This software is open-source and completely free thanks to passionate DJs and producers who wish to help other aspiring DJs!


Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is a mixing software with cutting-edge features like song mixing, video and audio mixing, audio separation, and more!

It’s available for both Windows and Mac OS and is typically free for home use, letting you easily use it as a music key finder.


Fruity Loops Studio

Fruit Loops 2

Fruity Loops Studio creates editing software for musicians, and any version of this software is compatible with the Edison plugin!

Along with the ability to edit and read audio files, Edison also helps with determining the music key for you!.


Scaler 2

Scaler 2

Scaler 2 is very much similar to Edison by FL Studio, as it is also a plugin with features more than just finding the music key.

PluginBoutique’s Scaler 2 software has a keyboard layout that visualizes notes that go well with the key, allowing you to make chord progressions.


Mixed in Key

mixed in key

Mixed in Key is a plugin that helps DJs and producers detect the key to their music.

This also comes in many versions, each of which have the same features, but the more premium ones having even better features.



There are many music key finders on the internet, be it as plugins, apps, or websites.

Some of these music key finders are not free, but the ones that cost money do come with other great features that will not only help you find the music key, but help with mixing and chord progression as well.


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