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Top 10 Best Guitar Tuner Pedals


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Technology has undeniably changed the way we play instruments – in a good way. Thanks to new tech gadgets and accessories, we can now improve and keep the quality of the sound our instruments produce.

Best Guitar Tuner-Pedals

A guitar tuner pedal is one perfect example of how technology improved our lives as musicians. In the past, artists depended on manual tuning. But we all know how subjective the quality of sound is and so manual tuning is a bit difficult to be considered correct or accurate.

Thankfully today, we have a wide array of reliable guitar tuner pedals that could help our guitars stay in tune better and for longer. Below is a list of our favorite guitar tuner pedals. Hopefully, one of them could prove to be your best companion when it comes to keeping your sound in check.


The Top 10 Best Guitar Tuner Pedals

Boss TU3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal

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A lot of people tend to focus on one thing when purchasing a guitar tuner pedal: accuracy and precision, but there’s actually more to it. If you are looking for a guitar tuner pedal that has everything you need, then look no further.

The Boss TU3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal has all the features any musician would be thankful for, from the LED interface to its various tuning modes

And the best part of it all? This tuner supports both 7-string and 6-string guitars. Both flat tuning and drop tunings up to 6 semitones below standard pitch are also supported.


  • Allows the user to tune by string number
  • Comes with a 21-segment LED meter with brightness control
  • High brightness enhances visibility which can be used outdoors
  • Features an AccuPitch sign function that provides visual verification when the tuning process is complete
  • Supports Flat tuning and Drop tuning


  • Acquisition time could oftentimes be slow
  • Indicator often picks up other vibrations


KLIQ TinyTune Tuner Pedal

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If you are looking for a no-frills guitar tuner pedal that’s also easy on the pockets, the KLIQ TinyTune Tuner Pedal has your back. At a very humble price, this tuner is fast and accurate. Who says you have to spend top dollar to get speedy and precise tuning?

The TinyTune also mutes the input signal whenever you’re tuning, and directly routes the signal to output when you’re not. This guarantees zero noise, no random hums or pops, and no tone coloring.

But what I love most about this tuner is its interface. It comes in full-color and is super easy to read and use. In my opinion, it may as well be the best guitar tuner pedal for any beginner.


  • An affordable high-quality guitar tuner pedal
  • Fast and accurate
  • The color display is large and clear
  • Making it easy to read and understand
  • Guarantees zero noise


  • Interface not bright enough for outdoor use


Donner Dt-1 Chromatic Guitar Tuner Pedal

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The Donner Dt-1 is a super affordable chromatic guitar tuner pedal that gets the job done at the end of the day. It has a classic and simple design – an LED indicator that shows working state and an LCD screen that displays results clearly.

A chromatic tuner is suitable for wide range tuning, and the Donner Dt-1 definitely delivers. Its tuning range is from A0 (27.4Hz) to C8 (4186Hz) I would also recommend this for anyone who is under a budget but would also like to get results fast.


  • An easy-to-understand guitar tuner pedal that delivers fast results
  • Tunes best with a standard guitar but also works wonderfully with most bass guitars as well


  • Accuracy may be faulty at times for some strings


Monoprice 611220 Chromatic Pedal Tuner

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If you’re all about super fast and easy tuners and you don’t care too much about fancy features, the Monoprice 611220 Chromatic Pedal Tuner your go-to choice. Priced at a very affordable rate, this tuner has two 1/4” TS outputs, Normal and Bypass. Both work hand in hand to get accurate tuning results.

Personally, I really like how big and bright the display is. Sometimes, all you need is something simple that will tell you everything you need at a glance, and this handy tuner knows exactly how to do just that.


  • A heavy-duty tuner pedal with a metal construction and activation button
  • Delivers results fast and easy with a bright and bold easy-to-read display
  • All the basics covered at a very affordable price
  • Never run out with power ever again
  • This tuner can be used with a 9V battery or a 9VDC power adapter


  • Slight noise can be heard
  • Often shows indecisive results


GUITARX X9 – Guitar Tuner Pedal Mini

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Some guitar tuner pedals have too many distracting details on its display. While it’s great to have access to different types of information, it can be very overwhelming for most beginners. To remedy this, you need a guitar tuner pedal that displays what is important like the GUITARX X9.

Like many other guitar tuner pedals, this option has robust features that could help you get fast and accurate results. Forget annoying noise too, this little helper knows how to keep things quiet.

What I love most about this tuner pedal are its body and interface. At only 0.8 ounces, the GUITARX X9 does not put on a lot of weight. Plus, its big and bold screen displays information so clearly, you don’t need to look twice.


  • A super lightweight guitar tuner pedal that’s not heavy on the wallet either
  • Features a super clear display
  • Only see what you need to see with how smart and easy information is presented


  • May have inconsistencies and issues picking up and registering some strings


Tom’sline Engineering Pedal Tuner

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If you’re looking for a guitar tuner pedal that will adjust to your needs, the Tom’sline Engineering Pedal Tuner is your best bet.

First, it has a high-definition 4 color screen that allows users to see its display no matter how bright or dark your environment may be. This guitar tuner pedal also comes with a smart chip inside for accurate and fast tuning under any ambient noise.

I like how the Tom’sline Engineering Pedal Tuner can easily change pitch and half flats. And the fact that this can also be used as a mute pedal makes this one of the most user-friendly guitar tuner pedals for me.


  • Comes in a mini size that could help you save more room on your pedal board
  • Easily visible no matter how complicated lighting may be in your current location
  • Features advanced technology that assures accurate and precise tuning


  • It may be too sensitive making the tuning process a bit cumbersome


Boss TU-3S Chromatic Tuner Pedal

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If you’re looking for a guitar tuner pedal that comes with a complete package, the BOSS TU-3S is a great contender. It has everything that the BOSS TU-3 has but in a more compact size.

Just like other BOSS tuners, this one also has an impressive bright display. And it also supports tuning in chromatic, guitar, bass modes for 6 and 7-string guitars.


  • A well-built and robust guitar tuner pedal that has all of the features you would need and more
  • Fast and accurate without taking up a lot of space on your pedal board


  • One of the pricier options on this list


TC Electronic Polytune 2 Pedal Tuner

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If you like a clean and simple looking pedal tuner, then TC Electronic Polytune 2 might be kind of thing you’re looking for. Personally, I love how bright and vibrant the display is.

We all know how complicated lighting may be especially when you’re on stage. Having a super bright display can help you see the results you want no matter where you are.

This tuner also has 3 tuning modes: polyphonic, chromatic, and ultra-precise strobe – perfect for all of your tuning needs.


  • Small footprint
  • Lightweight
  • Does not take too much space
  • Perfect for the traveling musician
  • Bright Retina display for easy and distraction-free viewing


  • Makes a distracting noise when switched on/off
  • Mutes the sound to the amp when turned on


Korg Pitchblack Chromatic Tuner

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Here’s a guitar tuner pedal that guarantees to keep your tone intact with its 100% True Bypass. When it comes to tuning, staying intact means better accuracy and precision. That said, the Korg Pitchblack was built to deliver the best tuning results.

The Korg Pitchblack Chromatic Tuner may not look like much on the outside, but its die-cast aluminum housing is durable and provides more contrast and improved visibility. Its easy-to-read display also comes in four modes: Meter, Full, Strobe, Half Strobe, and Mirror – all the information you need in a comfortable display.


  • Flawless tuning accuracy and precision with a 100% True Bypass
  • Works well with a variety of guitars both electric and acoustic-electric
  • Perfect for amps that do not have mute switches for tuning


  • Makes a popping noise when switching on or off


GOGO Tuners The GOGO Pedal Tuner

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If you want a guitar tuner pedal that is both highly-functional and super durable, then the GOGO Pedal Tuner is for you. This tuner is built with a metal chassis and a durable stomp knob – perfect for those with a heavy foot. Its super sturdy material also means that it is built to last.

No matter how often you use this pedal, you know that you have a companion that will last with you throughout all the wear and tear.

But the body isn’t the only good part of this tuner pedal. The GOGO also comes with a True Bypass and can also deliver super accurate results. In short, it is is an overall great no-frills chromatic tuner. You can also easily daisy-chain this tuner with other pedals as well.


  • Super durable
  • Robust
  • And delivers accurate results with a True Bypass
  • Daisy-chain with other pedals easily


  • One of the more expensive guitar tuner pedals on this list


How To Choose The Best Guitar Tuner Pedal

The quality of sound doesn’t just depend on the built or make of the guitar, or the skills of the guitarist. Sometimes, tuning is all there is to blame. A guitar tuner pedal can provide an easy fix.

But not all guitar tuner pedals are made the same. If you want to keep the quality of your sound, it is important to choose a reliable tuner that provides the most accurate results.

The sad part is, shopping for a guitar tuner pedal may be overwhelming – especially for the clueless beginner. Visit any store with guitar tuner pedals and you’ll be greeted with a lot of tech terms like tuning ranges, modes, and even names of cables and cords. But actually, there are only a few factors that you need to take note of.

Best Guitar Tuner Pedal

First, you need a tuner with a straightforward and easy-to-read display. Not only does it have to display information that is clear and understandable, but it should also be visible no matter what lighting condition you are in.

The next important factor you need to consider is the tuner’s sensitivity and responsiveness. It should be easy for the tuner to pick up and register strings, and if it has a True Bypass, the better. Having a True Bypass means that the tuner is stable with fewer chances of showing indecisive results.

Speaking of strings, also make sure that your tuner of choice supports your guitar. Though most guitar tuner pedals accommodate 6-7 string guitars, it is best to play it safe and do your research before purchasing.

Lastly, many people tend to worry too much about accuracy and precision. Most high-quality tuners promise to deliver results you need, otherwise, they would not pass a highly-acclaimed tuner. As a beginner, I would suggest not to worry or dig deeper into the tech of things.

As long as it works for your guitar, it should already suffice.


Our Selection

Choosing the best of the best guitar tuner pedals was harder than what we had imagined. This roundup consists of many unique and promising tuners but in the end, we still had to choose one.

For this roundup, the BOSS TU3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal is our best bet. It has a build that is well-built and reliable. It has an interface that is friendly to both beginners and veterans, and it also comes with a display that is easy to understand and read.

The BOSS TU3 has definitely ticked off everything on our checklist so that makes it our choice for the best guitar tuner pedal.

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