7 Best Guitar Amplifiers under $100 (2024 Reviews)

Best Guitar Amplifiers under $100

Having the best guitar amplifiers under $100 can make a big difference in your performance or practice.  Build your confidence on stage as a budding guitarist with the right amp on a budget.

Check out our buying guide on what to look for and top picks this year to help you make a good decision later.

7 Best Guitar Amplifiers Under $100 (2024 Reviews)

Behringer Ultracoustic AT108 Amplifier

The Behringer Ultracoustic AT108 is ideal for those on a budget, proving you don’t have to spend much on a quality amp. The acoustic guitar amp offers a rich tone, has enough power, and offers versatility for small venues.

The solid-state amp comes with basic controls for the instrument channels and microphone.   I also liked that it has low, mid, and high 3-band EQ and an easy-to-access power switch.

It also offers a simple yet stylish setup and has a minimal design with brown leatherette covering and black grille cloth.   While it’s not packed with high-end features, it’s still great value for solo performances.

  • Versatile 2-channel instrument amp
  • Offers a tube-like sound for its Virtual Tube Circuitry
  • Struggles with a volume over 50%
  • Has poor fidelity


Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier

Also Great
Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier

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The Fender Frontman 10G is perfect for solo performances and small venues. It’s a 10W amp designed with the basics we need even for private practice.

The one-channel amp has the 1-6″ Fender Special Design Speaker, which delivers sufficient sound volume.  

This model is a multi-purpose amp that can get the job done.  It’s a smaller amp offering good sound for every player. The basic amp also delivers great tones for its price tag.

It is also user-friendly, offering a good control when making adjustments. I also liked it’s designed with a tube-emulated overdrive, which sounds nice.

  • Ideal for beginners on a budget
  • Delivers great tones for its price tag
  • Has a headphone output for silent practices
  • Not as loud as others in the same price range category
  • Has no reverb


Fender Champion 20 Electric Guitar Amplifier

Fender Champion 20 Amplifier
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The solid, portable amplifier has many things to offer, such as delivering a loud sound for its size. I liked that the sound it delivers is clear and crisp. It also offers versatility for the different amp voices suiting all playing styles.

You’ll also appreciate that each voice effectively emulates the style and sound of expensive amps. I’d also like to note that it offers independent controls, allowing easy control of every sound level.

Another thing that makes this a good pick is the integrated effects surprisingly included in the compact amp. It also includes an AUX-in for plugging an MP3 player or an auxiliary sound source.

  • User-friendly beginner amp
  • Sheer volume tones included
  • Limits combinations for its simple effects controls
  • Not the best looking amp in the price range


Fender Acoustasonic 15 – 15 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Fender Acoustasonic 15

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If you’re looking for a basic acoustic guitar amp for basic purposes, you should take a look at the Fender Acoustasonic 15.  It’s a good amplifier that serves well for that purpose.

It’s ready to use out of the box. You just have to plug it, connect your guitar and turn it on.

I also liked its cool and simple design, allowing adjustments to the volume and equalizer from the control panel.

In addition, this budget-friendly amp also comes with a separate channel for a microphone for distinct and good vocals.

Regarding its sound, it works well for acoustic sessions for its well-defined and clear tones. It also comes with an equalizer, allowing for better sound control.

  • User-friendly controls and adjustments
  • Added control for its equalizer
  • Won’t fill a concert hall
  • Not for the veteran acoustic guitar player


Donner Electric Guitar Amplifier 10 Watt Classical Guitar AMP DEA-1

Donner Electric AMP DEA-1

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If you’re a beginner not yet ready to spend much on your first guitar amp, you might want to take a look at the basic and user-friendly Donner Electric Guitar Amplifier.

While it’s affordable, the DEA 1 offers explosive tones and intuitive controls.  With it, you can control the gain based on how you’re driving it with your instrument.

It also comes with bass, middle or treble controls, helping you shape your guitar tone’s volume level. I also noticed that it comes with a booster switch, offering us with clean and boosted overdrive.

The compact amp boasts a portable speaker, which is easy to transport wherever you’re playing.

  • Perfect for karaoke
  • Street performance and practice
  • Intuitive and easy to access controls
  • Not for large venues
  • Too basic for professional guitar players


EMB Pro Mini Guitar Amplifier Speaker with Built-in 300W Amplifier

EMB Pro Mini Guitar Amplifier

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Using the right equipment as you’ve just started with guitar playing is essential to get more of your session, whether jamming with friends or performing. Check out the EMB Pro Mini!

One of the things I liked about this amp is that it’s lightweight and portable to bring anywhere we need to practice or jam along with friends. I also liked it is ideal for playing in any room.

While we cannot expect advanced features for its price, we can still expect a nicely sounding amp for our performance or practice. The amp is built with basic knobs for volume, tremble, gain or bass.

  • Extra portable for its small size
  • Straightforward and comes with all the basics needed
  • Definitely not for large concert halls and venues
  • Not ideal for advanced players


Blackstar Combo Amplifier (FLY3)

Blackstar Combo Amplifier (FLY3)

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The FLY 3 Mini Guitar Amp is a battery-powered amp for beginners and performers looking for a portable and lightweight musical device.   While it’s small, it is able to combine two channels for more options.

I also noticed that the portable guitar amp for its price offers the Infinite Shape Feature that makes its compact design.  While it’s small, it is big time in tone even whet set at low volumes.

With the ISF feature, we can also modify the sound of the amp, offering us with infinite possibilities regarding the amp’s tone.

I also liked that the Fly 3 comes with delay effects that make it easy to resonate the amp output when playing.

  • Comes with the patented ISF
  • Allows listening to music or jamming along for mp3/line input
  • Can sound unnatural
  • Struggles at high volumes


What to Know About the Best Guitar Amplifiers Under $100

Below are some things you need to know about guitar amplifiers to help you gain an insight on which to pick later.

Should you go for a solid-state, digital or tube amplifier?

Guitarworld.com reveals that tube amps are still considered high-tech in some countries, but then the times are changing.  

Digital and solid state amplifiers can also offer great tones but at a more affordable price than the tube amp is.   They also require less maintenance, so less headache for you.

Best Guitar Amplifiers under $100

But then, tube amps are still regarded by many professional players.

At the end of the day, you should pick based on the tone and style you want to produce regardless if what you’re buying is a digital, solid-state or tube amp.

What’s your music style?

Spinditty.com  says that most amps offer two channels – an overdrive and a clean. Remember that the color and saturation of an overdrive channel varies from amp to amp.  

In that case, deciding on the amplifier that’s good for you depends on the kind of music you intend to play.

So if you’re into soft rock, for instance,   find amps that can produce a soft overdrive and a clean sound. But if you play extreme music, choose a model that offers a high-gain overdrive.

Hope you gained an idea on guitar amplifiers. Finally, pick one that can deliver the tones you need based on the music style you have.

Video: Tips in using a guitar amplifier



The Behringer Ultracoustic AT108 is the clear winner in today’s reviews because it is a versatile amp with two channels, an extra microphone output and a tube-like sound.

It’s a sure value for the money for its straightforward use and basic functions that suits every beginner looking to invest on their first guitar amplifier.

Buy it today!


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