10 Best Fender Acoustic Guitars of 2024 (Reviews)


The Fender Musical Instruments Corporation was established by Leo Fender in 1946 in California and has been the forefront and player in the guitar business.

Their guitars are among the best out there and one of the most coveted, especially the Fender Stratocaster and the newer addition to their arsenal — the newer Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster.

With that, here is a list of some of the best acoustic guitars that Fender has to offer.

10 Best Fender Acoustic Guitar

Fender CD60s 

We Recommend
Fender CD-60S Acoustic Guitar – Dreadnaught Body

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Here is a great starter guitar for beginners looking to get into playing the instrument — the Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar. 

This acoustic guitar will give a beginner all it needs to learn the instrument from a gorgeous wood finish, a comfortable body made for hours of playing, and excellent full and loud volume sound. 

This workhorse of an acoustic guitar is made of a solid spruce top, a side and back of mahogany housing a walnut fingerboard with rolled edges for easy finger transitions of finger whether you are playing or barre chords or practicing your finger styling. 

All this wood combination adds to the overall appeal of the sound of this guitar, bringing you a louder resonance with warm and crisp sounds. 

You can efficiently utilize this guitar, whether you are alone practicing at home or in an ensemble, as this guitar’s dreadnought aspect with the broader body will give it more volume and more sound projection and thus also making this guitar perfect for any genre, including country, blues, rock and many more. 

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate player looking for a trusty acoustic guitar, this might be it for you. 


  • exceptional tone and resonance
  • easy and comfortable to play 
  • a versatile guitar that can cover many genres
  • smooth fretboard, thus making it easy and feels fantastic to play 
  • won’t be washed out by other instruments when played in a band 


  • pricier beginner guitar


Fender Acoustasonic

Here is an American-made acoustic guitar from Fender that packs a punch and will offer you fantastic playability that will be perfect for the professional working musician— the Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster in the handsome Matte Black finish. 

This beautiful guitar is cutting edge in its own right, considering that it is an acoustic-electric guitar, and it is also reasonably new to Fender, seeing as they only began producing American-made acoustic guitar again in 2019 after almost fifty years of outsourcing the work overseas. 

The Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster is the perfect guitar to haul from the concert arena to the other and even on recording studios with its hollow acoustic body that would play fantastic whether during practice or on stage. 

The inclusion of a great noiseless magnetic pickup is also commendable, as this would ensure that your playing will be hum-free even when the guitar is plugged into an amplifier. 

The build with the mahogany neck and body also adds to the warmness of the tone this guitar puts out. 

Indeed a fantastic high-end guitar that would delight every level of guitar users. 


  • American-made guitar 
  • Stringed Instrument Resonance System
  • Noiseless Magnetic Pickup
  • various acoustic and electric voices
  • all-mahogany guitar that gives off warmth and incredible resonance 


  • extremely expensive although justified


Fender 140SCE 

Fender CD-140SCE

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Here is another workhorse Fender guitar with that coveted and classic dreadnought body shape, a midpriced guitar that packs a lot of punch; this is the Fender CD-140SCE. 

This acoustic guitar will be a complex-sounding, but great guitar for beginners and could be a fantastic stage acoustic guitar for advanced and working musicians. 

The Fender CD-140SCE is made of solid spruce top and an ovangkol back, and sides; this combination of woods give off tones that are full for a midrange with a high-end tone and solid low end. 

The mahogany neck has a rosewood fingerboard that is smooth, playable, and responsive, making finger transition and playing chords offhand. 

This acoustic guitar features a Fishman pickup and preamp system that controls your instrument effortlessly without compromising tone and resonance.

There are mid, bass, and treble controls so you can control your ideal sound.  

There is also a tuner that would make tuning your instrument more manageable than ever, whether you’ll be using this guitar at home or on stage. 

This guitar also features a cutaway to its body near the neck, making higher notes accessible for you. 

You will definitely adore playing this Fender guitar. 


  • excellent clear and big sounds
  • incredible comfort and easy playability
  • built-in tuners that are easy to use
  • superb wood tones brought about by wood combinations
  • includes a hard case in the purchase


  • higher price although justified


Fender Newporter Special 

Fender Newporter Special

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For Fender’s Newporter guitar body fans, the Fender Newporter Special Acoustic-Electric Guitar is for you in the sleek matte black finish. 

This guitar will be the perfect companion for an intermediate guitar player looking for a workhorse as it offers playability, great sounds, and excellent looks all in one acoustic guitar. 

The medium-sized Newporter is made with a Sitka Spruce top and mahogany sides and back that gives off a unique character to the guitar’s overall tone. 

The sound in this Newporter acoustic guitar is one to beat; you don’t need to spend a fortune on a guitar that will give you this kind of sound that the Newporter will provide you: clear, powerful. 

Warm sounds are brought about in part with the combination of the wood used to craft this guitar. 

Like any other electric or acoustic guitar in Fender’s line, this guitar will give you excellent playability thanks to its cutaway body that will make it easier to reach higher notes. 

With the Fishman pickup system included in this guitar, switching from your preferred tone and volume will be easy and accessible whether your jamming with your buddies at home or belting out tunes on the stage. 

The Newporter will genuinely give everything to you at its mid-price point. 


  • It lets you customize guitar ‘voice’ with the Fishman system
  • 25.6 inches scale length
  • slim C-profile for comfortable playing
  • thin neck profile for effortless finger transitions
  • amazing guitar sound


  • comes in a gig back 


Fender Redondo Player 

Fender Redondo Player Acoustic Guitar - Natural

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Here is a sleek and excellent-looking ax with a Vintage Sunburst finish, the Fender Redondo Player Acoustic-Electric Guitar. 

This acoustic guitar features the dreadnought body, so you are guaranteed to get a great, strong tone and volume with this guitar as you play it. 

The Fender Redondo features a top made of solid Sitka spruce with a two-toned color, a back, and sides made of mahogany that contributes to the guitar’s tone, whether low, mid, or high ranges. 

The mahogany neck with the walnut fingerboard is comfortable to play and has a high response that would make your tune sound crisp and clear whether you are doing barre chords and strumming or finger styling. 

This dreadnought body guitar also has a cutaway slope in its body to be able for your to play higher notes without much difficulty. 

This guitar also comes with the Fishman pickup and preamp system that will ease you in transitioning from one tone to the next and make you easily adjust the volume of your guitar.

This feature will also make tuning your guitar less of a chore with the addition of a digital tuner. 

The Fender Redondo in the sunburst finish will definitely not disappoint you. 


  • excellent looking guitar with vintage finish 
  • superb, full-bodied tone and resonance
  • handy digital tuners included
  • clear sounding even when amplified 
  • added appointments that add to the looks and overall tone of the guitar


  • pricey for a beginner guitar


Fender FA-15

Fender FA-15 Acoustic Guitar

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Here is another Fender acoustic guitar that will be great for the beginner looking for a first guitar but also will benefit the more seasoned player if they are on the lookout for an acoustic guitar that would do all the work and more then the Fender FA-15 3/4 Scale Steel Acoustic Guitar is for you. 

This 3/4 sized guitar is perfect for any age of players. 

It is made of a laminated Agathis wood top with Sapele backs and sides; all these woods add to this guitar’s overall tone and resonance, giving you warm and full sounds that you came to love with every Fender. 

The comfortable neck is all Nato with a three by three headstock and a walnut bridge that will give you that traditional-looking acoustic guitar aesthetics. 

All in all, the Fender FA-15 is truly a bang for your buck. 


  • budget-friendly for all guitar players
  • travel-friendly acoustic guitar
  • fantastic playability and comfort in playing 
  • great tones and sound resonance considering the size 
  • great beginner acoustic guitar


  • no cutaway shape meaning that higher frets are harder to reach 


Fender 115 

Fender FA-115 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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The Fender FA-115 is for the people looking to milk value in the money they pay for this acoustic guitar. 

This package will bring you not just a fantastic guitar, but it will come along with a gig bag, guitar picks for your playing, a guitar strap, a spare pack of guitar strings, plus a subscription to Fender Play for 90 days. 

This subscription to Fender Play will give you access to many online lessons for beginners to start learning if they choose to learn independently. 

This bundle will give you tremendous savings, especially if you have a lower budget. 

This guitar features a spruce top that is regarded for its sturdiness, the brightness in its tones, and the sound range it will offer your guitar playing whether you play the lead or are more partial to delicate fingerpicking. 

The Fender FA-115 also comes in the famed dreadnought shape that boosts the tone and volume more than any other acoustic guitar body shape. 

This package is definitely worth what you pay it for and more. 


  • value in a bundle 
  • excellent guitar even without the accessories included
  • high-quality free accessories
  • superb guitar tone and resonance 
  • comfortable guitar build


  • no cutaway for easy higher noters access


Fender Malibu Player 

Fender Malibu Player - California Series Acoustic Guitar

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Here is a versatile guitar that sounds excellent and, at the same, looks unique with its all-white body, and that is the Fender Malibu Player in the fantastic Arctic Gold finish. 

This acoustic guitar that could also turn electric because of its helpful ports will feel amazing whether you are a guitar ingenue or already a country star princess looking to add to your arsenal for every tour and gig. 

The Fender Malibu Player has a solid Sitka spruce top and a back made of mahogany, a combination of wood that would improve the acoustic guitar’s overall tone and volume. 

Suppose you are a guitar player partial to amplifiers or are looking to incorporate one as you progress with your practice. 

In that case, this acoustic guitar will be perfect because of the inclusion of a Fishman preamp that would give you all the options in control tones to enhance your practice or your overall tone. 

The sound in this guitar is bright and crisp, which embodies that Southern California sound that will make you feel like the missing member of Fleetwood Mac!

Kidding aside, this beautiful guitar will surely not disappoint with its easy playability and stunning sound. 


  • amazing guitar looks
  • straightforward and comfortable playability 
  • Fishman pickup and preamp system to plug into amplifiers
  • stunning Stratocaster-style 6-on-the-side headstock
  • smooth fingerboard feel for easy finger and chord progression


  • styling is not attractive for everyone


Fender Sonoran Mini 

Fender Sonoran Mini, Natural

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Here is a Fender mini guitar that packs a punch in a small package, the Fender Sonoran Mini Acoustic Guitar in our choice of the All Mahogany body and finish. 

This mini acoustic guitar with a 24.1 inches scale length could rival other regular-sized Fender guitars in their overall tone and volume. 

The Fender Sonoran has an all-mahogany body coupled with a nato neck to give your playing a full-bodied and warm tone. 

The walnut fingerboard with the dot inlay is a pleasure to play, and finger transition will surely be a breeze with this smooth guitar fingerboard. 

The compact size for the Fender Sonoran will make this guitar perfect not just for beginners but also for established and professional musicians looking for a smaller guitar that does it all to haul from gig to gig. 

The size is also comfortable, and we’ll be sure that you will not be able to put down this guitar for hours. 

The Fender Sonoran is also unique, with the inclusion of a Stratocaster style six on one side headstock that pays homage to the company’s early roots. 

As they say, amazing things come from small packages, and that is indeed the case with the Fender Sonoran. 


  • compact and travel-friendly build 
  • warm tones that come from the all-mahogany body 
  • great beginner guitar 
  • remarkable Strat-style headstock 
  • stunning guitar looks with the all-mahogany finish 


  • no cutaway in the body, making it harder to reach other notes


Fender Armstrong Hellcat 

Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic Guitar

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Here is a guitar that would be perfect as the next guitar as you transition from a beginner to a more advanced acoustic-electric guitar — the Fender Tume Armstrong Hellcat, in this case, with the Natural colorway. 

This guitar bears the name of Rancid’s leading man Tim Armstrong who turns to his favorite ’60s Fender concert-style acoustic guitar for inspiration. 

This guitar is based on his ’60s guitar with some modern adjustments. 

The Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat is an all-mahogany-bodied guitar with a neck made of maple, and this wood combination would give the owner of the guitar the pleasure of ensuring that their tones and tunes will come out warm and full. 

There are also ultra attractive changes to the guitar’s look with the addition of the Hellcat logo inlays on the 3rd, 5th, and 7th and two skulls inlay in the 12th fret, a black headstock to contrast its all-mahogany body, and a stunning-looking tortoiseshell pickguard, all in all, culminating in a handsome looking acoustic-electric guitar that will surely be the envy of all your peers. 

The warm and rich sounds brought about by the all-mahogany body are further enhanced by this guitar’s concert-sized body with the thinner ‘waist’ of the guitar. 

There is also an inclusion of a Fishman Tim Armstrong preamp that has a handy built-in tuner on the side for easy tuning and for when you want to connect your guitar into an amplifier. 


  • beautiful guitar with all that attention to details
  • amazing sounding concert guitar
  • Fishman preamps are handy and work excellent
  • great neck and fingerboard response
  • high-quality build and construction


  • Needs upgrades for playability fit for concerts 


Why Choose Fender Guitars?

We Recommend
Fender CD-60S Acoustic Guitar – Dreadnaught Body

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If you are either a beginner or already an established musician, then you probably have tried or always wanted an iconic Fender guitar.

There is a reason that they have stayed in business for so long because the name doesn’t just come with history, but there is also the assurance of quality in every ax they put out, whether American or overseas made.


Are Fender guitars good?

As one of the most iconic and well-known guitar brands and manufacturers globally, the longevity could attest that Fender guitars are remarkable.

Some of the appeal comes from the Fender name, who has been making guitar since it was established in 1946; in their defense, the name is synonymous with quality.

Another thing that makes the brand suitable is that the price range of their guitar caters to every budget; there’s a guitar under $200 for beginners and custom ones that go for ten thousand dollars for enthusiasts and rockstars.

One of the guitars Fender pioneered is the Stratocaster; this guitar was a cultural and musical reset since the ergonomic design of this guitar redefined and benchmarked the guitar’s playability.

Since then, many brands have started to design guitars molded in the Fender Stratocaster, but fans of this guitar type still trust the original.

The thinner neck profile that Fender guitars usually have also appealed to both old and new guitar players.

Their acoustic guitars’ low action feature has generally reduced hand fatigue for both beginner and experienced players.

In order to cater to guitar fans wanting a Fender for themselves, price usually comes hand in hand with the quality of their acoustic guitar.

Like other brands, a more expensive acoustic guitar will sound better than that geared towards newer learners, thus far cheaper.

However, the differences with these acoustic guitars are only noticeable to trained and more intermediate ears.

Is a Fender Dreadnought a good guitar?

The Fender Dreadnought is an excellent acoustic guitar.

Dreadnought is generally known to be better for strumming making them ideal for playing in a band as they can hold their own in the cacophony of instruments as they can be louder than average or concert acoustic guitars.

This is the reason why you can often see this acoustic guitar being utilized by rock, blues, and country players because their bigger and broader body has a louder resonate and sound in the end.

Aside from the more prominent projection against other acoustic guitars, the Dreadnought also produces clearer and crisper sounds whether you are playing easier or more complicated chords or finger playing.

Who makes Fender acoustic guitars?

Since 2019, Fender acoustic guitars have been outsourced to be made overseas at a lower price tag for beginner guitar players and intermediate ones.

It has not made any acoustic guitar since the ’70s and the ’60s and just started making them in California.

For some professional working musicians, a standard of quality for an acoustic guitar is where the particular acoustic guitar was made and thus prompting Fender to tap the market and start manufacturing from their origin state.

This is good news for everyone looking for an American-made Fender acoustic guitars, whether you are a beginner acoustic guitar player or a working one looking to upgrade your ax.

What is the most expensive Fender acoustic guitar?

The most expensive Fender acoustic guitars to date are the reasonably new American Acoustasonic Series Telecaster that sells for $2000.

These guitars are made in the Fender US Factory at Corona, California.


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