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10 Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $1000 in 2022 (Reviews)

If you’ve decided to set aside $1000 for a new electronic drum set, you’re one step closer to reaching your dream. Getting the best electronic drum sets under $1000 is very possible with a little help from us. With help, we mean this compilation of 10 popular and affordable products on the market that are used by professionals.

At the budget of around $1000, you should expect to have not just a decent drum set, but playable and versatile. Since we’re talking about electronic drum set, it should be compact, portable, yet durable to withstand heavy beatings. All the products in this list have these qualities and more.

Additionally, at the end of this roundup article is a buying guide to help you assess your choices. When you choose your next drum set, ensure that it’s the one you need and the one that you can play all day, all night.

Top 10 Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $1000 (2022 Reviews)

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit

We Recommend
Alesis Surge Mesh Kit
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We start big with Alesis Surge Mesh Kit. It’s an 8-piece drum set that includes 10-inch dual-zone mesh snare pad, three 8-inch dual-zone mesh tom pads, 8-inch kick tower, and cymbals. All these are securely mounted on a collapsible 4-post chrome mounting rack for easier setup and support.

Aside from the reliable setup, you can also benefit from the Surge drum module with lots of exciting features. You can enjoy 24 preset kits, 16 user kits, 60 play-along tracks, 40 drum lessons, and 385 onboard sounds. Lastly, Alesis also stuffs this electronic drum set with several inputs and outputs for more connectivity.

  • You can easily change the sound of the drums and cymbals
  • Excellent quality of the chrome stand, very reliable
  • Mesh heads have a real response, the sticks bounce off
  • There’s buzzing and clicking from the headphone output
  • Not enough flexibility on the sensitivity of the mesh heads
  • Kick drum isn’t the best


Roland TD-1DMK

Also Great
Roland TD-1DMK Electronic Drum Set
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You can now own a double-mesh head Roland V-drums without spending too much on their Roland TD-1DMK. The snare and tom pads included in this kit have dual-layer and double-trigger mesh for quieter, more responsive and personalized playing experience. The cymbals are like the real thing and the kick pad is ready for double-bass pedals.

This is a 5-piece drum set with 8-inch snare, three 6-inch toms, and a kick pad. It includes 15 latest Roland preset drum kits, 15 play-along tracks, 10 interactive exercises, and more. With 1/8-inch AUX input, you can jam with your favorite music, plus the USB MIDI helps you explore one of your virtual drum libraries.

  • All-mesh pads are very responsive
  • Comes with drum coaching functions
  • Has amazing built quality and it’s very easy to use
  • Mesh heads are smaller, especially the toms
  • Drum rims are not that playable
  • Drum module is limited


Alesis Command Mesh Kit

Alesis Command Mesh Kit
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For you to have more command of your performance and sound, Alesis gives you the Alesis Command Mesh. It’s an 8-piece drum set almost similar to the Alesis Surge, but it has more exciting features onboard. You’ll get double preset kits of around 70 kits and also double the built-in sounds with over 600 samples available.

With the USB connectivity and the sequencer onboard, you can record your sound and connect your MP3 player for additional sounds. The 10-inch dual-mesh snare, 8-inch mesh kick drum, three 10-inch cymbals, and three 8-inch dual-zone tom pads are very responsive. This electronic drum set it the best under $1000 price range.

  • Nice drum module for the money
  • Impressive sounds, and not too loud for home studio
  • Easy to put together, great drum set for recording


Roland TD-1K

Roland TD-1K Electronic Drum Kit
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Roland is one of the most trusted brands of electronic drum sets in the market. With its Roland TD-1K, professionals and aspiring drummers now have the ultimate kit that they can play anytime, anywhere. It’s a compact 4-piece drum set that is lightweight, very easy to move and carry around.

Although it’s an entry-level drum set, it’s still packed with Roland’s finest features including 15 different kits, onboard training functions, metronome, and recorder. Since it’s capable of connecting directly to the computer via USB cable, your possibility as a drummer becomes endless.

  • All pads are very responsive, like in an acoustic drum set
  • Sound samples are very accurate and more natural
  • Easy to learn with, supports young and adult players
  • Pads aren’t flexible enough in terms of their position
  • Doesn’t come with a built-in speaker, you need to buy one if you want to be loud enough
  • Smaller pads, especially if you’re used to an acoustic drum set


Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit

Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit
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Alesis knows the best for every drummer out there. With the very affordable Alesis Nitro Mesh drum set, you’ll get the best under $1000. The electronic drum set is made using Alesis next-generation head drum technology to ensure perfect feel and natural response for organic playing experience. It’s an 8-piece electronic drum set with 8-inch dual-zone snare, three 8-inch mesh toms, and three 10-inch cymbals with custom-designed stands.

This drum set is not just about the wonderful playing experience, but Alesis sees to it that you’ll be flexible and versatile. It comes with exciting 60 built-in play-along tracks and 40 drum lessons from Melodics. Lastly, you’ll also benefit from the sequencer, metronome, and performance recorder onboard.

  • All mesh drum heads are very responsive
  • Setup is easy and straightforward
  • Quieter than acoustic drum set, perfect for late-night sessions
  • Features are limited, especially with the cymbal sounds
  • Bass drum doesn’t have the best quality
  • Snare drum is quite small for some


Yamaha DTX402K

Yamaha Electronic Drum Set, DTX402K (DTX402K)
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Yamaha never settles for less, even on its electronic drum sets. The Yamaha DTX402K is a great drum set with reliable hardware, better-feeling rubber pads, and immersive samples onboard to give you outstanding playing experience. If you aren’t satisfied, the free DTX402 Touch app and Yamaha’s Rec’n’Share app will surely make you drool over this drum set.

All the rubber pads included in this drum set has a quiet design to ensure genuine playability. They are advertised to be more responsive than previous generations and the cymbals can produce realistic choking. Lastly, you’ll enjoy 10 built-in training modules, 10 kits, 10 songs, and 415 drum/percussion sounds.

  • Compact construction and doesn’t take too much space
  • Easy to set up and play out of the box
  • Easy to fold and keep, especially favorable for transport
  • Rubber pads are smaller, just like most electronic drum sets
  • Cymbals are okay, but they don’t give much resonance


Vault ED-10M

Vault ED10M 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads …
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One of the cheapest, yet complete kit with a pre-assembled rack, the Vault ED-10M allows you to play right away. It’s a 5-piece drum set, and probably, one of the best-sounding entry-level drum sets with great features. It’s packed with a bass drum, one 8-inch snare drum, and three 8-inch tom pads.

You can also get more from its Vault module including 20 drum kits, 184 sounds, 50 songs with the “Drum off” option so you can play along. The natural rubber drum pads help you get that feel and response you’ll get from an acoustic drum set. It’s fitted with a headphone out for silent drumming, plus USB to MIDI functions and integrated metronome.

  • All components seem reliable and stable in place
  • The samples and the quality of pads are great
  • Setup was a breeze, you don’t even need a manual
  • Headphone output come loose, you can’t connect well
  • Some issues with the module after around three months of use


Roland TD-17KL

Roland TD-17KL Electronic Drum Set
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When you’re serious about drumming, Roland TD-17KL is also serious about making you one. It’s a 5-piece drum set that helps you perform expressive drumming like you do with acoustic drums and you’ll enjoy all-natural and dynamic sounds it produced. Since all pads are designed to give that realistic response, you’ll get a kick drum with a thud, but has a rubber cover to minimize the noise.

We find the customization options interesting as well as the ability to change the ambiance according to your mood. Yes, it has over 50 premium quality kits with different music scenarios ranging from acoustic, compact, studio, fat rock and more. You can also make your signature sounds with the EQ controls, effects and other options onboard.

  • Very fun to play with realistic sounds
  • Responsive and has a huge sound when connected to a good amp
  • Made of quality materials with different sensor technology that seems ‘wear-resistant’
  • Kick pad might still be loud, especially in apartment settings
  • Small cymbal pads
  • Rubber pads are not the choice of all


Alesis Turbo Mesh

Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit
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If you’re short on budget for a Roland or Yamaha, the Alesis Turbo Mesh electronic drum set still gives you desirable features of more expensive drum sets. It’s a premium 7-piece drum set with 8-inch mesh snare drum, three 8-inch mesh toms, and three 10-inch cymbals. All these mesh heads deliver the most realistic and responsive feel in this price range.

You might have noticed by now that our choice for electronic drums is an Alesis, especially that it’s the fourth Alesis electronic drum set on the list. However, if you can play the Turbo Mesh, you can say that it’s worthy to be among the best drum sets under $1000. This electronic drum kit gives you 100+ expertly curated sounds, 30 built-in play-along tracks, 10 classic and modern drum kits, metronome, AUX in and a drum coach.

  • Very affordable kit with mesh drum heads
  • A decent module, especially for the price
  • Good quality and the setup seems sturdy
  • Limited kits, only 10 onboard
  • Some users feel that the tom pads sound is unrealistic


Roland TD-25KV

Roland TD-25KV-S Electronic Drum Set
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Experience high-end V-drum playability and fun from Roland’s go-to e-drums with the Roland TD-25KV. It’s a professional drum set, which is still within the budget range of those who are eyeing for an electronic drum set. You’ll enjoy your performance through the natural-feel mesh pads and cymbals.

This drum set comes with a 9-inch kick pad, 10-inch mesh snare drum, three 8-inch rack toms, and 10-inch floor tom. All these have the same expressiveness and sound quality as the expensive top-of-the-line Roland V-drums. With the easy-to-use interface, you can easily access just any kits to play rock, jazz, electronic, and more.

  • Very user-friendly with exceptional responsiveness
  • Feel and response of the mesh heads are just great
  • Snare is amazing with nice modeling
  • Not really a complete package as some accessories missing
  • Has limited editing capabilities
  • Lack of extra inputs to expand your setup


What to Consider When Buying an Electronic Drum Set Under $1000

Since you have decided on an electric drum set under $1000, you should be able to sift intelligently through thousands of products in the market. Although we’ve already provided you with 10 best electronic drum sets under $1000, if you want to make your quest, we recommend you consider the following:

best electronic drums under S1000


Some electronic drum sets have a collapsible rack for easier storage and transport. Other drum sets, especially the high-end kits need even larger space than the equivalent acoustic kit. So, before deciding on what to buy, consider the space you can allocate for the drum set. Or, if you intend the drum set for gigs, make sure to check whether the whole drum set is handy for transport.


Brand and Durability

At this price point, you can see electronic drum sets that are well-made and stuffed with exciting add-ons. While, you can trust brands like Alesis, Roland or Yamaha, it’s good to visit a local store to check their products. Since the drum sets at your local store have been played by customers, check their physical condition and see if they stood the use and abuse.


Drum Modules

Electronic drum sets have the brain they call drum module. The drum modules offer tons of exciting features ranging from preset kits, sounds, and more flexibility to handle your sounds. Additionally, drum modules offer more connectivity, like a USB port for you to send MIDI data to your PC and other audio interfaces.

The number of effects and sounds onboard usually depend on the price of the drum set. The more expensive the drum set is, the more features it can have. But the module that you need is not based on how sophisticated it is, but whether it can respond accurately and reproduce your playing dynamics, explained Musician’s Friend.



Do you like the feel of the pads? Do you like the rebound of the drumsticks as you hit the drum heads and cymbals? If your answer to these questions is a Big YES, you are assured of a great electronic drum set. Otherwise, look for something else, which means, you need to physically check and try other electronic drum sets.

You also have to consider the construction, the drum head materials and a lot more. This YouTube video will give you additional information on these things. Finally, check the three electronic drum sets compared here, which differ in drum head materials.


Our Top Pick

We Recommend
Alesis Surge Mesh Kit
We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

Now that we come to the end of this article, our choice for the best electronic drum set under $1000 is no other than the Alesis Surge. We also find Roland TD-17KL to be a candidate, but the price is not beginner-friendly. So, we stick with our number one favorite, the Surge.

This drum set can be described in just three simple words — simple, packed, and versatile. The setup is a breeze with the collapsible chrome mounting rack, like most Alesis drum sets, as well. It’s packed because of the presets, kits, drum lessons, and sample sounds onboard.

Lastly, it’s versatile with all the inputs and outputs available. Although several users say that it doesn’t have the best kick drum and the mesh heads aren’t that flexible, for a beginner, this is a perfect choice. And the best part, you don’t need to spend too much.

Get the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit here


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