5 Best Dynamic Microphones For Recording 2024

best dynamic microphone for recording

Mostly found in clubs, recording studios, and auditoriums, dynamic microphones have been serving us with clear and amazing sound.

Among others, it has served a lot of podcasters, broadcasters, singers, and musicians very well throughout the years.

If you’d like an upgrade on your studio and are looking to purchase one of the best dynamic microphones ever produced, read along this list to find out where to start.

5 Best Dynamic Microphones for Recording (2024 Reviews)

Electro-Voice RE20

We Recommend
Electro-Voice RE20

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If you’re looking for something that’s versatile and can do its job very well, here’s one of the best dynamic microphones in the market. Loved by many broadcasters and sound engineers, the Electro-Voice RE20 will satisfy your needs. Whether it be for recording a podcast or video game streaming, or recording vocals or different music instruments, the RE20 is perfect in every way.

Featuring a variable-D and cardioid build with a 180-degree off-axis, the RE20 is good with pickups, reduces proximity effect, and eliminates ambient noise effortlessly. It also owns a great quality bass roll-off switch. Garnering a number of praises from its users, the RE20 delivers great sound with incredible cleanliness.

Owning blast and wind filters to cover each opening, the Electro-Voice RE20 has a frequency response of about 45Hz-18 kHz. The RE20 also features a 3-pin XLR connection.

  • Most suitable for broadcasting and voice-overs
  • Proven and tested rugged build
  • Features heavy-duty internal shock-mount and pop-filter
  • Its shape demands its own clamp


Shure SM7B

Also great
Shure SM7B Cardioid Microphone

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Coming from a manufacturer that specializes in producing remarkable microphones with only the best quality, Shure comes with its very own model that’s easily loved by a lot of professionals. The Shure SM7B may have a price that’s not-so affordable, it does its job wonderfully and lasts for a long time. Considered as one of the best dynamic microphones, the SM7B offers an amazing sound that will definitely leave a mark.

Providing a crisp and clean sound, the SM7B will give you an easy time during your recording sessions. You don’t have to worry with sound distortions, as the SM7B gives your original sound the accuracy and enhancement it needs. You do not have to worry about the interference you may encounter due to your surroundings because Shure has already taken care of it, with its improved design to reject electromagnetic hums.

The SM7B has high-quality filter that is enough to eliminate heavy breath sounds. Complete with yoke mounting with captive stand nut and an overall rugged construction, the SM7B is ready to fulfill your needs.

  • Wide-range frequency
  • Improved protection against electromagnetic hums
  • Cable connection issues


Shure SM57

Shure SM-57 Microphone

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Another gem from the same manufacturer is the Shure SM57. Widely used to amplify musical instruments’ sounds, the Shure SM57 has the most outstanding features to be considered one of the best dynamic microphones. So, prepare your snare drums, electric and acoustic guitars, because when you purchase the SM57, you know you’re in for a treat.

With its long history of greatness since its first production in 1965, there is no doubt that the SM57 has built a remarkable reputation. From clubs to stadiums and auditoriums, the SM57 is prominently used by a lot of great musicians. Featuring a uniform cardioid pickup pattern and contoured frequency response, the SM57 greatly reduces background noise and produces clarity and cleanliness.

Known to be reliable and sturdy even after heavy use, the Shure SM57 has a rugged construction and continues to handle noise without any distortions.

  • Clean reproduction of sounds
  • Best used for instruments
  • Reduces background noise
  • Less likely to sound good when used for vocals


Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB

Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Microphone

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Audio Technica is not a stranger when it comes to delivering world class microphones, that’s why one of the best dynamic microphones on this list is its very own Audio Technica ATR2100-USB. And yes, as the name suggests it comes with a USB connectivity option, aside from an XLR analog output. Talk about sheer versatility, the ATR2100-USB can be used on your computer for digital recording and in live performances.

Featuring an extended frequency response, the ATR2100-USB works very well for podcasting, home and field recording, and on-stage performances. It also has a built-in headphone jack so you’ll have an easier time controlling your mic output. It owns a cardioid polar pattern which greatly eliminates unnecessary sounds.

  • Best for podcasting, home recording, and voice-overs
  • Comes with USB connectivity option
  • Smooth and clean output
  • Some users attest that it does not last long


Sennheiser E835

Sennheiser E835 Microphone

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Also a popular manufacturing company when it comes to microphones (but not limited to), is the Sennheiser. The Sennheiser E835 is among the best dynamic microphones and a lot of its users will strongly agree. With its sturdy and rugged build, notable features, and versatility, the E835 works perfectly with vocal recordings, on-stage performances, and even worshiping.

Made skillfully for vocal recordings and the like, the E835 will surely capture a clear and detailed sound without unwanted noise. The E835 features a cardioid pickup pattern and noise and feedback rejection, which gives superior audio quality. Like most dynamic microphones, the E835 has noise isolation and high SPL, which gives a dominant sound presence boost.

  • Specializes in vocal recording
  • No delay or distortion
  • Powerful sound boost
  • Has little bass


Factors To Consider When Buying a Dynamic Microphone

In technical terms, a dynamic microphone is a kind of microphone that converts sound impulses from the diaphragm into electrical energy using a magnetic field.

This diaphragm, which is made of plastic or Mylar, is located in front of a voice coil in between two magnets. The diaphragm moves with the sounds, which makes the voice coil move, too.

This dynamic between the diaphragm and the voice coil, ultimately, makes an electric energy. Dynamic microphones are built ruggedly and can withstand moisture, high sound levels without distorting, and the effects of long-term usage.

These abilities along with producing a very good sound quality, makes dynamic microphones the go-to in most live on-stage performances, rock clubs, and even broadcasting networks.

So, if you want to buy the best dynamic microphone, there are factors to consider first. It is important to know all of these so you won’t feel lost and confused.

best dynamic microphone reviews


You have a wide range of dynamic microphones, so you have plenty to choose from. Unfortunately, because of the number of choices, it’s easy to feel confused. So, the first thing to establish the moment you want to buy a dynamic microphone is to set a budget.

Microphones ranging from $100-$1000 already possess a decent and professional quality. You would typically expect the best dynamic microphones in this price range as models having these prices have great quality, distinct features, and reliable materials.

Obviously, dynamic microphones having a price range lower than $50 might not have the same quality as a high-end. So, if you want to snag one of the best dynamic microphones in the market, you might want to save up as the best ones might come in a hefty price tag.


Aside from your budget, think of the purpose of your future purchase, Will you use it for recording? Are you buying a dynamic mic for performing? Or both? Or are you buying one to use for broadcasting? Whatever your intended purpose is, there’s an appropriate mic for that.

But because we’re talking about the wide range of dynamic mics in the market, there are a lot of mics that are versatile, which saves a lot of money. Find the best dynamic microphone that can deliver your needs.

Durability and Flexibility

As you know, dynamic mics go through a lot. They are handheld mics so there will come a time when it slips through your hands and drop it oftentimes. And because of its versatile and convenient design, they can serve various purposes.

best dynamic mics for recording

So, along with the mic’s durability, its flexibility should also be considered.

The best dynamic microphones should be able to handle any kind of situation and remain sturdy. They should also be able to pick up a wide range of frequencies and a high sound pressure level


The most common connectivity types of dynamic microphones nowadays come as XLR connections. An XLR connection is more commonly utilized because of its ability to deliver a balanced signal means that the final audio signal will have less undesirable noise from outside electrical interference.

However, as manufacturers adapt to new technology, some mics use USB connections.

Our choice

We Recommend
Electro-Voice RE20

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

To satisfy your audio and sonic needs, expect that the Electro-Voice RE20 will tick all the right boxes. The RE20 is our choice when talking about best dynamic microphones, and it should be yours, too. With its high-quality construction and top-notch features, the RE20 really does its job excellently.

Its users rave that the RE20 is built for broadcasting as it has a very nice solid proximity effect. However, some are not a fan of its shape as it demands its own clamp, so you’d have to buy your own.


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