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10 Best Drum Set for Kids in 2021 (Top Drum Kit Reviews)


If you’re a parent or a drum instructor looking for the best drum set for kids, you’ve come to the right place. Like you, we have been in situations where we need to find just the right drum set on the market.

That’s why we decided to make this list to help you find what you’re looking for easily.

With the rise of different brands and the emergence of several online and local music stores, it’s hard to just shop and pick anything.

You really need thorough consideration. But, you can now skip that since we had gone through the hassle to give you a list.

So, why don’t you enjoy your stay and have a look at these 10 best drum sets you can choose from for your kids?

Here are the best kids & junior drum set in 2021

Gammon Junior Starter Drum Set

Gammon Junior Starter Drum Kit
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There’s nothing we want more in drums than real wood drum shells. And, yes, the Gammon Junior Starter Drum Set is just what we’re looking for. Made of real wood drum shells this is a five-piece drum set with 16-inch bass drum, tom drums, and snare drum. The high-gloss finish and the chrome rims of the drums make us think (for a while) that it’s an expensive drum set.

Gammon Percussion, as a company that specializes in drums, makes top-on-the-line drum sets at an affordable price. Gammon offers a complete set in this Junior Starter Set, so you don’t need to buy anything — cymbals, stands, sticks, all are included. Just as how we enjoy playing some beats in this set, we know your kid will get the enjoyment of playing it even for countless hours.

  • Drums are decent-sounding
  • Durable hardware, very reliable especially with kids playing the drums
  • Sturdy construction and can take on heavy beatings
  • Cymbals included aren’t the best
  • Of course, you can’t get good sounds from the cymbals unless you change them


Ludwig Junior Drum Kit

Ludwig Junior Drum Kit, Black
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Ludwig is among the most celebrated names when it comes to brands. And, we can’t just shop for a drum set without checking what Ludwig can offer in the category of the best drum sets for junior/kids. Hence, we found another five-piece drum set, the Ludwig Junior Drum Set, that is to compete for our best bet.

It’s also an excellent drummer set, where you can enjoy incredible sound. The hardware in this set is fantastic, which is best to support all the drum setup, including the 16-inch bass drum, 8-inch and 10-inch mounted toms, a floor tom, and snare. With more tension rods and lugs tuning the drum heads is a breeze.

  • Drums are of good quality
  • Has more tension rods and lugs for flexibility and tuning accuracy
  • Bass drum offers fuller sound
  • Poor cymbals, a major issue for beginner drum sets
  • More expensive than its competitors


GP Percussion Junior

GP Percussion Junior Drum Set
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Getting a 3-piece drum set isn’t bad. For us, it’s a good choice for younger kids to learn a bit faster and easier, though some kids may find it lacking. Anyway, we find the GP Percussion Junior Drum Set to be awesome and a good set with 10-inch bass drum, a rack-mounted tom, and a snare drum.

Not just that, it’s a complete package, meaning, you don’t need to buy anything to get started. Your child age three to 10 years old, will surely love this set because it’s just a simple setup. But, if you don’t like a 3-piece GP, check out their 5-piece drum set.

  • Solid construction for the drums and hardware
  • Compact size and good for small kids
  • Sound is pretty decent
  • No floor tom drum
  • Set up is not as simple as you think
  • A 3-piece drum set might be lacking for some


Mendini Junior Drum Set

Mendini Junior Drum Set
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Kids are easily attracted to a particular color of their toys or even the drums. So, we purposefully included the Mendini Junior Drum Set so your kids can choose the set of his favorite color — Blue, Black, Green, Silver, Wine Red, and Bright Red. Of course, it’s not only about the color, but, Mendini is also a great name when it comes to drums.

Recommended for children 2. 5ft to 5ft tall, this is a 5-piece drum set with 16-inch bass drum, 8-inch and 10-inch toms, 12-inch floor tom and 10-inch matching snare. This is a complete and fully functional drum set, great for young drummers. With the adjustable throne, we find this drum set to offer a realistic experience and feel for your child.

  • Throne is adjustable for streamlined drumming experience
  • Complete drum set which is perfect for small drummers
  • Surprisingly good sound coming from this set
  • Construction isn’t that sturdy, especially for kids
  • Has four tuning lugs only, instead of six


Pearl Roadshow Junior

Pearl Roadshow Junior
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The best-selling Pearl Roadshow Junior has a toned-down and smaller version for kids and we want to check it out. Of course, given that the Pearl Roadshow Junior is an amazing full-sized drum set, we wonder if the smaller kit for being the best drum set for junior/kids. This drum set has 16-inch bass drum, 13-inch floor tom, 10-inch, and 8-inch toms and 12-inch snare.

Drums are made of lightweight 6-ply Poplar shells, hand-cut at 45-degree bearing edges to achieve a contoured and more modern tone. The drums, hi-hat, and cymbals have strong and well-balanced tripod hardware for better support. Stands are height- and angle-adjustable to give your kids more comfort while playing.

  • A complete set perfect for kids 10 years old and younger
  • Made of great material and solid construction
  • Adjustable stand for kids to play with ease
  • Kind of difficult to set up without an instruction’s manual
  • Could be challenging to tune for starters


Questlove Pocket Kit

Ludwig Questlove Drum Kit
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Kudos to Ludwig for creating a 4-piece drum set so kids can enjoy full-scale playing experience. The Questlove Pocket Kit is durable and made with hardwood shells. And, we trust that no matter how hard your kids bang the drums, it’ll be tough to take all that, so your kids can learn.

This compact drum set is capable to deliver a nice classic drum beats and retro looks. It has a kick-mounted boom arm so you don’t need a bigger space for this drum set. You’re not going to believe how the 16-inch bass drum, 10-inch tom, 13-inch floor tom, and 12-snare can bring joy to your kids.

  • Has a good sound for its price
  • A compact drum set for space-limited studio or room
  • All drums are made with quality
  • Drum heads could be better if you’ll upgrade them
  • Stock cymbals need replacement


PDP Player 5-Piece Junior Drum Set

Pacific Drums Junior 5-Piece Drum Set
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Though it’s the most expensive on the list, we find PDP Player 5-Piece Junior Drum Set it a perfect gear for junior/kids. Best drum sets should have a childproof quality build and good sound — some characters you can easily extract from this junior drum kit. It has a bigger bass drum, 18-inch, which delivers a more mature tone, perfect for the big boys.

PDP is a subsidiary of Drum Workshop (DW), a drum manufacturer close to the heart of drummers, including us. Aspiring young drummers won’t be disappointed with the sound output coming from this 5-piece drum set. Your kids will surely enjoy beating and banging these drums and cymbals.

  • Good hardware and durable setup
  • Sound quality of the drums is awesome
  • Can take on inappropriate beatings from your kids
  • Bearing edges were a bit chipped and dented
  • Kind of difficult to tune to heads
  • Cymbals seem cheap but are good for kids


Sound Percussion Labs Lil Kicker

Sound Percussion Labs Lil Kicker
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Another 3-piece drum set that we think could be a consideration for your kids is the Sound Percussion Labs Lil Kicker. A really compact set with 16-inch bass drum, 8-inch floor tom, and 10-inch snare drum. It may seem lacking, though (of components), but it gives junior drummers sturdy drums made of real multi-ply wood shells.

Aside from the durable construction, this drum set is also one of the easiest sets to play. We particularly like the fully tunable and replaceable drum heads (both for top and bottom) so we can personalize it. Designed for kids age three to around seven years, Lil Kicker comes with everything needed to play drums.

  • Compact setup and solid construction
  • Made of real plywood shells like its adult packs
  • Fully replaceable and easily adjustable drum heads
  • The set is way too small for bigger drummers
  • Not all want a 3-piece drum set


Music Alley Kids Beginners Drum Kit

Music Alley 3 Piece Kids Drum Set
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If you think the SPL Lil Kicker is compact, the Music Alley Kids Beginners Drum Kit is way more compressed and space-efficient. It’s still a 3-piece drum kit designed for kids age four to seven years old. Drums are constructed from real wood with chrome hardware, so you are assured of its quality.

Since the setup is pretty compressed, you’ll get a 14-inch bass drum, a pair of 8-inch hanging tom-tom drums and a 10-inch cymbal. The bass drum gives enough kick for deep rhythmic beats, while the toms give an extra bang. There’s an adjustable cushioned chair that gives extra comfort to your young prodigy.

  • Very compressed setup and easy configuration
  • Comes with a powerful bass drum and good toms
  • Build is excellent, as they are made with real wood
  • Doesn’t come with a snare drum, only two toms
  • Good for up to seven years old only


Best Choice Products Kids Beginner Drum Set

Best Choice Products Kids Drum Set
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It’s okay if you’re looking for a good, yet affordable drum set. And, the Best Choice Products Kids Beginners Drum Set might just be the right one for you. This is a 3-piece drum kit that features a child-friendly 12.5-inch bass drum, 8.5-inch, and 10.5-inch hanging toms and an 8-inch cymbal.

Configured in a very compact manner, this small drum kit is ideal for 3+ years old. Aside from space-efficiency, this setup also helps your child develop eye-hand coordination and motor skills at a very young age. The drums are still made of real wood, plus chrome-plated hardware, so they are durable for years.

  • Small kit with a compact setup
  • Not a toy, but the real thing and sounds like real drums
  • Support legs are sturdy and reliable
  • Assembly is kind of difficult
  • Cymbals are cheap and need replacement


How to Choose the Best Junior/Kids Drum Set

Kids naturally have the talent to banging things, but if you think your child is inclined to be a drummer, get him the best junior/kids drum set. However, it’s easier said than done, because there are tons of choices available in the market. If you don’t have any know-how about drums and junior drums, to be specific, we’ll be summarizing the tricks we used to come up with this list.

Age of the Player

There is no standard rule on what drums to buy on the age of the players, it’s more on the height of your kids. For small kids up to six or seven years old, there are 3-piece or 4-piece junior drum kits available.

best kid drum set

Junior/kids drum sets are best for children six to 11 years old. However, for taller kids or those 12 years and above a full-size drum kit is advisable, according to Drums for Kids.

A Junior Drum Kit or a Full-Sized Drum Kit?

You’ll need to weigh a lot of things here. If your child is 12 years old, you should have a full-size drum set, already. However, if your budget is tight, you can get a junior set while your child is still learning. Then, you can sell the drum set and get a full-size later.

If your child is small, though you have the budget for a full-size set, your child will find it hard to play the drum set that’s taller than them. Again, it’s a play between the height of the child and your budget.

Budget for the Junior Set

The critical part — your budget. Three-piece drum sets are the cheapest option at less than $100. Then, you have 4-piece sets that start around $130. For 5-piece drum sets, prepare a budget of around $179.95 or more, as stated in Vintage Drum Center. Again, this is just for the junior set, full-sized drums are much more expensive.

Know the Components First

Before jumping into buying a 3-piece or a 5-piece drum set, know the components and the drums first. A 3-piece usually comes with a bass drum and a pair of rack-mounted toms. The 4-piece drum set has a snare, bass drum, mounted tom and a floor tom, according to Musicians’ Friend.

The 5-piece kit has an additional mounted tom on the set. If you’ll go for a 6-piece or more, you’ll get extra toms included. It’s important to know the use of these drums to be able to decide whether to get the 3-piece, the 5-piece or the 7-piece.

If you still have questions in your mind that were not answered in this article, this YouTube video tackles a few more questions you might have. It also has some tips and more explanations in picking the right drum set for your kids.

Editor’s Choice

Gammon Junior Starter Drum Kit
We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

For this roundup article, we’ll stick to our first choice. The Gammon Junior Starter Drum Set is our ultimate choice for the best drum set for kids. Though we found cheaper drum sets, they lack something. In addition, the more expensive ones here are most likely to have major drawbacks, as well.

So, we think that the Gammon Junior Starter Drum Set strikes a perfect balance between quality and affordability. Of course, for kid’s drum set, you must consider the durability or you’ll just waste your money. But, not with Gammon because you’ll get quality drums made of real wood shells with reliable hardware.

The drum set will also be much appreciated by your young drummers because of the sound quality it produces. Though it won’t sound like the full-size drums, it’s more than enough to keep your kids motivated. With its sturdy construction, these drums will tolerate heavy beatings and extended hours of playing and banging.

Guitar Junky
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