10 Best Computer Speakers Under 100 in 2024 (Reviews)

best computer speakers under 100

Desktops and laptops are often at the end of the stick when audio is concerned because they have too many limitations.

So the solution to this one is a computer speaker.

And if there’s one thing that industry is full of – its computer speakers all promising to provide you with one-of-a-kind and special listening sessions.

At least for some, I have finally found one that fits that commitment while staying within my limited budget of $100.

With the Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 Series II, I have since enjoyed its crystal clear audio, and it has become a centerpiece on my workstation.

I have reviewed not one but ten of the best computer speakers, and you can decide if you agree with my top choice.

The Best Computer Speakers Under 100

Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 Series II 

We Recommend
Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 Series II 

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Being in the industry for 38 years speaks volumes about the brand’s reliability, efficiency, and quality.

And Creative Labs continues to be the best in producing the best computer speakers in the industry.

Despite the GigaWorks T20’s petite size, it packs such a powerful sonic punch thanks to the brand’s exclusive design of integrated woofers.

The aesthetics of these speakers are also eye-catching and sleek, with each of the speakers featuring a mid/row ranger driver and a high range tweeter. 

The front of the T20 Series II has an innovative and modern dark metallic grey plastic finish with rounded corners, and its great looks can easily complement your computer setup.

Everything you need is on the front channel speaker, including the volume bass, treble controls, headphone jack, and auxiliary-in, making connecting it easily and conveniently to your MP3 player.

You also get a mini-jack cable and a cable for the computer, plus a twin pono to 3.5 adapters for your game consoles when you purchase. 

And at the top of every set is your porthole which is Creative’s BasXPort to boost lower mid-range tones that add warmth to your tones. 


  • Reputable company in the industry for 38 years
  • Ideal if you have limited space
  • Integrated BasXport technology with a glass fiber cone
  • Comes with integrated dual RCA to a stereo adapter


  • No subwoofer
  • Not ideal for big rooms


Bose Companion 2 Series III 

Also Great
Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers

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One of your best options for a computer speaker that fits in the budget of less than $100 is the Bose Companion 2 Series III.

It has distinct digital signal processes that guarantee crystal clear and complete sounds regardless of the volume that you set it to.

If there’s one thing to describe this particular Bose computer speaker, it is loud, and despite its loudness, there is still that crispness in every sound that it produces.

The Companion 2 Series III is an ideal speaker for all of your activities, whether for listening to music, watching videos, attending meetings in Zoom, or playing games.

Carrying Bose’s Truespace stereo digital technology and processing circuitry, you can always enjoy lifelike and spacious audio that is almost impossible for regular desktop or laptop speakers to achieve.

It is lightweight too, which is a plus because it makes carrying it around more convenient, and thanks to its valuable and practical headphone jack, you are provided with more options on how to maximize the product.


  • Small, lightweight, and portable
  • Above-average sound quality
  • Integrated headphone jack


  • Too many cables involved
  • Included aux cable to relatively short
  • Not ideal if you are after a clutter-free desk


Mackie CR3-X 

Mackie CR-X Series, 3-Inch Multimedia Monitors

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The Mackie CR3-X speakers are a great deal that you shouldn’t miss.

It fits the $100 budget while providing you the flexibility and convenience to work with several setups. 

By adding $20 more to the retail price, you can have the CR3-X’s Bluetooth model for another connection.

Possible connections aside, the brand emphasizes accurate and precise audio, and all you need is to invest in the right adapters to make it work and get connected.

These studio-friendly speakers have a black and eggshell finish that efficiently hides its cabinet with some green trim on its front-facing panels.

The front holds power and a volume knob for easy access, and when you are using these speakers, the Mackie logo joins in the fun by lighting up with a white LED light.

The same panel also holds the 3.5mm headphone jack that automatically turns off the drivers when a headphone is connected.

With the speakers, you also get a Pro-Tools First software package so you can further tweak and maximize the value of these speakers.

Thanks to the Mackie CR3-X, you can have smooth and user-friendly audio every time you want to get lost in a listening session.


  • Speakers are interchangeable to the left or right channel
  • Clear sound output


  • Additional $20 for Bluetooth model
  • No USB connection


Edifier R1280T 

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

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At first glance, these conventional speakers can be easily disregarded as similar to all the other computer speakers on the market.

But these chunky miniature wooden sound satellites have lots of capability that will surely impress you.

With its integrated 4-inch main woofers and a dedicated tweeter for each speaker with 42 Watts of power shared between them, these speakers are all you need for some intense and powerful listening.

The correct speaker box has the master volume, treble, and bass knobs, and there are screens of any kind.

You can position these sets the traditional way where one is at each corner of your computer facing inwards. 

You will like how the dual RCA inputs and speaker wire jack make it easier and convenient to connect your workstation units as you don’t need to switch the speakers to complete the connection you prefer.


  • Ideal for smaller spaces 
  • Integrated double inputs
  • Complete package of everything you need


  • No dedicated subwoofer


Cyber Acoustics CA-SP34BT 

Cyber Acoustics CA-SP34BT 

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The Cyber Acoustics Bluetooth Speakers with LED lights are your best choice if you are after some colorful music in your room.

Thanks to its LED lights, you can mix and match your speakers with your room and mood while enjoying the sounds from its dynamic and crystal clear sound system.

You can select which LED drive to use so it can match your music with flair – purple, red, green, blue, white, light blue, or continuous color – the color will surely add some fun and character to your room.

Cyber acoustics understands that most of today’s music is portable and is likely inside your pocket, so to keep up with the current inclination, you can easily and conveniently connect your phone, laptop, computer, or tablet to the speaker; thanks to its 2.5mm audio cable. 

If you want a wireless experience, you can pair your Bluetooth devices with the speakers instead. 

And for the least customer effort, all your controls are centralized on the subwoofer, so everything you need to adjust, including the LED light selection, Bluetooth pairing, power, volume control, bass and treble control, and more, are in one place.


  • Easy to connect to almost all devices
  • Clear and full audio at any volume
  • Pairing with other devices is easy


  • Volume adjustment is a little difficult


Logitech Z337 

Logitech Z337 Discontinued by Logitech

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The Logitech Z337 speaker system is exactly what you need if you want excellent sound output and the flexibility to punch up your audio from your computer, laptop, or mobile device without having to switch cables or swap devices.

This 2.1 speaker system, which is less than $100, is a rare find because it is a challenge to get speakers in that Bluetooth connection budget.

Straightforward in design, the subwoofer and satellites are made of plastic with a matte-black finish, and aside from the Logitech logo, it is as plain and boxy as possible.

Logitech has a different approach when it comes to the controls because the brand has included a wired remote attached at the subwoofer’s back.

This added control unit holds the Bluetooth pairing button, power, headphone jack, and volume control.

Setting this speaker up is easy, and the cables provided are long enough so you can play with placement with more flexibility.

The audio output is above average, with guaranteed bold and loud music every time.


  • Strong bass output
  • Simple and easy setup
  • Bluetooth pairing


  • Plenty of cords to connect and arrange


Cyber Acoustics CA-3810 

Cyber Acoustics CA-3810 

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If you want almost a Digital-Dolby surround experience, then the Cyber Acoustics CA-3810 is the closest you can get.

Its powerful subwoofer can blast you out of your seat, and combined with finely tuned speakers, every sound it produces is crisp and even.

This speaker boasts functional desktop controls for the auxiliary input, bass volume control, headphone output jack, master volume, and power switch.

You will be pleased with this speaker’s ability to fill the room like a pro, and this is essentially thanks to its acoustically optimized power supply so big or small, the listening experience is always smooth and crystal clear.

And add in that 5.25-inches Power Pro Series driver, you can enjoy one of the deepest bass on a computer speaker.

This is functionality at its best with a crisp and contemporary design because the cloth grills are 100% removable, so you don’t have to worry about this speaker being the odd man out sitting next to your components or gaming devices.

Compatible with most of today’s devices, including your desktop, laptop, tablets, MP3 players, and DVD players, you can use this practically for everything allowing you to make the most out of your purchased product.


  • Guaranteed premium quality at all volume levels
  • Comes with removable cloth grills
  • Perfect for music listening and gaming


  • Power up sounds get a little muddy


Edifier G2000

Edifier G2000 32W PC Computer Speakers

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If you are after high-quality audio but can’t splurge more than $100 on a speaker, then the Edifier G2000 is the solution to your dilemma.

This pint-sized pair of speakers is an absolute bad boy with above-average bass and an 8W power output for each speaker.

And if you need more power than these baby speakers can provide, you can easily attach a subwoofer because it has an integrated 3.5mm aux output option.

You will never experience tinny sounds with the G2000 because regardless if you set it on the highs, lows, or mids, you will have a consistent sound throughout.

The sounds are full, and you will get a maximized experience every time you watch a movie or play a game.

And this speaker looks good, too, with its gold-plated connections that give that durable and solid feel and add to its efficient functionality; it also comes with a USB connection and Bluetooth pairing option.


  • Design and size fits well with all setups
  • Bluetooth option
  • USB option


  • The changing of RGB lights is not 100% smooth
  • Cables are not detachable


Microlab Chairman B77BT 

Microlab Chairman B77BT Active Powered Bookshelf Speakers

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The Microlab Chairman B77BT is precisely what you need after audio, design, quality, and packaging.

With its wood corners and fine leather, this speaker doubles as an accent to your workstation because, for sure, you will like that the B77’s black panels are all covered in such a soft material that is almost skin-like for a more premium feel.

Due to its tweeter and 4-inch subwoofer, expect this speaker set to be heavy.

You can tweak the volume knob easily since it is conveniently located at the front of the right speaker while the remainder of the unit supports the power switch, audio input and output, power cable, bass knob, and treble knob, and AC input juncture are well hidden at the back.

You will be impressed with the audio performance of the Microlab B77BT because the sound is always rich and smooth. 

There are zero hissings even in low volumes, and instead, it consistently provides that crisp audio quality.

You get an excellent deal for this set with pleasing aesthetics and a sound quality that is almost at par with the more expensive computer speakers.


  • Above-average built and looks
  • No hiss at low volume
  • Neutral bass


  • Stands at the bottom leave a black residue on the fixtures


Sakobs Computer Speaker 

SAKOBS Computer Speaker

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If there are factors that lessen that gaming experience, listening sessions, and movie marathons, the lack of or zero accentuating bass and treble. 

You won’t feel anything is missing with the Sakobs Computer Speaker because below its grille are 10-Watt speaker drives that consistently deliver crystal clear sound.

Regardless of your listening activities, the sound is continuously enhanced with clear dialog and sound effects of superb quality.

Not only does the Sakobs give crystal clear audio, but it is also pleasing to the eye.

Its slim design makes it favorable to carry around, and its solid build can make it resistant to regular wear and tear. 

Additionally, this Bluetooth speaker has an innovative design where you can tilt it to a 45-degree angle which is beneficial if you have smaller space because the sound can bounce seamlessly off your walls.

For a seamless experience and easy access, you can easily adjust the controls of these speakers thanks to its integrated control panel located on the top.

Supporting both a wired and wireless setup, these speakers become the perfect go-to when outdoors because you can maximize their battery life by up to 16 hours.

It also has a built-in microphone, so you can also answer and make calls conveniently if you have your phone or PC connected. 


  • Bluetooth 5.0 compatible
  • Integrated battery with a battery life of 16 hours
  • Wired and wireless connection


  • No wall adapter included


Buying Guide

For many people, their computer speakers introduce the impressive industry of speakers and excellent sounds.

And with so many available products on the market, you have to know which ones are better ignored and those considered promising investments.

Before you start making abrupt decisions, here are some of the factors you need to account for when buying your speakers that are under $100.

Sound Quality

You will be surprised that for $100 or less that there are speakers that can provide you excellent sound quality.

Look for a set of speakers that can deliver crystal clear and crisp audio regardless of the volume and that there is zero muddiness on the sound output. 

Your Available Space

Sure, computer speakers are typically placed on each side of your workstation, which is fine, but if you want a subwoofer added to your setup, then you need more space.

Audio Input Options

By default, a 3.5mm jack is your source of input. It is enough, but if you have several audio devices that you need to be connected to regularly, save yourself the hassle of crawling under the table or bending to access the input panel.

Consider computer speakers with a secondary input to make them more convenient for you, like USB and Bluetooth.

User-Friendly Controls

Adjusting the volume or bass shouldn’t be a hassle, so purchase a computer speaker with a wired controller pod or at least one whose knobs and dials are within easy reach.

Overall Aesthetics

It may be a little awkward to have glowing LED changing speakers in the office, so consider where the speakers will situate so they can fit right into your space and table.


Do I need an amp for my computer speakers?

Most of the brands and models of PC speakers today no longer require you to get a dedicated amp.

Since the speakers mentioned above need power and to be plugged in, it is integrated with their amplifiers inside, so there is no need for an external one.

What’s the main difference between studio monitors and computer speakers?

Computer speakers are geared towards any casual listener, while studio monitors are intended for professional audio applications.

While a PC speaker prioritizes the volume results set in imbalanced frequency response, studio monitors put the transmission of sounds over shorter distances as the main priority and with you listening directly in front of the studio monitors.

Are speakers under $100 of good quality?

Yes, they are, and you’ll be surprised by how many functionality and appearance features are being incorporated with these budget speakers.

Any of the above-mentioned computer speakers are reliable and trusted, and some are even by big names operating in the industry for a very long term.


Editor’s Pick

We Recommend
Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 Series II 

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

Everyone has a different need and taste when it comes to computer speakers.

If you are after functionality, budget, looks, and a few more, then the Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 Series II is 100% for you.

With my experience with the GigaWorks T20, I can guarantee that it deserves its 30+ years in the industry because its sound output is excellent and the speaker design itself is innovative.


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