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25 Best Bass Songs to Amplify your Subwoofer (2023)

Bass is known as the sonic core of music because it transcends emotions as it keeps listeners beat on their toes, nod heads, and tap fingers.

A simple fact about bass music is that it reaches below the frequency of what the human ear can hear, and below this threshold, a listener simply feels the bass as it is perceived as touch.

The impact of bass music makes it the perfect partner that a subwoofer can ask for because it resonates with the song’s sonic energy well.

Music from various genres that have dominant bass match subwoofers seamlessly, so here are the 25 best songs to amplify your subwoofer.

Radioactive– Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons has many hits that took the music world by storm, but Radioactive is something you would want to listen to for an amplified subwoofer any time of the day.

This chill-sounding music won’t let you go on your sound trip without its strong bass parts.


Another One Bites the Dust– Queen

The band’s iconic bass riff lands a spot on the best songs that will amplify your subwoofers.

Another One Bites the Dust was a huge hit for the disco audience and blasting this on your sound system will boom up your place with its catchy bass.


Congratulations– Post Malone

Post Malone is among the rising pop artists with catchy tunes and lyrics, and bass parts that will keep you listening for more.

Congratulations is a song that you keep repeating for that bass boom over the roof.


Yeah!– Usher

Yeah! by Usher is a bass song that will keep you on the dance floor.

The pop star includes elements of hip hop and R&B in this song with some upbeat bass.


Come As You Are– Nirvana

Come As You Are is the perfect addition to a bass-heavy playlist because of its iconic sound.


Boom Boom Pow– Black Eyed Peas

The electro-music from Black Eyed Peas will keep your subwoofers roaring with bass hits.

Boom Boom Pow is among the band’s greatest hits of all time.


Rockstar– DaBaby

Rap artist DaBaby deserves to be on the list with his song Rockstar.

This song features Roddy Ricch, and it showcases some rock and R&B in this generation’s top hits.


My Generation– The Who

My Generation features a bass solo that will amplify subwoofers for miles.

The Who is home to John Entwistle, one of the world’s most influential bassists in the music industry.


DERP– Bassjackers and MAKJ

If you are into house music with a bass that impacts guests on a weekend party, DERP should be in your playlist to keep them on the beat.

Bassjackers and MAKJ surely came up with this sick beat that will make your party seem like a music festival.


Best Day Ever– Mac Miller

Hip hop and rap music are genres that mostly speak of bass music.

Best Day Ever from Mac Miller has recognizable bass parts that will keep heads nodding the entire time.


Lovely Day– Bill Withers

The bass from Lovely Day is something that avid fans of funky music will always recognize.

Lovely Day is a timeless song and is worth the addition to your subwoofer-friendly playlist.


Hysteria– Muse

Hysteria has bass parts that are intricate enough to become iconic in the world of rock and roll.

The band also has other songs that are bass-heavy, but Hysteria has bass riffs that stand out to be blasted on a subwoofer.


Coming Up– Paul McCartney

Coming Up climbed music charts in its prime, and that’s just one of the reasons why it is on the list of the best bass songs.

This hit from Paul McCartney has the beats of funk and groove with some fat bass riffs that will keep your friends on the dance floor.


What’s Going On– Marvin Gaye

This Marvin Gaye classic is a must on the list because of its chill yet catchy bass tunes in the song.


God’s Plan– Drake

Drake is among the most versatile musicians, and his hit song God’s Plan has combined elements of hip hop, rap, and a bit of electro, boasting some bass riffs.


Violent– Tupac

Tupac has been a prominent name in the hip-hop industry, and his song Violent has the right mix of rhythm and bass.


Middle Child– J. Cole

Cole is a name you should drop when it comes to rap and pop music with sick bass riffs.

Middle Child is a catchy song with beats that will keep you tapping on your toes.


Super Bass– Nicki Minaj

Aside from the way that Nicki Minaj has effortlessly spit out the lyrics of Super Bass, this song just hits subwoofers right in the spot for the right mix of groove, bass tunes, and melody.


Lovin U– Stwo

Lovin U from Stwo will remind you that bass music is very much alive in slow and steady songs.

Stwo has the talent to combine his vocal prowess with some simple bass and smooth transitions.


Another Lifetime– Simon Philipps

Jazz and classical music also have some great bass songs like Another Lifetime from Simon Philipps, and this will surely add some zest to the bass-filled playlist.


Golden– Kylie Minogue

It’s hard to keep Golden by Kylie Minogue off the list of the greatest bass songs because its composition and arrangement that smoothly shows off booming hits is unmatched.


Mood– 24kGoldn

The technological age is a great boost when it comes to bass songs, and the song Mood from 24kGoldn is just proof of how bass-filled songs are still on top charts.


Animal I Have Become– Three Days Grace

Animal I Have Become is one of the songs that defined Three Days Grace, and its bass parts throughout the song may have made this possible.


Are You Gonna Be My Girl– Jet

Some classic rock will get you grooving along to Are You Gonna Be My Girl with its tempo and beat.


Sun Flower– Post Malone

Post Malone is an artist that easily jams to bass riffs, and Sun Flower is a song everyone can jump into.

Subwoofers are specifically designed to boost out the bass in a song.

Because of how it is made, this kind of sound system is best for songs that have a low frequency.

Bass songs are the perfect companion to many subwoofers because of how it goes deeper than the usual frequency of other songs.

These best bass songs will surely keep your subwoofers amplified because of how they complement the overall construction, volume, and song imagery.

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