10 Best ASMR Microphones 2024 (Reviews): Get That Clear-Quality Vocals

best asmr microphone

Whether your purpose of buying a microphone condenser if, for personal use or commercial use, it is vital to get your purchase right.

And with the wealth of choices in the market today, choosing your next condenser can be pretty intimidating.

You want your choice to be worth your money and a significant investment with features that you can enjoy and use for a long time.

With the many available brands on the market, each with its pros and cons, I have settled on the Rode NT1-A as the best asmr mic for its value for money.

Here’s a quick review of nine other asmr microphones so you can decide if you agree on my choice of product.

The Best ASMR Microphones

Rode NT1-A

We Recommend
Rode NT1-A Condenser Microphone
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When looking for that good condenser, the Rode NT1-A is your top pick.

It is the best seller for a reason, and you will not regret buying this if you need a mic to upgrade your first XLR microphone, replace an outdated and old one, or you need one so you can record your vocals.

This is a must-have if you have a music studio, and it doesn’t matter if your music studio is for your use or business because this is one solid investment you’ll be happy about.

If you already have an existing audio interface or voice recorders for phantom power, adding this into your music arsenals won’t be a problem, and the Rode NT1-A will fit right into the mix.

Considered a cardioid microphone, this mic follows a polar pattern which means that it can pick up all kinds of sounds in all directions.

Its heart-shaped path is a plus for vocals because you won’t have to deal with any of the sounds from the back of the mic being picked up, and for you, it means lesser background noise on your recordings.

The Rode NT1-A also has quite a high sensitivity. 

At a sensitivity score of -31.9dB, it can pick low noises like whispers to your full-blown singing.


  • Reasonably priced 
  • Solid built
  • Good sensitivity and perfect for vocals


  • Not the most portable mic condenser
  • Not a USB mic


Audio-Technica AT2020 

Also Great
Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser

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This entry-level microphone is undoubtedly not a beginner when it comes to its performance.

The Audio-Technica AT2020 has earned numerous compliments of being a workhorse because of its excellent performance despite having an affordable price range.

Considered as one of the biggest steals when looking for a condenser mic, the AT2020 works seamlessly with a vocal mic. 

You can expect this mic to replicate all the changes, no matter how subtle it is in voice applications.

This capability to give attention to the acoustic details makes the AT2020 the ideal mic when you record acoustic guitars and other instruments.

But it can also handle a heavily overdriven guitar like a pro, so you get to enjoy both worlds.

This condenser mic is a good starter mic for newbies because not only does it perform impressively and produce crystal clear and defined sound, but it also looks highly professional.

It is designed with a threaded and pivoting stand mount which you can detach if you prefer, and regardless if you keep the mic mounted or not, the stand mount provides you with a stable placement irrespective of the position you like. 

You can practically use this mic anywhere, making it a perfect ten when it comes to versatility, but for best results, the AT2020 is for studio or indoor use and not for live performances.


  • Superb sound quality
  • Can be used for anything
  • Budget-friendly entry-level mic


  • Requires a pop filter


Neumann TLM 103 

High-end Pick
Neumann TLM 103 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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Neumann is one of the most popular mic brands on the market, especially in professional circles.

With the brand’s long history – from surviving WW2 to producing the very first commercial condenser microphone, the name itself is a guarantee of its quality.

Disregarding its price, what you get for a Neumann TLM 103 is professional equipment worth every cent you pay for.

And you won’t be surprised with the crystal clear and defined sound quality of this model because its design includes a massive diaphragm with such a high sensitivity that it can capture even the faintest sounds. 

You will come to realize how much acoustics count and make the difference when you listen to your final recording.

Additionally, this Neumann mic can also capture minor inflections, and any speech defects become more audible, so you have to be mindful with your recording technique. 

The TLM103 is so keen on details that it is almost comparable to an X-Ray machine that gets to flash all your bits and body parts, exposing every flaw and weakness.

Aside from superb clarity, this condenser mic also provides excellent dynamics where the sounds recorded sound lively and bright, so you can expect that there would be no dull sound recordings and listening sessions.

This microphone has a unique sound that is well defined, crisp, and clear.

It can enhance your voice and musicality, so if you are after a significant investment that you can use for years without needing an immediate upgrade, the TLM is your best choice.


  • Comes from Neumann
  • High sensitivity
  • Reliable dynamics and brightness


  • No elastic suspension


Rode K2 

Rode K2 Dual Condenser Valve Microphone

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One of the most affordable tube mics on the market today, the Rode K2 is the perfect example of affordability meets quality.

The Rode K2’s sound quality is a thumbs-up because it sounds perfect on vocals, and it presents the sounds in deep sounds without being too deep and muddy.

This microphone condenser also takes equalization well thanks to its continuously variable pickup pattern, so it gives you extra room for your sounds.

Its variable pattern control is an exciting feature because it gives you that level of control to place your microphone in different patterns – from Figure 8 to omnidirectional and cardioid.

It provides you with a more refined control when it comes to the shape of your polar pattern as it transitions from Figure 8, omnidirectional and cardioid.

You will like the tube used in the Rode K2 because it positively impacts how your mic sounds.

For less than $600, this mic is a bang for your back because it can handle high SPLs very well, and you can be sure that it will last you a long time thanks to its rock-solid and steel mesh grille and all-metal housing design.


  • Nice engineering and design
  • Produces smooth and warm sounds
  • Integrated pattern control feature


  • No available low-frequency cut control



AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII Vocal Condenser

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The C414 is best known for following the classic shape of its predecessors, which is the close and almost box-shaped look, with the XLII having a sparkly gold grille that adds a striking look when used in the studio.

The base of this condenser mic is solid and builds like a tank, but the mesh screen gold grille is quite fragile, so you need to handle it with care.

You are provided with ease of access and control with the XLII with its nine pickup pattern selectable switch easily located below the gold grille.

You can toggle between the five main polar patterns or use the hybrid patterns in between with a single click.

Below the switch is a LED light strip that lets you know which pattern you are using and at the same time functions as a detecting peak overload where the LED color will change from green to red when clipping happens.

This feature lets you know right away if you need to make adjustments to your sound levels.

You will like its polar pattern selector’s convenient lock mode feature because you won’t need to worry about accidental switches since you can lock the pattern in place when you are using the mic.

The C414 XLII is a practical option for textured and detailed instruments like acoustic guitars, drums, and of course, your vocals.


  • Impressive high-end clarity
  • Integrated lock mode pattern feature
  • Ease of switching patterns


  • The mesh gold grille is easily damaged


Shure Beta 87A 

Shure BETA 87A Vocal Condenser Microphone

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With so many condenser microphones on the market, what makes the Shure Beta 87A is its impressive open sound that is clear and full of details. 

This mic condenser has a dynamic range, and you can expect it to produce both powerful and weak vocals without any form of distortion.

Not only can you use this for your studio, but it also works like a charm for your stage performances because it can cut through the mix and put any strain on you.

It follows a cardioid pattern, so it can expertly provide you with superior gain and minimal stage bleed, giving you the edge to perform on a smaller but more aggressive stage when the need arises.

The Shure Beta 87A has a well-balanced frequency response, so all sounds are naturally produced.

Another advantage of the Beta 87A is it is an electret condenser which means that you have a higher quality when it comes to clarity and details. 

This versatile and professional mic condenser is also a winner at an affordable price because of its built-in shock protection that adds a layer of filter to reduce the handling noise.

You will love that the Shure Beta 87A can slightly improve your voice, specifically the details, because it is relatively bright, so you will never sound dull or brittle.


  • Sounds are very natural
  • Clear and well-detailed output
  • Compatible with all Shure microphones


  • It picks up all sounds


Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun 

Sennheiser MKH 416 Condenser Microphone

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The Sennheiser MKH 416 is intended explicitly in television, radio, film, and other broadcast applications.

It has become a top favorite for people who create their content and podcasts. 

A compact and short pressure-gradient shotgun interference microphone is at its core, with its sensitivity feature focused on the top.

But just like any unidirectional mic, it also has some small spots on its rear, right, and left sides making it ideal for circumstances where you don’t want the background noises to be audible. 

Since the sensitivity of shotgun mic condensers is narrow, they become the ideal choice when you don’t want the background noises to be captured.

Yes, you don’t want even the subtle noises of movie sets, voice over works, and field recordings, but just a specific voice being captured.

This is one of the main reasons the movie industry is a fan of this mic because of its incredible sound capture, feedback rejection, and impressive tonal qualities. 

The MKH 416 also has a state-of-the-art consonant articulation and is strongly immune to humidity thanks to its matte black finish and MZW415 condenser design.


  • Steady and reliable feedback rejection
  • Solid design and engineering
  • Narrow sensitivity


  • Put con here


Blue Microphones Yeti 

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone

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This small but powerful beast is exactly what you need when you are after the best USB microphone on the market.

The Blue Yeti is one of the market’s bestsellers, and it functions well in many recording circumstances while giving you leverage thanks to its valuable attributes.

For a small microphone, you can change the polar patterns of the Yeti since it uses an exclusive tri-capsule microphone array that gives the control to toggle between four polar patterns so you can dictate how your Yeti picks up the sounds around it.

The four patterns integrated into a Blue Yeti are Bidirectional, Cardioid, Omnidirectional, and Stereo.

The Blue Yeti is also designed with a headphone jack and volume control so you can easily monitor your recordings and streaming in real-time.

What’s best is, Blue Yeti all made it with the least customer effort because they conveniently placed the headphone volume knob in front.

It also has gain control, so you control the mic’s sensitivity with a traditional dial located at the back and a mute button which is a life-saver for many instances.


  • Simple and compact design
  • Integrated mute button and gain control
  • Four polar patterns are available


  • Picks up background noise


Rode NT-USB Mini 

Rode NT-USB-Mini USB Microphone

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Rode NT’s USB Mini is special and worth your purchase because its zero-latency monitoring mode removes any delay in your recording during playback.

This is a highlighted feature of this mic because it can be distracting to hear your voice echoing after recording or even speaking.

The audio output of the Rode NT USB Mini is clear and crisp, although it might be able to pick up some background noises like the hum of your computer if it’s near your station.

This affordable mic also solved the problem of multiple connections because it can connect multiple microphones to a laptop or PC sans using a USB audio interface.

When you purchase this compact USB condenser, you also get a tabletop stand and a headphone unit perfect for beginners and those who enjoy vlogging and podcasting.


  • User friendly
  • Multiple connections at a time
  • Integrated headphone audio


  • Zero gain control


SE Electronics X1 S 

sE Electronics - X1 Series Condenser Microphone

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Slowly but surely making a name as one of the competitive mic manufacturers, SE Electronics releasing the X1 cemented its reputation of being the budget end in the market but with top-caliber quality.

This mic is a reasonably great deal because the X1 is based on a hand-built, fixed cardioid capsule with a large diaphragm and Field Effect Transistor. 

It is a transformerless electronics with a 10dB pad and a low-frequency cut – features that budget-friendly mics don’t dare to include on their systems.

The aesthetics of the X1 is also classy and elegant with its matt-black, rubbery paint finish and solid steel grille.

Upon purchase, you also get a swivel stand mount, but if you want a shock mount instead, the other SE’s models are compatible with this.

The sensitivity of the X1 S is also quite impressive for its price because it can pick up your vocals with clarity and other acoustic instruments.

Although it is not as refined as professional mics, the X1 is worth mentioning because of its lively and bright sound production that you will never sound noisy in your recordings.

Ideal for home studios, this mic is an affordable and practical option if you start your setup.


  • Solid built and elegant design
  • Above-average sensitivity on acoustic instruments and vocals
  • Budget-friendly entry mic


  • Fixed polar pattern


Buying Guide

Choosing an asmr mic is not an easy task, but by weighing in on the right buying factors and having a guide, you can turn it into a learning experience that you can enjoy.

Here are some of the dependencies you have to consider:

Pick Up Patterns

Most of the condenser mics today have picked up patterns that you select, and this is a non-negotiable must-have, so you have control over the only sounds that your mic absorbs.

There are four primary pickup patterns: Bidirectional, Cardioid, Omnidirectional, and Stereo, and if your prospective mic has a selectable switch or knob to allow you to toggle between patterns, then this brand makes it to the list of preferred mics.

Having a pickup pattern selector gives you more flexibility and control to make necessary adjustments depending on your environment and circumstance to ensure that the audio is still crisp and crystal clear.

Mic Sensitivity

Depending on how you are planning to use your mic, you have to consider the sensitivity level of the mic.

Would you want every bit of subtle sound to be picked up, or do you want noise from the background reduced?

Note that there are condensers whose sensitivity is dependent on the proximity so that you can be three or fifteen inches away from the mic. 

It will still capture your audio as clear as day sans the background or worry that there’ll impact the bass response.

Power Supply

Again, you have to go back to your intended purpose for purchasing a condenser and where you will be using it.

Most high-end mics come with their power supply, while others need phantom power, and this contributes to making a final choice on your purchase, especially if you are planning to be mobile with your mic.

You must anticipate the problems you may face; for example, you put your mic in a vocal booth but failed to wire it for power.


What is a condenser microphone?

A condenser microphone is intended to be used in more controlled and quieter settings like a studio or a home recording setup.

It is designed to have a broader frequency response and a reduced input sensitivity. 

These mics pick up more of the input signal in a reduced time.

Can you use a condenser mic outside?

You can use a condenser mic outdoors but expect not to have the same sound quality as you have when you have it indoors.

Remember that this kind of mic is more in a controlled environment, so it won’t sound as good outside primarily due to the uncontrollable background noise that it can pick up.

Where can you connect a condenser mic?

Thanks to the ever-developing technology, there are plenty of devices where you can connect your condenser.

All you need is a compatible set of cables and adapters, and you can use them for your PC, laptop, amplifiers, and even mixers.


Editor’s Pick

We Recommend
Rode NT1-A Condenser Microphone
We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

Standing by my earlier choice, no other brand beats the Rode NT1-A.

I was able to find all that I possibly needed and wished for with a medium-ranged budget in this model.

It can do the most basic functions expected from a mic and even more thanks to its impressive sensitivity, excellent sound output, and polar patterns.

This is the ultimate must-have for newbies, and you won’t need an upgrade very soon because you can do so much with the Rode NT1-A. 


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