Top 10 Best Annual Irish Music Festivals in Minnesota

Best Annual Irish Music Festivals in Minnesota

The Irish culture is still very much celebrated today. Minnesota has been annually having music festivals and other activities to give honor to the ones with Irish roots or by simply loving Irish music. Some of these festivals showcase unique Irish hobbies and traditions, and are mostly culminated with a fun night of heart-pumping and lively Irish music.

These music fairs highlight talents and instrument playing that are unique in the Irish community. Beyond this, some of the festivals may not be mutually exclusive but nevertheless take Irish music, traditional or modern, a chance to be enjoyed and played up on the stage.

Irish Fair of Minnesota

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Celebrating the culture and heritage of the Irish roots, this three-day annual festival is a family-friendly event with loads of activities, highlighting modern and traditional Irish music and dancing.

Gaelic sports like football and hurling, and other fun activities for children and adults are very much celebrated. Kilt contests and Irish shopping opportunities are also present. Children’s tent and native Irish dogs are also showcased. Food and drinks are widely available around the festival area.

This festival is commonly celebrated in the month of August. It takes place in Harriet Island in St. Paul Minnesota.

Visit Irish Fair of Minnesota.

The Minnesota Irish Weekend

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This unique festival shows world-class traditional Irish music. In this festival, master artists of flute, uilleann pipes, fiddle, banjo, accordion, and whistle are celebrated. This festival is presented by the Center for Irish Music.

Aside from concerts, they also have teachers and eager learners of all ages. A weekend full of workshops, lectures, and music can all be experienced in The Minnesota Irish Weekend

All their visiting artists are masters in their own musical field and will offer techniques and insights. It happens on the second weekend of June, unless otherwise announced, in St. Paul Minnesota.

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Kickin’ It Irish

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These showstopping performance of various music personalities displays the strong roots of Irish music. The show began in 1997, and since then, it has showcased fun and humor with traditional and contemporary Irish music and dancing. Get your toes tapping with their Irish flute, fiddle, bodhran and guitar. You will never miss a beat when you join this concert in celebration for the Irish in you.

Kickin’ It Irish has shows in St. Paul Minnesota. Dates in March at the Chanhassen Dinner Theaters are booked for this show. This family-friendly evening will get you on the groove with their spell-binding Irish tunes and steps.

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St. Paul Minnesota knows how to get the Irish roots in you. The LuckyPalooza street party comes off annually at the West 7th neighborhood. This party comes around March every year in celebration for St. Patrick’s Day.

Live music, DJs and tons of Irish dancing will come your way when you attend this festival. You will not go hungry in this celebration of music and Irish roots as food stands are all over the place. It is one of the most popular parties to attend to, bringing out Irish music to the streets.

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Keg O’ Case

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Keg and Case West 7th Market celebrates their own St. Paddy’s Weekend Celebration annually every 2nd weekend of March. Dates may change but will always come announced prior to the celebration. Live music will mostly come at 5pm onwards.

Aside from the musical celebration, this festival also has a lot of food halls with Irish food on their menu. Kids will love this festival with tons of activities for them like face painting, coloring station, Irish dancing, bagpiping and more. Irish culture is well-celebrated annually with Keg O’ Case. This 2-day celebration brings out the Irish music to the top for Ireland’s St. Patrick.

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Day of Irish Dance and Irish Celebrations

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The Irish Music and Dance Association vividly takes pride in celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a 2-day event. Taking place at the Landmark Center in Downtown St. Paul, all things Irish are rejoiced for the whole family.

Original and local Irish entertainment are showcased at Landmark. Irish dancers, Irish food and Irish beer are flooding this festival. Of course, aside from all the adult festivities, they have fun events for children. Crafts and entertainment for the young ones will make them forget time on that day. This event brings out the Irish in every age.

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Irish Heritage Weekend

Your weekend family fun can be spent off with Irish Heritage Weekend. This 2-day fun and history-filled weekend take place in James J. Hill House at St. Paul Minnesota, around the second week of March.

Retaining their Irish culture and values, the Hill family celebrates music and other Irish work like needlepoint and lacemaking. Kids and adults will learn a lot as the history of the family and other Irish cultural values are expressed to guests.

What most music enthusiasts anticipate in is the tour with Irish songs and organ music. Commonly on the second day on the afternoon, lively bands and traditional Irish music are appreciated and celebrated.

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St. Patricks’s Day Blow Out

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Minneapolis knows how to celebrate the Irish in you with their St. Patrick’s Day Blow Out party. There are a lot of Irish bars in Minnesota, but this celebration takes place in Kieran’s Irish Pub in Minneapolis, around March every year.

Traditional live music acts make this blow out a very lively one. They showcase great music personalities, giving life to the popular Irish tunes and steps. Bands will grace the pub’s stage in celebration of Irish music.

There will also be DJ-fueled parties and dance mixes in a tent outside the pub. Balloon art and face painting will also be there for the whole family.

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Mid-West Music Festival

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The Mid West Music Festival advocates in music and arts in Minnesota. Now on its 11th year of uniting people through music, this festival covers the summer time at about 2 weekends, with tickets and dates announced before the festival.

This festival showcases music in multiple genres. That includes Irish music and tunes. Some of the acts and bands that have played traditional and modern Irish music. This festival has encouraged local artists of different roots to take their talent up the stage and share whatever music they can to the crowd.

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Moondance Jam

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Dubbed as Minnesota’s biggest rock festival, this celebration of music has occasionally played Irish bands and artists annually. Happening in mid-July at the Leech Lake or Chippewa National Forrest in Minnesota, this has brought hundreds of artists and jammers together.

The famous band known as The Green Lake Bluegrass, has been performing Irish music in this festival and has been known for their eargasmic yet culturally rich music. They have also played gospel folk music. This rock festival has shown that Irish music is still very much appreciated in this age. Schedule for some Irish artists is posted prior to ticket selling.

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Over to You

People relish the distinctive and exceptional tunes of Irish music that annually, people gather and celebrate its culture. Their values live on in these music fests. The spirit of every tune and melody bring people so much joy and bring back memories to their own Irish roots.

Aside from celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, Irish music has gained popularity in Minnesota through music personalities and evolving talent. Unique instruments like the fiddle, accordion, banjo, and bagpipes among other make their music stand out from the rest. Celebrations and festivals live on with their tradition being kept through lively Irish music.


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