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7 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $100 Reviewed in 2021


I totally get you – you’re looking to buy a guitar but don’t want to invest in something BIG yet. You want a cheap guitar, that costs around $100 or less, so that you have something to practice on, without putting much hole in your pocket.

You’re in the right place, then. In this post, we are giving you our top picks on the best acoustic guitars under $100. Let’s get right into it.

7 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $100 in 2021

1. Yamaha Guitalele

This guitar is oddly designed. It plays like a guitar but is almost the same size as a baritone ukulele.

For a ukulele player trying to get into the guitar world, this might be a fresh breath of air, and an opportunity to slowly shift over into larger instruments.

For its price, your basically buying both a guitar and a ukulele.

It’s also very convenient to carry around, even with just one arm.

  • Comes with its own case
  • Small and easy to use
  • Perfect instrument for familiarizing ukulele players with guitar feel and sound
  • Guitar players will find this instrument too small to be comfortably playable

2. Oscar Schmidt OG1TR-A-U 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

An attractively colored design to make people really look at your guitar strumming, this red-finished guitar reflects the guitarist that holds it.

Fierce, bold, and attractive. An eye catcher that, oddly enough, you can hear very well.

  • Attractive design
  • Mahogany build
  • Steel stringed
  • Not very beginner friendly
  • But intermediate players will find this negligible

3. Strong Wind Classical Guitar Beginner Kit for Students Children Adult

Much smaller than a regular guitar, this guitar prides itself on being beginner friendly. At half the size of a regular guitar, this guitar is easily playable for most people, especially people with a much lower reach like young teenagers.

It also uses nylon strings for a much softer press.

It’s comfortably sized, at around 41 inches long.

  • Nylon strings
  • Much softer to press
  • And will not potentially cut the skin
  • Harming the user
  • Half the size of a regular guitar
  • Very reachable and beginner friendly
  • Taller people
  • Or people with longer reach
  • Will find this instrument uncomfortable to play
  • Nylon strings have a very noticeable echo/ringing sound after strumming then letting go

4. Strong Wind 30 Inch Acoustic Guitar

This guitar is a smaller version of the small version mentioned above.

While number three on our list was a 41 inch long guitar, this one is a 30 inch long guitar.

Oh yes, it’s much shorter, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get the job done.

It is made with wood, and uses the much preferred steel strings instead of nylon ones, meaning despite the size, it sounds much better than number three on our list.

  • A small guitar aimed for smaller people
  • Or an age group of 3-10 years old
  • Uses steel strings for authentic sound
  • Steel strings may strain the fingers
  • Uncomfortable to use if one is used to regular guitars

5. Acoustic Guitar Folk Guitar Mahogany Wood Beginner

Six inches longer than number four on our list, this guitar prides itself on being beginner-friendly too.

It uses materials such as zinc-alloy that pads the entire guitar making it scratch resistant.

It also uses the much-preferred steel string, claiming that the steel-string they use does not make a buzzing sound while changing frets.

  • Small size
  • Perfect for young teenager learning for the first time
  • Steel strings make the sound better compared to nylon strings
  • Does not use wood as the main material
  • Wood resonates sounds better than synthetic material
  • Uncomfortable to use by people with longer reach

6. Main Street Guitars MAS38TR 38-Inch Acoustic Cutaway Guitar

This guitar is comfortably sized for the average guitar player. Attractively red-finished and made with wood, this guitar feels just as good as it sounds.

  • Aesthetically pleasing red finish
  • Wood build
  • Uses steel strings
  • So despite being comfortable to hold
  • A beginner might find the strings uncomfortable to press

7. Acoustic Folk Guitar, Safeplus Multi-color Beginners 6 Strings Guitar

This full-sized 41-inch guitar is made of basswood, plywood, and birchwood.

Well built and comes fully packed with its own case and picks, this guitar is a real steal for its price.

  • Full sized guitar
  • Includes basic guitarist needs like a case
  • A strap
  • And picks
  • Size might deter some people with lower reach

Choosing a guitar Under $100 – Buying Guide

According to thehub.musiciansfriend.com, here are some basic things to consider when buying a guitar.

Skill level

A beginner friendly guitar is much smaller than an average guitar so it’s easier to reach the frets, and the strings. Your finger will not tangle as much. An intermediate guitar will be more spaced, but also leave your hands open for experimentation.

Body styles

The shape of your guitar affects its sound.  Bet you didn’t know that!

A turtle back guitar will recurve sound more directly forwards while a flat backed guitar will spread the sound more widely.


Nylon strings are generally softer than steel strings, but have this obvious echo/ringing after a strum. Steel strings are harder, but the echo/ringing doesn’t last as long, or is not as obvious.

Our Choice

This acoustic folk guitar surely has many merits going for it. It is a full sized guitar that comes with its own case and equipment.

Easy to use and beginner friendly this guitar is a perfect fit for most, if not all guitarist.

Made with wood and using the well preferred steel strings, this guitar is made to look, feel, and sound great on a daily basis no matter where you may be. Just open the case, click on the strap, and start strumming the classics.

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