7 Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners

We compared 25 guitars, and the Yamaha FG800 stood out as the best acoustic guitar for beginners. Applause to Yamaha for staying true to their passion of making high-quality guitars. The guitar is well-designed to suit the taste of any beginner looking for a starter guitar.


best acoustic guitars for beginners

I was a once a beginner acoustic guitar player like you.

I remember having a cheap guitar that sounds almost like a toy.

It is really uncomfortable to play because of the high action and it made my fingers really hurt and almost numb.

But thinking about it today, it actually made me a better guitar player.

It didn’t matter to me if my guitar was cheap, uncomfortable to play, or sounded like a cheap can of soda.

The point was I need to start learning no matter what.

But I’m not saying that you also need to have the same experience as me to be an expert.

Anyhow, let’s get started, shall we?

Our Most Recommended Acoustic Guitars for Beginners:

  1. Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar
  2. Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar
  3. Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
  4. Yamaha FS800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar
  5. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

The Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar


Great traditional look and outstanding sound profile at an affordable price. What guitar can beat that? This perfectly sums up the Yamaha FG800.

A direct upgrade from the previously revered Yamaha FG700s, the FG800 is the newest addition to the brand’s best-selling guitar series, the FG series.

With Yamaha’s commitment to creating high-quality guitars, the FG800 proves to be the solid testament to that said commitment.

Yamaha FG800 is the perfect guitar that balances the qualities in materials and sound, at a price that is just right for any beginners who wants to start playing right away.

Why is Yamaha FG800 the Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners?

Ask any expert guitars players about their most recommended acoustic guitar for beginners and they would tell you the same thing: it is Yamaha FG800.

Yamaha’s FG series is their best guitar product lines and it wouldn’t be that way for no reason.

What makes this the best beginner acoustic guitar is its straightforward sound and durability that could last a lifetime.

As your skills improve overtime, you’ll also notice that guitar sound becomes fuller and deeper. This is because of the wood material that makes it sound better as it age.

The Yamaha FG800s is reliable guitar that will journey with you from being a beginner to an expert player.



The Yamaha FG800 is made from the same from standard wood materials you will see in other guitars. It features a solid sitka spruce top, nato back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, die cast tuners and comes in a natural finish.


Yamaha has always been known to produce high-quality and durable guitars. The brand is almost synonymous to being a long-lasting brand.

Major improvements were done in the new FG800 which makes it more durable for surprisingly exact the same price. Not bad, huh?


One of the enhanced features of the FG800 is its bracing. It sets itself apart from the traditional bracing structure and now comes in a newly developed scalloped bracing.

What this new feature does is it improves the natural sound on this acoustic bad boy, with an increased low and a much richer harmonic tones in the mid, giving it an overall balance mix of sound profile.

Value for Money

With the new improvements in materials, build, and sound profile, buying the Yamaha FG800 can really make you get more than what you have paid for.

Not to mention quality that the brand brings to the table, this is probably one of the best guitars in its price point which makes it deserving to be the best guitar in this list.


Other Beginner Acoustic Guitars Worth Considering

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar


A close competitor in the best acoustic guitars for beginners list, the Seagull S6 brings something unique to the table.

This Canadian-made guitar is made from materials that you don’t usually find in a standard guitar’s material, which makes it stand out amongst other guitars in the market.

Let’s dive in this guitar’s features and see why it deserves to be one of the best acoustic guitar for beginners.


The Seagull S6 Original is made from only selected Canadian wood materials. It features a cedar top, wild cherry back and sides, maple neck, rosewood neck and bridge, and compensated saddle that comes in a semi-gloss lacquer finish.


The craftsmanship and build on this guitar is suited to make it last long. Some buyers find that mass produced acoustic guitars tend to have issues in durability.

While most guitars are mass produced in China, the Seagull S6 boasts that it is made in Canada.

The wood materials used in this guitar are also sourced locally. With all these features, issues regarding durability on this guitar is almost non-existent.


The wood materials, especially the top material in the Seagull S6 plays a major role in the kind of sound that this guitar projects.

While most guitars have a sitka spruce top, the Seagull S6 has a solid cedar top, a wood material that is known to produce a bolder and more profound sound profile.

The overall build on this guitar also contributes to the richness and fullness in tone that can be easily distinguish for any guitar that is made from this material.

Value for Money

From the type of wood materials used, well-crafted build, outstanding craftsmanship, and well-defined sound, what can you ask for more?

You maybe spending a few bucks compared to a standard price of a guitar, but you’re definitely getting more than what you have paid for, which makes the Seagull S6 Original a great deal for the money.



Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar


A straightforward beginner’s acoustic guitar. This I think best describes the Fender FA-100.

It is not too low key, and at the same time, not too overwhelming. It is just a well-balanced acoustic guitar perfect for anyone who’s looking to play something right out of the box.


The Fender FA-100 is made from standard materials you’ll see in a guitar. It has a laminated spruce top, basswood back and sides, satin neck, laminated hardwood fingerboard, and comes in natural satin finish.


Yes, solid top guitars can have quite an advantage when it comes to overall profile.

But laminated guitars such as the Fender FA-100 has its own respective advantages especially when it comes to durability.

For starters, laminate guitars tend to be less susceptible to cracking. The nature of construction and complex pattern of overlapping grains contributes to this guitar being more durable than the solid ones.

As such, this guitar is perfect for frequent travelers and beginners alike who prefer a much sturdy guitar.

Also Great: Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar


Fender is a brand known to produce guitars with great sound, and the Fender FA-100 stands true to this.

The X-bracing pattern on this guitar makes it produce a rich sound that mixes well with a right amount of resonance.

Value for Money

You really get more than what you have paid for when buying this guitar.

With Fender as a brand known to produce great quality guitars, money wise, the Fender FA-100 is probably one of the best budget guitars for beginners.



Yamaha FS800 Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar


A much smaller scale guitar, but the same features and sound profile. I think this best describes the Yamaha FS800.

FS means “folk small” body acoustic guitar, and it is considered as one of the best acoustic guitars in the market today.

Aside from the incredible sound that this guitar provides, comfortability is another feature that it brings to the table which makes it deserving to be included in this acoustic guitars for beginners list.


The Yamaha FS800 also has the same body materials as with the FG800. It has a solid sitka spruce top, nato back and sides, rosewood fingerboard, and bridge, and comes in natural finish.


Having a smaller body can have its advantages too. Having a concert size, the FS800 can be your perfect travel companion.

The sitka spruce wood that was used in this guitar is more durable compared to another wood material that is used in other guitars such as cedar.

When closely compared to cedar, a spruce wood is made to last longer.


We have no issues in terms of sound in the Yamaha FS800.

As a matter of fact, this guitar’s sound is incredible that you would not think that it is coming to a guitar of this size.

Surprisingly, the sound is full and bright, with the right amount of resonance. It balances all the features you would like a guitar to sound like.

Value for Money

Money-wise, I think I would place my bet on the Yamaha FS800.

Think of the features this guitar has. Incredible craftsmanship, high-quality wood materials, perfect concert body size,  and overall outstanding sound profile, all in an amazing price.

Buying the Yamaha FS800 can be one of the best buying decisions you’ve ever made.



Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar


You want to straight away play an acoustic guitar. At the same time, you are not sure if you are really that committed in playing.

Soon, you may or may not continue playing. If this perfectly describes that situation that you are in right now, then the Jasmine S35 suits you well.


The Jasmine S35 features a laminated spruce top, laminated nato back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and bridges, nato neck, and comes in smooth satin finish.


This guitar may not be made from the same solid wood materials as the previous ones from above, but with extreme proper care and maintenance, like most other guitars, the Jasmine S35 is sure to stay with you.

Also Great: Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar


When played right out the box, it sounds great. With a proper setup, this can even compete against much more expensive guitars.

Value for Money

With a guitar this cheap of a price, you can never go wrong with buying the Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar. Any beginner acoustic guitar player would find this guitar great for its price.

For its materials, build, craftsmanship, and sound, I think that this is probably the cheapest in the beginner’s acoustic guitars line.


Helpful Resources for Beginner Guitar Players:

Choosing a Guitar: First Step Towards an Awesome Journey

If you were a beginner looking for an acoustic guitar, I hope this list had made it easy for you to choose one. It may not be easy, but choosing your weapon is the first step towards a great journey.

Do you agree with the list? Let us know by leaving your comments below.



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